Redmon Baby Beach Chair and Umbrella

Our kids are whiter than the Cliffs of Dover, and it seems that no level of SPF can keep them safe. So whenever we go outside for a lengthy period of time, we bring along a Redmon Baby Beach Chair and Umbrella ($17) or two.... [More]

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HappiTaps Beary Happi

Hand your iPhone over to your toddler with peace of mind thanks to this plush little guy - HappiTaps Beary Happi ($20). Once you purchase the app for this case, this lifesaver tells stories, plays games, and makes funny faces to cheer your unhappy camper.... [More]

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Oblo Puzzle Sphere

The colorful 21-piece Oblo Puzzle Sphere ($20) is supposed to help kids develop their fine motor skills and spacial reasoning, which we're sure it does. In fact, maybe kids "get it" more than we do, because it takes us forever to take it apart and... [More]

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A-Z Place Mat Coloring Pad

Just because kids have entered the picture doesn't mean you wanna dine only in establishments that serve chicken strips and chocolate milk. Your cultured kid can take down a California roll with the best of 'em. Stash the A-Z Place Mat Coloring Pad ($20) into... [More]

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Bauhaus Bauspiel Building Blocks

If you're the sort of parent who read your baby War and Peace while it was in the womb and now has it fall asleep to Carl Sagan lectures, then this set of Bauhaus Bauspiel Building Blocks ($160) is probably right up your alley. After... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Stack-A-Doodle Crayons

We've yet to meet a kid (or a likable adult, for that matter) who didn't love LEGOs and coloring, and these Stack-A-Doodle Crayons ($8) combine two childhood pleasures into one awesome multipurpose toy. Kids can create both paper and architectural masterpieces with the same pieces;... [More]

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Lunch Pail Baby Goods Gift Set

Not the gift wrap type? Does pastel give you the willies? Are we being a little dramatic? We've gone to enough baby showers full of pale hues and gift wrap galore this summer, and we're showing up to the next celebration with the Lunch Pail... [More]

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Bonbon Bunny

We know the last thing a mom-to-be needs is another stuffed toy for the nursery, but if you can't help yourself, add the adorbs Bonbon Bunny ($18) to her shower gift. It's a nice departure from the standard teddy bear with its big floppy ears... [More]

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Crafting with Sharp Large Flower Sandals

Why does baby stuff have to be so darn cute? When it comes to offspring, we only wanted two, not thirty-two. But that's how many we want toddling around the house wearing these Large Flower Sandals ($15) from Crafting with Sharp. Made entirely out of... [More]

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Baby Shampoo Shield

Your toddler couldn't care less about getting water in his eyes. And the no-tear formula shampoo is still in use in your house. That being said, you'll still find a reason to force your kid to wear this Baby Shampoo Shield ($9): because it looks... [More]

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Kid's Royal Rocking Chair

Your little lady is a princess, through and through. She prefers to stay as clean as possible, never stepping outside without shoes on. Lays out her perfectly assembled outfit the night before. Cleans up her toys without being asked, not because she's a good girl,... [More]

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The Land of Nod Not Your Grandma's Crib Quilt

Have a bouncing baby girl on the way? Congrats! Are you dreading living in a world of sticky sweet pastel pink for the next eighteen years? We feel you. Luckily, The Land of Nod has unveiled the Not Your Grandma's Crib Quilt ($99), a purple... [More]

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Safety Slap

We thought a "safety slap" was what Mom gave us when we tried to stick a fork in the outlet. Turns out, it's a whole different ball game. This Safety Slap ($20) is a colorful wristband you're meant to "slap" onto your child. It's emblazoned... [More]

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My Cape Is In The Wash Kids T-Shirt

He's a monster, a tyrant, a genius, and your best friend. He is the best person you've ever met and he deserves to be recognized for it. The My Cape Is In The Wash Kids T-Shirt ($25) lets the rest of the world know something... [More]

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Chalk Calendar Wall Decal

We're sure you've got your scheduling down pat, but if you're anything like us, a big, in-your-face, hard-to-miss reminder is sometimes absolutely necessary for date nights, dentists' appointments, and Dad's birthday. We've got a Chalk Calendar Wall Decal ($40, on sale) from PBTeen hanging in... [More]

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Wisa Gloria Rocking Horse

If we were loaded we would buy something like this rad '50s vintage Wisa Gloria Rocking Horse ($200) for each of our ready-to-pop friends (there are plenty). Far preferable to an abundance of messy plastic toys.... [More]

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Lets get real. Traveling with an infant is not really anyone's idea of a good time, and anything that can be done to make that experience smoother and less scream-filled (for you and your child) is worth a shot. If you've got a long haul... [More]

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It's not often that we find ourselves staring longingly through the window of a toy store - you know, because we are grown-ass sophisticated women - but yesterday we were captivated by the awesomeness of the Clump-o-Lump ($25) and found ourselves fogging up the glass,... [More]

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turkish-t Soft Bath Towel

While we covet the turkish-t Soft Bath towel ($45) for ourselves, we've made a habit out of buying them as baby shower gifts for our friends. Baby bathtime is a delicate affair, especially with newborns. What better way to dry and soothe their sweet skin... [More]

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The Original Magnetic Block Set in Tegu Tints

Kids today have it so much more rad than we ever did. Just look at the stuff they have to play with! And no, we're not talking about Call of Duty. Check out The Original Magnetic Block Set in Tegu Tints ($140). Sure, we had... [More]

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