Pick of the Cosmic Litter Onesie

When the mom-to-be opens up the Pick of the Cosmic Litter Onesie ($24) by Kate Brennan Hall at her shower, expect attendees to expel a simultaneous "aww!" It's the perfect reminder that each squishy baby is unique, and that the world has great things in... [More]

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Under the Nile Sleeping Doll

We are cold, stone-hearted dames when it comes to most baby gear. We check out mobiles, bouncy seats, and blocks - and mostly think of how they're going to look cluttering up our floors or feel when we trip over them while carrying the laundry... [More]

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Erbaorganics Baby Body Wash

It is a rare thing that can compete with the sheer loveliness of brand-new-baby smell. Even if you aren't really a kid person, inhaling a bald baby head after it's been gently washed with a drop of Baby Body Wash ($13) by Erbaorganics will probably... [More]

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Episencial Playful Holiday Gift Set

At your best friend's baby shower this spring, she is undoubtedly going to get forty-seven burp cloths, seventeen bibs, thirty-nine pairs of baby socks, and twelve classical music CDs, none of which she'll ever use. Coming from experience, she'll need the Episencial Playful Holiday Gift... [More]

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Princess Layer Baby Rattle

All right, let's address this straight off: we know the infamous cinnamon bun head is Princess Leia. We're chalking not-quite-right name of this Princess Layer Baby Rattle ($14) to an unfortunate auto correct or fear of Disney coming down with copyright infringement stuff now that... [More]

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Bonbon Baby Oil

Soothe your baby's rough, dry parts by slathering them up with bonbons. Wait, no. That's not right. There isn't any actual chocolate in the Bonbon Baby Oil ($25) from Nothing Nasty, but there is a healthy dose of sunflower and lavender oils. They ought to... [More]

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Birdcage Plywood Mobile

Expecting? You can expect to spend a lot of time in the nursery, so you'd better make sure it's an oasis for both you and junior. Promote serenity by forgoing lullaby-playing, stuffed-animal-swinging mobiles and instead hanging the Birdcage Plywood Mobile ($81). It stays where you... [More]

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9 Months Sober Maternity Tee

You look like a blubber-filled beached whale with swollen ankles. We know, whales don't have ankles, but trust us, you can still wail this statement during a meltdown and no one can say anything. You're NINE MONTHS PREGNANT. You have a free pass to melt... [More]

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Wildhorse Press Tooth Fairy Mail

If there's one thing kids are good at, it's spotting a fake. Don't get caught fudging the details when it comes to the beloved tooth fairy. Investing in Wildhorse Press Tooth Fairy Mail ($9) will give you a bit of insurance and your kiddo a... [More]

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Cozy Heatable Plush Polar Bear

Stuffed animals bring warmth, that's the idea, isn't it? Now, the masters of plush at Intelex are taking that to the next level. The Cozy Heatable Plush Polar Bear ($15) contains a lavender-scented millet bag that retains heat for up to two hours. Just stick... [More]

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Poppy Drops Glitter Collection

Be the. coolest. auntie. ever. and show up for pampering day with pocketfuls of Poppy Drops. Poppy Drops are the ideal compromise. Mom won't let her pierce her ears yet, and stick on earrings never, well, stick. Glitter Collection Poppy Drops ($8) are temporary tattoo... [More]

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Printed Bear Comfort Toy

While we always coo over cutesy boutique stuffed animals, they ultimately confuse us. Do parents really pay fifty-plus dollars to give their kiddo a toy that will most likely end up mauled and stained? We're partial to the Printed Bear Comfort Toy ($20) by Moon!... [More]

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Pink Birds Toddler Backpack

It's always right about now that kids' backpacks bite the dust. After several months of abuse, they end up dirty, full of holes, or worse, cursed with broken zippers. So replace the latest casualty with the cutest backpack ever: the Pink Birds Toddler Backpack ($65),... [More]

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"Quiet Please Sleeping Baby" Enamel Sign

Dear annoying neighbor across the hall, Yes, we work from home. Yes, we have a toddler who takes two naps per day (when the gods are kind). Yes, we're happy to receive signature-required packages from FedEx for you when you're out. But, seriously, you can't... [More]

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Pineapple Pete Kids Baby Valentine Onesie

Even since the baby was born, you've been unabashedly saving all your love for her little face and tummy and toes and fingers and tiny little baby butt. Makes sense. You did grow that perfect little person for nine months. You can't help but make... [More]

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Infantino Stretch

If you're about to have/thinking about having a kid, take our advice and just go buy this Infantino Stretch ($15) organizer now. Because you will get to a point in your parenting that will cause you to hurl your gigantic stroller over a bridge somewhere... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Baby Hugo Naturals Calming Baby Mist

There are a lot of baby elixirs on the market that claim to calm baby, sooth baby, relax baby, get baby to shut the hell up. And frankly, for just ten bucks, we're willing to try the lavender-and-chamomile potion that is Baby Hugo Naturals Calming... [More]

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Ducky Fishing Game

Your kid wants nothing to do with baths. You're worried the other parents are going to start thinking of Junior as the local Pig-Pen. Before you resort to hosing him down in the front yard, try a little strategy. Introduce him to this Ducky Fishing... [More]

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YBike Pewi

The YBike Pewi ($65) was designed to give babies a more ergonomic and autonomous introduction to walking on their own two feet blahblahblah. We are more excited that it isn't covered in owls, lions, butterflies, race cars, trains, or daisies. Ya know what we mean?!?!... [More]

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Chalkboard Laptop

The way we see it, the big pro of this Chalkboard Laptop ($68) is that you can freely give your toddler his or her own laptop while you're working on yours. The big con is that you're condoning your child writing on a laptop... we... [More]

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