Dr. Martens Auburn Crib Lace Bootie

Is that bun in your oven already too cool for crocheted slippers? Request a pair of Dr. Martens Auburn Crib Lace Booties ($50) to ensure your new baby is set up for a truly rockin' lifestyle.... [More]

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Traveling Play Pad

Ack! The floor! It's too hard/dirty/cold for your little one to sit on! Okay, so that's an exaggeration, but if you're headed somewhere with questionable flooring, pack up a Traveling Play Pad ($68) from blabla. It'll give the kiddo a designated spot to sit and... [More]

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Sachets de Lingettes IP 45

Babies and kids have a habit of sitting still for no more than .04 seconds at a time, so applying goopy sunscreen is akin to wrestling a greased pig. The Sachets de Lingettes IP 45 ($44, click "product details" to purchase) from Le bébé Coo... [More]

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Kidz Box Placemats

While we appreciate it when restaurants provide kiddos with activity mats and tubs of broken crayons, we inwardly cringe every time we see them being handed over. Ack, the germs! The wasted paper! But when we spied a savvy mama handing her tot a Kidz... [More]

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Linen Bowtie Bib

This organic Linen Bowtie Bib ($14) by Lovely Home Idea appeals to moms who have vowed to keep their little ones styled to perfection, but who also want to avoid synthetic materials. Bookmark this one so you can click and ship each time a friend... [More]

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Moulin Roty Parisian Tea Party Set

Let's see, the Parisian Tea Party Set ($74) from Moulin Roty is made from metal, just like the old vintage sets. It features the Eiffel Tower and darling illustrations of Parisian girls, and comes nestled in a pretty cardboard box. Yep, we're more besotted with... [More]

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The Baby Shusher

Ask parents what parenting books and techniques saved their sanity when they had newborn babies, and chances are a lot of them will point you toward Dr. Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block. In it, Dr. Karp recommends using rhythmic, loud SHHH-ing sounds... [More]

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Scary Mommy Doorbell Sticker

The Scary Mommy Doorbell Sticker ($5) - because hell hath no fury like a mother whose baby was just woken by a ringing doorbell. Naptime is the most sacred time of the day. Protect it with threats of bodily harm!... [More]

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Whale March Baby Bath Hammock

Sometimes baby items are so cute that they make our uteri tingle. We wouldn't consider the Whale March Baby Bath Hammock ($28) to be a traditionally reproductive-parts-melting item, but there is something about the thought of a teensy baby nestled in the whale hammock and... [More]

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Earth Paint Children's Paint Kit

It doesn't matter how closely you watch them. You know they're going to do it. Kids just love eating paint. At least if you're using this Earth Paint Children's Paint Kit ($30) for those arts and crafts projects, you can rest assured that they're not... [More]

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Airplane Bib

The children, they are smarter than we give them credit for. Time for a new tactic. How hard would it be to mold this baby food into a passable lollipop? Airplane Bib ($9)... [More]

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Cowboy Mustachifier

It's important to teach your infants today's trends so they'll be prepared when they come back as retro in twenty years. The Cowboy Mustachifier ($10) takes the mustache fad to new lengths - literally - with this long-sided Wild West cut.... [More]

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This simple gadget attaches to the back wheel of any bicycle, letting your little cyclists create colorful lines, circles or patterns. Or making it possible for you to hunt them down when they're late for their clarinet lessons. Chalktrail ($20)... [More]

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Whale Mobile

Thar she blows! Infancy is probably a touch on the young side for an introduction to the adventures of Captain Ahab, but you can lay the groundwork for literature classes to come with this Whale Mobile ($66). Also works fine if you want your kid... [More]

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Go the F*ck to Sleep

Go the F*ck to Sleep ($12), the New York Times Best Seller by Adam Mansbach, isn't so much for children as it is for their frustrated, newly insomniac parents. Vent your sleepless desperation through laughter. Here's a passage: "All the kids from day care are... [More]

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Bugaboo Cameleon³ Viktor&Rolf Edition

It's no lie when we tell you that our first (obviously used) car cost less than the new limited edition Viktor&Rolf Bugaboo Cameleon³ ($1,600). But hey, if Junior has to have the best, we promise you that this is it. Not only is Bugaboo the... [More]

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Build Your Own City

Sure, a cardboard set of houses, like this Build Your Own City Kit ($35), isn't going to last forever. In all honesty, it probably won't last for more than a few weeks or months before it gets smooshed underfoot. The upside, then? Your smooshing a... [More]

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GuavaKids Boots

Infants. We always assume they're helpless little creatures, but the second you turn around, they've manage to wiggle free of their socks. While the on/off sock battle will continue into toddlerdom, you can help your new kiddo kick the habit for the time being. A... [More]

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Discothon Nursing Top

Breastfeeding mamas, we get it. It's impossible to find decent-looking apparel that's also easy to nurse in. You own 45,317 V-neck tops but haven't worn a real T-shirt in months. Mama FeelsGood gets it, too. Their line of nursing tops is casual, stylish, and easy... [More]

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Spiral Sidewalk Design Kit

Spirographs are so cool. We remember our paper-based sets providing us with hours of entertainment back when we were knee-high to a grasshopper. Now we can give the little people in our life a taste of the same fun in an even cooler way with... [More]

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