Dirty Pirate Washcloth Set

Bathtime is almost always the most awesome time of day when you're a kid. Make sure Junior scrubs behind his ears with a cotton washcloth from the Dirty Pirate Washcloth Set ($24). Your son will be fully prepared to sail the high seas of the... [More]

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Tiptoe Through the Tulips ModBonnet

Your kid is adorable, right? But come clean. You're looking to up your kid's cuteness factor from supermarket-cashier-compliments to total-strangers-stop-and-stare. Snap your little one into an Urban Baby Bonnet for the instant upgrade. We're dying over the Tiptoe Through the Tulips ModBonnet ($36), but you... [More]

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Infant 9 Month Inside Footie

What better way is there to invite your newborn child into this wonderful world than with this Infant 9 Month Inside Footie ($30)? Sure, it isn't your usual baby blue jumpsuit covered in adorable cartoon monkeys. But you have to admit, this outfit is quite... [More]

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All You Need is Love Noonie

Just when you thought your ovaries were safe from parenting pangs, along comes the All You Need is Love Noonie ($54) from Lala's Pequeños. If anything is cuter than a cooing baby, it's a cooing baby zipped into a super soft cotton and minky swaddler.... [More]

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Mr. Magic Mobile

Make sure your kiddo has a firm grasp on the magic of childhood right from the start. The Mr. Magic Mobile ($32) from Jäll & Tofta is a whimsical, eco-friendly, lightweight mobile that's ready for hanging in your nursery. It may not play music, vibrate,... [More]

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Ba Baby Bottle Holder

Tired of bending over to pick up dropped bottles? Stick this Ba Baby Bottle Holder ($15) into your infant's slippery little palms. This silicone frame makes it easier for those tiny fingers to get a firm grip on their food source. If your offspring is... [More]

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Fishing in Spring Small.jpg

Fishing in Spring Vincent Van Gogh Fine Art Kids Flip Flops

It's doubtful that Van Gogh imagined us walking on his work, but in some ways it's a compliment. These Fishing in Spring Vincent Van Gogh Fine Art Kids Flip Flops ($13) must be a last-ditch attempt to bring culture to children. All things considered, this... [More]

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Lucille Fox Mask

Who says the dress-up trunk has to be stuffed with cheap and nasty rejects from the post-Halloween sale bin at Walmart? Your kids will have just as much fun being imaginative with craftily adorable pieces like this Lucille Fox Mask ($54). They'll also be a... [More]

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Annabel Kern Candy Cushion

We've decided. If we ever procreate, we want a nursery that's an ode to the good stuff of childhood: candy. These Annabel Kern Candy Cushions ($55 each) are a good start, but we're talking a nursery to rival Willy Wonka's chocolate factory (though maybe without... [More]

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Studio Edition Ella Monster

Our cold hearts have melted. Not that they were cold, per se. More...lightly resistant to the charms of stuffed animals. But we digress. Monster Factory creates some of the cutest stuffed monsters we've ever seen. Our fav, Ella Monster ($40), is a Studio Edition stuffy,... [More]

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Orbital Mobile

Yikes! Keeping up with the Joneses re: the babe's nursery is an undertaking. We've seen some posh nurseries out there! If a basic lullaby-playing plastic mobile won't do over your darling's crib, instead hang the Orbital Mobile ($299) from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. The... [More]

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Flora Baby Blanket

It seems like a crime to give this Flora Baby Blanket ($110) to an actual infant. This colorful handstitched piece is far too pretty to get repeatedly puked on (or worse). Maybe you can keep it someplace safe until said baby is old enough not... [More]

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This is How I Roll Maternity Tee

Pregnancy has plenty of ups and downs, which means it's important to try and keep a sense of humor. Show the world that you've embraced the body changes, mood swings, and soon-to-be sleepless nights by squeezing your belly into the This is How I Roll... [More]

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DreamBaby Stay-Put Cutlery Set

At least one person in your family thinks it's the most fun game ever: Toss the Spoon and Watch Mommy Fetch It. If you're having significantly less fun with it, set this DreamBaby Stay-Put Cutlery Set ($15) down in front of your little sadist at... [More]

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cabin & moss Geometric Wooden Blocks

We're always at a loss for what to get our hip girlfriends who've taken the plunge and are having kids. Their homes always look like something out of a design blog, and the nurseries don't contain a single item that isn't midcentury modern. But now... [More]

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Wee Ones Knot Teeny Genie Detangling Brush

We really wish the Wee Ones Knot Teeny Genie Detangling Brush ($15, in pink or teal) had existed back in the 1980s. Then we wouldn't have had the world's least flattering hairdos, or been mistaken for little boys more times than we could count, and... [More]

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Chalkboard Pad

Seriously. Forget handing your kid your iPad (correction: your second iPad, because said kid threw your first onto the tile floor when an Elmo app took too long to load). The Chalkboard Pad ($50) from Peg and Awl should be entertainment enough. It's free of... [More]

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The Little White Company Small Baby Bathtime Gift Set

Seem like everyone around you has started breeding? If you're getting tired of slogging through Babies"R"Us with a registry list of boring onesies and diaper rash cream, pick up this Baby Bathtime Gift Set ($30) from The Little White Company instead. It comes with a... [More]

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Hug-a-lot-amus Hooded Hippo Bath Robe

Adorable baby? Check. Cute little animal outfit? Check. Practical use for said cutesy outfit? Check. Insanely adorable name for practical and cutesy outfit? Check. Are you freaking kidding us? The biological clock just exploded. Hug-a-lot-amus Hooded Hippo Bath Robe ($30)... [More]

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BOOBIES Calculator Onesie

It's been a loooong time since we were caught snickering over an upside down 5318008 on our calculators. But that doesn't mean we're now impervious to juvenile humor! If you've got an expecting friend who feels the same way, send her the BOOBIES Calculator Onesie... [More]

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