Beardo Beard Hat For Kids

Beard hats are funny and keep your face warm, but is that really the look you want for yourself? But just like with your dreams of becoming a famous dancer, you can live vicariously through your kids! The Beardo Beard Hat For Kids ($30) keeps... [More]

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Doubtblush: Wooden Baby Rattles

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.... [More]

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Crocodile Scarf

If you're having a hard time getting your kid to bundle up for the cold weather (we picture mittens flying, boots stomping, and hats thrown across the room), try bringing home the Crocodile Scarf ($32) - but don't call it a scarf. Then, when it's... [More]

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Munchkin The Medicator

We all tend to be kind of babies when we're sick - but babies are real babies about it! Luckily they're not hard to trick at that age. The Medicator ($3) makes giving your infant medicine a breeze...if only they had something to make your... [More]

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Waddler Wild Wolf Mittens

The cuteness! It's unbearable! We already have a soft spot for kids wearing knit mittens on strings, but when those mittens sport a wolf face ($50)? It's just too much. Quick, someone remind us that kids are booger-filled little crazies before our ovaries start to... [More]

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J.Crew Baby Puffer Snowsuit in Polka Dot

Thank god the J.Crew Baby Puffer Snowsuit in Polka Dot ($128) is gender-neutral. We plan on buying it and then making each and every one of our future children wear it. It's just too damn cute (and expensive!) to only make an appearance for three... [More]

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Good Luck With That Card

... you're going to need it. Good Luck With That Card ($4)... [More]

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These Fools... Bib

There's a fine line between a cape and a bib. Wear it in the back and it's a symbol of power and heroism. Wear it in the front and it's a sign that you have difficulty feeding yourself. These Fools... Bib ($12)... [More]

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Nanimarquina Kala Rug

Had we $907 to spare, we'd purchase a Nanimarquina Kala Rug for our kids' playroom. The leaf and hexagon print is colorful without being kitschy, and it's busy enough that we could probably hide quite a few stains on that sucker before having to clean... [More]

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Anyone who's spent time with toddlers knows that their superhero powers include the ability to make "spill-proof" cups leak all over the place. We're pretty sure they've met their match with the lollacup ($16), though. The cutesy animal cup has a weighted straw, which helps... [More]

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Calafant Cardboard Calacastle

Yes, you could probably put together something like this yourself, if you were willing to spend eight or nine hours slaving away with a box cutter and packing tape. But wouldn't you rather spend that time in blessed solitude while your kids are happily distracted... [More]

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Deep Cave Explorer Echo Maker

Want your kids to have the experience of an underground adventure without actually falling into a well? A dark closet and this Deep Cave Explorer Echo Maker ($20) will get them most of the way there. This gadget transforms their voices, creating the same reverberations... [More]

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Don't Scare Me... Baby Onesie

Please don't scare the baby unless you intend to clean up the consequences. Don't Scare Me... onesie ($22)... [More]

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Musical Hedgehog

All together now: awww! This Musical Hedgehog ($53) has a lot goin' for it. The adorable hedgie plush plays a sweet and lulling rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and sports a Liberty print on the ears, feet, and tail, making it an ultra-chic gift... [More]

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Blooming Bath

Not to be confused with a Blooming Onion, the Blooming Bath ($42) is a plush, cuddly alternative to plastic tubs. Plop it in the sink, clean the stink off Junior, then throw the bath in the dryer for fifteen minutes.... [More]

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Rocking Alligator

Rocking horses are so yesteryear! Put your kiddo on the Rocking Alligator ($80) from Plain Toys and watch her wrangle the wooden gator as her imagination works overtime. It'll add plenty of color and whimsy to her room decor when she's not using it to... [More]

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Baby Owl Hat

You carried them for nine long, awkward months, put your body through a living hell giving birth to them, and then let them keep you up at night for months on end. The least they can do to make up for it is look goshdarned... [More]

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Bear Puncher Baby Onesie

You're six months old and still wearing clothes with flowers and cartoon animals on them? Geez, grow up, kid! The Bear Puncher Baby Onesie ($18) has a machismo that's sure to put some hair on that chest!... [More]

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Swoop Bag

The Swoop Bag ($48) has a great flat-to-full design that makes cleanup a cinch, and if you don't care about organization, you can throw ALL THE THINGS into it, secure the drawstring, and stash it under the bed, in the closet, or in an out-of-the-way... [More]

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LOL! Sucker Teether

Junior may still be working on the teeth he needs to eat a real lollipop, but you can placate him for the time being with this LOL! Sucker Teether ($10) from Little Toader. The food-grade silicone sucker has plenty of ridges for gumming. Toss it... [More]

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