Gap Baby Elbow-Patch Mockneck Sweater

Please tell us why this Gap Baby Elbow-Patch Mockneck Sweater ($40) is only available in toddler sizes. We would love to get our hands on a grown-up edition of this super cute piece, with its cozy details such as a fleece-lined neck and looped buttons.... [More]

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Eco-Bonk Abigail Elephant

Your kids can tear through a flimsy plastic punching bag with energy to spare before you have time to finish filling the tub for a de-stressing soak. So invest in an Eco-Bonk Abigail Elephant ($60) by Pueri Elemental. The gal has a tough organic cotton... [More]

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FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Barbie Soldier Doll

FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Barbie Soldier Doll

If you're a Barbie collector, you'll want to add this beauty to your collection. The FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Barbie Soldier Doll ($45) is all decked out in a red and black formal uniform. And she won't even blink if you try to make her... [More]

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Lollipop Garland

Just gazing at the lovely Lollipop Garland ($60) makes us want to throw a celebration. We could string it around our table, offer sweet treats and goodies, and toast to good food and good friends. Maybe we should don top hats and go all Willy... [More]

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White Bear Hat

We know that this White Bear Hat ($50) is a totally frivolous buy. The odds of a child staining pure white faux fur in ten seconds flat are pretty high. But it's so irresistible! Just think of the amazing photo ops!... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Baby Sleeping Sign

From now on, add one of these Baby Sleeping Signs ($5) to every baby shower gift you give. Trust us, you'll get a grateful text or whispered phone call the moment it prevents the UPS man from ringing the doorbell and waking a finally napping... [More]

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Reflo Smart Cups

You love your niece and nephew to bits but if they spill milk on your coffee table one more time, you're kicking them out into the cold. Avoid the awkward CPS phone call and snag a few Reflo Smart Cups ($8) instead. They aren't spill-proof,... [More]

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Lobster Hat and Mittens

Yes, it's a ridiculous splurge to spend a hundred bucks plus on anything being worn by someone who grows out of their clothing overnight. We don't care. These Lobster Hat and Mittens ($103) are just too stinking adorable to resist. Maybe we'll just insist on... [More]

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Janod Circus Set

How perfect will this Janod Circus Set ($25) be as a gift for the little one on your Christmas list? It may not whistle or glow, but the wooden figurines provide a world of entertainment with their cheery colors and big top theme. Even the... [More]

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Bitblox: Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Teach your kiddos the value of a pixel right from the start with a set of Bitblox ($45). Each set includes twenty-eight blocks, all of which show off brightly-colored pixeled lettering or objects. They're made from renewable wood and printed with non-toxic inks, so if... [More]

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Paint-Your-Own Tea Set

Admit it: tea parties were hip when Alice was tripping through one with the Mad Hatter, and they're still awesome now. Let the little girl in your life in on the fun with this Paint-Your-Own Tea Set ($20). It includes teeny-tiny cups, pots, and saucers... [More]

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Scarlet's Honey Lotion

Soothe your moisture-deprived skin with a healthy dollop of Scarlet's Honey Lotion ($8) for near-instant relief from dryness. The all-natural stuff boasts gentle ingredients like lanolin, vitamin E, aloe vera, and coconut oil are even safe for little ones, making it the perfect lotion to... [More]

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Sorry Boys, I Only Date Cowboys Onesie with Chaps

Sorry boys, I only date Cowboys! ($33) *Onesie also comes with a mother who totes a rifle and a father who cans vegetables.... [More]

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Time Tracker Mini

Teach your kids early on that time is of the essence. Instead of warning them they've only got an hour to get something done, set this Time Tracker Mini ($20) and stick it in front of them. Those precious minutes will tick away until a... [More]

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Round Trip Train Top

Children seem to gravitate towards certain things. things that spin things that require repetitive movement (see: trampoline) things that take them to another world, one with more color and 100% more trains than reality contains All this makes the Round Trip Train Top ($39) a... [More]

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Molecule Building Set

Forget doctors and lawyers. We know who the real job security of the future is going to belong to: biochemists. After all, someone's going to have to figure out how to keep our Botox-infused bodies from falling apart. That's why we're going to infuse our... [More]

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Lock and Lock Glass Baby Lunch Box Set

The glass containers in this Lock and Lock Glass Baby Lunch Box Set ($30) may seem like dangerous things to have around a kid. But you know what else is dangerous? Everything. Wibble.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Munchkin Fork & Spoon Set

Little people are constantly eating. And while they grow up and learn about how the world works, they also learn that gravity has a funny way of pulling eating utensils to the ground when they are dropped over the edge of the table. So grab... [More]

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iWoody Phone

No one wants their kid falling behind the proverbial eight ball in today's technological world. But you'd also rather not have them evolving into cyborgs before they're in preschool. This iWoody Phone ($18) strikes a happy balance between the two. Billed as a child's "first... [More]

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Lille Huset Chelsea Dollhouse

Here's a toy you won't mind your kids leaving lying around: this Lille Huset Chelsea Dollhouse ($60) is gorgeously designed after a classic Logan Square home, and is made with Baltic birch and recycled paperboard. The result is a lovely design piece that will also... [More]

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