Have a picky toddler? FunBites ($13 each) is a must! It turns adult-sized foods into little bites for little hands - though we use ours for our own food, too. At our last summer barbecue, we spent three minutes using the FunBites to cut through... [More]

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Bloom Coco Baby Lounger

We love our children. That's a given. But we don't love the fact that NOBODY knows how to follow a registry anymore. So we ended up with fourteen different patterns on a million different kinds of baby crap. Around the eight-month mark, we just donated... [More]

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Owlphabet Indie Print

Literally, three out of every four of our friends either have had or are having babies this year. Talk about trouble finding unique gifts for baby showers. We're skipping the onesies and going straight to cool room decorations. This Owlphabet Indie Print ($20) is perfect... [More]

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Digital Pacifier Thermometer

We know they don't mind it all that much, but we just can't get comfortable with sticking a thermometer up a baby's butt. That's why we were so grateful to discover the existence of this Digital Pacifier Thermometer ($9). Junior's pacifier generally can't be removed... [More]

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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner Onesie

Nobody puts baby in a corner ($16). But once the terrible twos set in, we'll see about that.... [More]

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Tottoos Basic Plus Package

Okay, so it's still not kosher to microchip your children. Until they're old enough to cart around GPS-enabled mobile phones, keep them out of the lost and found bin the old fashioned way. The Tottoos Basic Plus Package ($25) includes everything you need to temporarily... [More]

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OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Nightlight

Kids do not need alarm clocks. They spring out of bed like jack-in-the-boxes (jacks-in-the-box?) earlier every day, carving sleep-deprived chunks out of our souls. But this OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Nightlight ($30) isn't for waking kids up - it's for telling them when... [More]

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Rocking Unicorn

You know that mom in your Tot Time class whose kid has everything? We're not saying you need to one-up her by getting your own kid the Rocking Unicorn ($70) by Little Sapling Toys. Buuuut, we are saying that we're pretty sure her kid isn't... [More]

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Let The Fin Begin Terry Shark Robe

We shelter them. We feed them. We'll eventually give up our dreams of yacht ownership to put them through college. If we want to dress our babies in ridiculous outfits like this Let The Fin Begin Terry Shark Robe ($31) and take adorably goofy pictures... [More]

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HugglePod Hanging Chair

It's impossible (we've tried) for adult butts to comfortably sit in the HugglePod Hanging Chair ($89), but it's a hip alternative to a hammock for a child, whether it's hung in the corner of the room or from a backyard tree.... [More]

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Natures Sway Organic Baby Hammock

For the money, this Natures Sway Organic Baby Hammock ($266) should feed our infants and start teaching them the alphabet. Oh, heck - who are we kidding? If it lulls them into taking their naps on time, we'll be happy. Hammocks are actually a natural... [More]

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Toysmith Root Viewer

Sure, school's (almost) out for the summer and all kids can think about is eating a dozen ice pops a day and running around with the best squirt gun in the neighborhood. But it won't be too harmful to sneak in a little summer learnin'.... [More]

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Crayon Ammo Belt

Anodyne? Hell, no. Awesome? Most certainly. This Crayon Ammo Belt ($15) is probably the most badass way we can think of to encourage the little future artists in our lives. It's available in a wide range of colors (though as far as we're concerned, it's... [More]

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Wood Tops

Normally we'd laugh at the idea of extravagant birthday parties for very small kids (we were over the moon just to have pizza and chips at our slumber parties), but these vintage-inspired Wood Tops ($70 for ten) make us want to host the most ridiculous... [More]

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6-In-1 Educational Solar Robotic Kit

Obviously it's a bit early to be thinking about stocking stuffers, so you'll have to figure out another reason to give this 6-In-1 Educational Solar Robotic Kit ($20) to your kids. Birthdays? Just because? Hey, you got through the school year without being suspended? We... [More]

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Okay, they're not the most stylish accessory we've ever seen, but the novelty of the pocket on this Cap-sac ($16) might encourage kids to actually keep at least one entertaining item with them at all times, thereby lightening the load of your toy-filled purse.... [More]

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ABC House Chalkboard Wall Decal

Won't it feel great to finally say to the kids, "Why, yes, you can draw on the wall!"? ABC House Chalkboard Wall Decal ($69)... [More]

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Oscar Diaz Tube Toys

Woo! Traveling with tykes just got easier, thanks to these cute Oscar Diaz Tube Toys ($15). Pack up a tube and then bust it out in the middle of a long car ride or a plane trip to instantly occupy a bored kiddo.The construction of... [More]

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Babyhome Dream Bassinet

Heading to Grandma's house so she can watch the baby and you can get a little R&R is a wonderful thing. Building a pillow barricade around your little one in the middle of Grandma's bed and hoping that your baby doesn't become some sort of... [More]

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Optari Sol Tote

File this one under Bling for Babies. Optari Sol Totes ($20) are a great way to introduce your tiny fashion maven into the wonderful world of collecting handbags. Each colorful little bag comes with holes where your kid can insert and swap around their collection... [More]

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