Din Din Smart Stainless Bus Platter

While it's kind of a pain to feed a picky foods-can't-touch toddler, we can't really blame them for their finicky eating habits. (We're not crazy about our yogurt running into our mac and cheese, either!) End the meltdowns by serving foods in the Din Din... [More]

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Crayon Bandolier Belt

Warning: No matter how cool her crayon organizer is, your child's still not going to clean them up on her own. Crayon Bandolier Belt ($25)... [More]

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Gold Wing Boots

Want to unleash your toddler's inner diva? Oh, wait - it already has been unleashed. In fact, it's probably unleashing itself all over your house at top volume as you read this. At least with these Gold Wing Boots ($100), your little prima donna can... [More]

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Dotted Fabric Suitcase

One of the joys of parent or aunty-hood is introducing a precious little girl to some of life's most sublime joys, like really fabulous luggage. This Dotted Fabric Suitcase ($28) makes for an ideal first piece in her collection, and is just the right size... [More]

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Le Mans Pedal Car

To hell with Power Wheels. This Le Mans Pedal Car ($270) is way cooler than some pink plastic Jeep that putts along at a not-at-all thrilling speed of five miles per hour. We're pretty sure that with a slight incline and a bit of furious... [More]

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Personalized Childrens' Plate

Your special little someone might be more motivated to actually clear their plate if it's decorated with an adorable cartoon self-portrait, as on these precious Personalized Childrens' Plates ($25). Just hope they do their clearing by eating instead of just by dumping all those carefully... [More]

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Stick-lets Fort Kit

Forts were the coolest thing about being a kid. Give us a few dead branches and an old sheet, and we'd construct ourselves a remote woodland palace. And unlike our current abodes, the fort never needed a circuit rewired or a dishwasher repaired. It's a... [More]

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Custom Birth Date Pillow Cover

Your new widdle babe probably won't do much in the way of crib sleeping in the first few weeks (or months, or years!) of her life. That means you can fill it with darling things like antique teddy bears and a pillow stuffed into the... [More]

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iviebaby Marine Arrow Boppy Cover

The Boppy may be the most ubiquitous shower gift ever, but that doesn't mean there's one that fits the style of your preggo bestie. If you're not so handy with your sewing machine, check out the various Boppy covers available from iviebaby. We're particularly fond... [More]

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Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins

Yes, your child will undoubtedly grow out of these Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins ($60) in two weeks. But these soft-soled, handmade, genuine leather pieces of teeny footwear are so stunning, we figure it's worth having another baby just so they'll get worn again.... [More]

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Eye Brightening Cream

When you trade staying out all night partying for staying in all night caring for a kiddo, some things don't change as much as you'd think. We wager you'll still need to make it through the daylight hours without looking like a zombie. The Eye... [More]

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Chomp & Stomp Shark Bib and Booties Gift Set

They'll exhaust you, empty your bank account, destroy your sex life, and turn you into a puke-spotted, track-suit wearing mess with epic under-eye circles. And what thanks will you get for raising those babies? It probably won't be getting taken care of through your retirement.... [More]

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Advice to Little Girls

Who knew Mark Twain was going to be your new parenting BFF? And yet, here he is, backin' up mom and dad (well, sorta): "You should ever bear in mind that it is to your kind parents that you are indebted for your food, and... [More]

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Safari Wall Hook

At least half of our expecting friends are opting not to find out the baby's sex until it's born. Luckily for them (and for all of us shower attendees), gender-neutral baby items are getting easier to find. How sweet is this Safari Wall Hook ($35)?... [More]

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NoseFrida: The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

It sounds like the title to a straight-to-DVD horror flick, but NoseFrida: The Snotsucker ($15) is actually a doctor recommended tool for clearing out your baby's itty-bitty nostrils. It's your own straw-sucking power that makes the whole thing work, but fear not - a disposable... [More]

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Posters for Girls

Parent or not, it's pretty easy to recognize that the majority of kids' items are full of gender stereotypes. We always shout a little hurrah when we see awesome things like this set of Posters for Girls ($100 for all four) by artist Amanda Visell.... [More]

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Best Lunch Box Ever

The clever and nutritious recipes in Best Lunch Box Ever: Ideas and Recipes for School Lunches Kids Will Love ($17) may have been created with kids in mind, but they're pretty scrumptiously perfect for lunch-eaters of all ages. Sure, it takes a little extra thought... [More]

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Chill Baby Volume Pacifier

If only this Chill Baby Volume Pacifier ($11) actually worked. We'd love to be able to lower the decibel level on ticked-off infants every now and again. It'd be even more awesome if they could make a baby-quieter that worked by remote control, like our... [More]

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Love You Nightlight

Is there a sweeter way to say goodnight than by plugging in the Love You Nightlight ($25) at bedtime? It ought to help your kiddo drift off into dreamland with ease, so you can go flip on some TV that doesn't feature singing puppets or... [More]

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Toddler Water Bottle Cap Adapter

We can't guarantee it's BPA-free, but the benefits of being able to instantly transform just about any ordinary water bottle into a kid-friendly drinking vessel make this Toddler Water Bottle Cap Adapter ($4) a must-have in your diaper bag. Use it to save your friends... [More]

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