Periodic Table Building Blocks

B is for Boron. V is for Vanadium. Help baby master world domination at an early age with these Periodic Table Building Blocks ($40). Start her small with simple chemistry and then work her up to heavy metal(s) and dangerous isotopes. Powah! Powah! (Insert evil... [More]

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Daniels Wood Land Scallywag Sloop Playhouse

Man, when we were kids, we had to make our playhouses out of deck chairs, She-Ra beach towels, and our imaginations! Now, if you happen to unearth your very own buried pirate treasure, you can own the Daniels Wood Land Scallywag Sloop Playhouse ($30,000). This... [More]

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Planet Wise Reusable Snack Bags

We've been working on reducing our carbon footprint this year by switching out a few of our wasteful bad habits for earth-friendly ones. We've already made the change from buying lunch out to bringing it from home during the work week. Now our cute new... [More]

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Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? Please. We see the world through all the colors. And not just on the weekends. This Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set ($37) is awesome for passing your vibrant attitude towards life on to smaller, more malleable wee people. Buy... [More]

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Din Din Platter

Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter

It is so important to introduce the five food groups to your little one at an early age, and the Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter ($18) makes that so much more fun for him (and for you). Plus, it keeps each course perfectly separated... [More]

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Not too keen on placing your little one in those dirty, wobbly restaurant high chairs? Fear not! The mylittleseat ($30) safely hitches baby to chairs of all proportions so she can sit at the table with you. Younger children may not be tall enough to... [More]

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Mermaid Hooded Beach Towel

Though we wonder if there might be a smidgen of copyright infringement going on here, this Mermaid Beach Towel ($8) is something we would've been all over as kids. After we were done splashing around in the ocean pretending to be Ariel, this towel would've... [More]

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Ninja Mobile

We're pretty sure we mention this all the time, but it's true: kids get the coolest stuff! But has anyone in our lives hopped aboard the baby-makin' train so that we could grab this Ninja Mobile ($120) for a shower gift? No. Apparently, our promise... [More]

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Bowling Zombies

Sure, these Bowling Zombies ($20) are supposed to be a game for kids, but we think they're also perfect for a party on your back deck or as a breakroom pastime. We've always thought we'd use a good high-powered rife as our go-to zombie apocalypse... [More]

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Kids' Swiss Army Knife

Giving a Swiss Army knife to a little kid sounds like something you'd hear about an idiot parent doing on the six o'clock news. Now you can be that parent, minus the idiocy (and probably the fame, sorry). This kids' Swiss Army knife ($8) is... [More]

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Skip Hop Palette Plate

We thought we were feeding Junior a good array of food until we were forced to fill each of the compartments on the Skip Hop Palette Plate ($37) with something different. Then we had to face facts. Corn and chicken nuggets were not enough for... [More]

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Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker

We don't know if you know this but babies eat. A lot. Unfortunately, because they are so new at eating, it takes them quite a while to wolf down a meal. And it's important for new parents to utilize every second of the day. The... [More]

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Calafant Treehouse

Our older brothers had the clever idea of promising to build us a tree house every Christmas. Of course that never happened. Those cheap bastards. We would even have been content with a Calafant Treehouse ($16) to play with. This cool toy doubles as a... [More]

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Paper Town #1

Why is it so quiet, you wonder? Because your little one (or big husband) is busy creating a biodegradable village. Paper Town #1 ($9) is a funky little city that comes pre-cut and ready to fold. Since it's made from durable cardboard, this town might... [More]

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Custom OOAK Fabric Doll

We would have killed for one of these as a kid! We weren't much into baby dolls, but we loved the dolls our mom made us. We, however, are not nearly patient crafty enough to make a hand-sewn doll for our niece, so we'll surprise... [More]

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Arctic Princess

Obviously spending over one hundred bucks on a wooden boat is not realistic for most parents. You can get a lot of loot with that kind of money. But we have to say this Arctic Princess ($156) boat would make an unforgettable present for a... [More]

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HABA Plush Petit Fours Set

We've seen plush picnic foods, plush sushi, plush fruits...if you can eat it, someone's made a soft, squishy replica of it! Our favorite is this HABA Plush Petit Fours Set ($16). It elevates tea party time with our nieces to a gourmet level. And luckily,... [More]

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Mask and Tail Set

You know what they say about childhood ... hare today, dog tomorrow. Or, was that here today, gone tomorrow? These cute Mask and Tail Sets ($48) come in fox, cheetah, tiger, zebra, crocodile, raccoon, and giraffe, and we're willing to bet your wee one will... [More]

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Wooden Pull Dog

Normally we hate anything wiener dog related. They're mean little animals that like to bite small children (no bias here, right?). But this Wooden Pull Dog ($29) is so darn cute we're almost willing to forgive our neighbor's evil dachshund for attacking us all those... [More]

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Wild Things Crown

Oh my goodness, this Wild Things Crown ($38) is so darn cute! We want to buy it for our nephew for his Where the Wild Things Are themed party! The website says it can double as an earmuff for cold weather, too. Where can we... [More]

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