Baby Milestone Cards

Any ol' parent can celebrate a first step or first word...but it takes dedication and a great deal of enthusiasm to celebrate baby's first thumbs up! These Baby Milestone Cards ($22) are for the mommies and daddies who appreciate the sporting aspects of parenting. Knowing... [More]

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Orla Kiely Baby Bag

We love seeing designers flood the market with high-end, fashionable diaper bags. It gives us hope that the industry realizes that moms, while certainly tired and overworked, are still women with good taste! The Orla Kiely Baby Bag ($244) is completely chic with its signature... [More]

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Monkey Mat

Forget hauling a bulky blanket with you when you head to the park or the beach - the Monkey Mat ($40) is clearly made for all of your monkeying needs. The teeny fit-in-a-purse pouch opens up to reveal a safe and clean space for eating,... [More]

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Sheepskin Bow Booties

The best part about having a baby girl? Projecting your fashion sense onto her, of course! Okay, we kid, It's probably more along the lines of unconditional love and the joys of parenting, et cetera, but putting her in these Sheepskin Bow Booties ($126)? A... [More]

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Molar Muncher

Poor kiddos! Teething must be hard. A frozen washcloth does wonders, but if you're on-the-go, or your teething babe needs a hands-free option, hand over a Molar Muncher ($18). The BPA-free silicone teether is designed to relieve the pain of sore gums, and the U-shaped... [More]

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Lunch Mail

Your kiddos may claim that the best part of lunch is the sandwich cookies/fruit leather/Dunkaroos (do they still make those?!), but we bet their grins get even bigger when they see notes from Mom tucked inside their boxes! Lunch Mail ($8) makes it easy to... [More]

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Unisex Courage Backpack

We are all for shared responsibilities, which is why this Unisex Courage Backpack ($215) is fantastic. There's no need to hand your hubs a lady-ish hybrid handbag when it's his turn to tote around all of Junior's three thousand extra things. Switch off as you... [More]

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Saylor Sleeper

As any mom knows, middle-of-the-night diaper changes are kinda at the bottom of the list when it comes to other-ways-you'd-like-to-spend-your-time-when-you-should-actually-be-asleep. But, babies poo, so there's no way around the 2:00am butt wipe. At least it can be a quick affair, especially if your baby is... [More]

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Milk Drunk Onesie

Breast milk or formula - whatever you're giving, your kiddo is loving! You know by that adorably blissed-out look on his face after he finishes a meal. Put him in the Milk Drunk Onesie ($26) and you've got a total photo op waiting to happen!... [More]

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Fournier Pirate Morgan Plush

There's something dashing about Pirate Morgan ($54), even if it does look like he'd have more of a waddle than a swagger! Maybe it's his stitched belt and shoe buckles, or his slightly off-center smile. Whatever it is, we can see him entertaining our guests... [More]

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Introductory Calculus For Infants

It's never too early to start learning advanced mathematics! ...Wait, is that right? Well, it's never too late to enjoy a children's book. Introductory Calculus For Infants ($10) is more-or-less as advertised - a kid's book following two friends as they explore the basics of... [More]

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Batman Deluxe Combination Booster Car Seat

Who better to protect your little sidekick than the Dark Knight himself? The Batman Deluxe Combination Booster Car Seat ($150) looks like so much fun, we can't wait until they make one for adults!... [More]

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Skip Hop Mate Stay-Put Mat + Plate

Kids. Cute, but insanely messy, especially at mealtime. Keep your toddler (relatively) tidy with Skip Hop's Mate Stay-Put Mat + Plate ($20). (Try saying that ten times fast!) The all-in-one place setting has a mat for catching spatters and crumbs, a divided plate that can't... [More]

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Din Din Smart Stainless Bus Platter

While it's kind of a pain to feed a picky foods-can't-touch toddler, we can't really blame them for their finicky eating habits. (We're not crazy about our yogurt running into our mac and cheese, either!) End the meltdowns by serving foods in the Din Din... [More]

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Crayon Bandolier Belt

Warning: No matter how cool her crayon organizer is, your child's still not going to clean them up on her own. Crayon Bandolier Belt ($25)... [More]

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Gold Wing Boots

Want to unleash your toddler's inner diva? Oh, wait - it already has been unleashed. In fact, it's probably unleashing itself all over your house at top volume as you read this. At least with these Gold Wing Boots ($100), your little prima donna can... [More]

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Dotted Fabric Suitcase

One of the joys of parent or aunty-hood is introducing a precious little girl to some of life's most sublime joys, like really fabulous luggage. This Dotted Fabric Suitcase ($28) makes for an ideal first piece in her collection, and is just the right size... [More]

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Le Mans Pedal Car

To hell with Power Wheels. This Le Mans Pedal Car ($270) is way cooler than some pink plastic Jeep that putts along at a not-at-all thrilling speed of five miles per hour. We're pretty sure that with a slight incline and a bit of furious... [More]

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Personalized Childrens' Plate

Your special little someone might be more motivated to actually clear their plate if it's decorated with an adorable cartoon self-portrait, as on these precious Personalized Childrens' Plates ($25). Just hope they do their clearing by eating instead of just by dumping all those carefully... [More]

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Stick-lets Fort Kit

Forts were the coolest thing about being a kid. Give us a few dead branches and an old sheet, and we'd construct ourselves a remote woodland palace. And unlike our current abodes, the fort never needed a circuit rewired or a dishwasher repaired. It's a... [More]

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