Dinosaur Babysuit

Look. Pop culture isn't doing your kid any favors by fibbing about the dinosaurs. As the Dinosaur Babysuit ($20), illustrated by artist Tiffany Ard, so cleverly points out, T. rex and Stegosaurus didn't even live in the same geological period. There's no way they would... [More]

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Obos ($28 for a set of six) are alien creatures Burr, Fofo, Guba, Oshi, Zard, and Munti, from the Planet Obo. This planet is made of recycled paperboard, apparently, and the genetic blueprint of Obos permits them to switch body parts (tongues, horns, et cetera)... [More]

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Loading... Please Wait Maternity Shirt

Loading time's the worst - especially when it's nine months long! The Loading... Please Wait Maternity Shirt ($23) is a pretty funny way to let people know the status of Nature's most miraculous download.... [More]

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Mini Dino Push Toys

Whet your kiddo's appetite for all things Jurassic (and Triassic and Cretaceous!) as soon as he or she exits the womb! Okay, so it may take a few months for a new babe to polish the motor skills it takes to wheel around the Mini... [More]

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brinware Garden Party and It's a Hoot Dishes

We know why plastic baby dishes are so cheap. They're not exactly built to last. These darling tempered glass dishes ($20 for two) from brinware are, though. If the cutesy designs and durable silicone covers don't convince you to switch, their BPA- and phthalate-free makeup... [More]

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Eco-Eggs Egg Coloring Kit

Ack! Apparently we gave up telling time for Lent, because we failed to realize how close we are to Easter! We'd better order the Eco-Eggs Egg Coloring Kit ($20) before March 31st creeps any closer. If, like us, you're prepping for an egg hunt, these... [More]

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Chalk with the Animals Dinosaur Chalkboard

Dinosaurs make everything cooler. That includes less-than-awesome reminders like "Do Your Homework" and "Get Flu Shot Today". Maybe if we jot them down on this stegosaurus-shaped dinosaur chalkboard ($25), we'll be less likely to have to drag the kids out from under the bed to... [More]

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Le Theatre d'Ombres

Your husband wants to buy your kid a super-cool remote control flashy-lighted rocket ship. You're entirely aware that said rocket ship will hold your kid's attention for approximately ten minutes. Providing young'uns with a genuine distraction means finding them something that sparks their imaginations, like... [More]

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Amazing Indoor Remote Control Airplane

Take your cat-teasing tactics to the next level with this Amazing Indoor Remote Control Airplane ($159). Made with carbon fiber for an ultralight construction, this gadget will whiz around your living room at lightning speed while your cat tries desperately and futilely to catch it.... [More]

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A-Z World Canvas Wall Art

Want your little munchkin to become a seasoned world traveler? Whet their appetite for exploration when you hang this A-Z World Canvas Wall Art ($139 unframed, $209 framed) in their nursery. From Agra, India to Zurich, Switzerland, each letter features a different city and accompanying... [More]

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Garden Salad Toy

Does trying to get your kids to eat something green remind you of force-feeding an angry badger? Perhaps it's time to try a new tactic. The wooden pieces that make up this Garden Salad Toy ($25) might be completely lacking in nutritional value, but if... [More]

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Everearth Activity Walker

We can see why most parents turn into hermits. When we bring our offspring over to a friend's house for a much-needed mommy cocktail hour, we're either besieged with a running commentary about how bored they are, or else have to stop them from sticking... [More]

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Apple Pie Romper

Sure, you could get all patriotic by putting your baby in red, white, and blue, but we think there's something to be said for subtlety. The Apple Pie Romper ($58) by bobo choses says, "I'm as homemade as it gets, and too sweet to resist."... [More]

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Wool Felt Animal Bookends

How utterly adorable are these Wool Felt Animal Bookends ($99)? We'll just have to be careful where in Junior's room we decide to situate them. They look so perfectly cuddly and cute, the little squirt is likely to try to pull one of the well-weighted... [More]

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Sweet Tooth Box

Teeth are frankly disgusting. But we'd hate to deprive our youngsters of a prize in return for dropping one of their molars. Solution: this Sweet Tooth Box ($4). The little germ-lovers can put their own choppers into this cute little tin. All we'll have to... [More]

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Wooden Sushi Set

Forget plush sets of fruits and veggies - introduce your littles to the fun of maki and nigiri with the Wooden Sushi Set ($50). Just don't be surprised if you start hearing them cry "Irasshaimase!" when you come home from work.... [More]

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Premium Pettiskirts

When we were kids, playing dress-up was third only to fort-building and freaking Mom out by pretending to stick things in the outlets on our list of Awesome Things to Do. That's why we'll be passing the joy onto the little girl in our lives... [More]

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Oeuf Alpaca Heart Hat

The ├╝beradorableness of this Alpaca Heart Hat ($48) has us pondering two things very deeply: why designers don't make all of this adorable kid stuff in adult sizes, and whether or not we could hone our knitting skills enough to make these for ourselves before... [More]

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Pick of the Cosmic Litter Onesie

When the mom-to-be opens up the Pick of the Cosmic Litter Onesie ($24) by Kate Brennan Hall at her shower, expect attendees to expel a simultaneous "aww!" It's the perfect reminder that each squishy baby is unique, and that the world has great things in... [More]

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Under the Nile Sleeping Doll

We are cold, stone-hearted dames when it comes to most baby gear. We check out mobiles, bouncy seats, and blocks - and mostly think of how they're going to look cluttering up our floors or feel when we trip over them while carrying the laundry... [More]

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