The Little Hiptionary

When somebody offers to fix your wagon, do you look for your Radio Flyer? Think a butterface happens when you get sloppy while eating toast, or that ballin' has something to do with baseball? Get yourself a copy of The Little Hiptionary ($10) and start... [More]

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Moon Juice Fermentation Kit

Fermentation: It's not just for beer. Controlled rotting turns all kinds of foods and beverages into delicious, nutritious treats. This Moon Juice Fermentation Kit ($85) will get you started cultivating your own culinary science projects.... [More]

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Really Mermaid iPhone 6 Case

Your iPhone is clever, prone to blurting out snippets of song at inappropriate occasions, and lacks legs. We figure that makes it practically a mermaid, which makes this Really Mermaid iPhone 6 Case ($35) even more appropriate. Just don't try taking it under the sea... [More]

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Y'all Gonna Journal

Your resolution for the year was to record more of your life... and not, like, on social media for an audience, but in a genuine pen-to-paper kind of way. If you've already started slacking, it may be time to upgrade your notebook. This Y'all Gonna... [More]

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Fatty Sundays Birthday Cake Pretzels

Pretzels are a healthy snack, right? Even if they're slathered in white chocolate, crusted with vanilla cookie crumbles, and topped off with colorful rainbow sprinkles? Alright, so Fatty Sundays Birthday Cake Pretzels ($7) won't do your diet any favors. Who cares? It's your birthday.... [More]

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Trakdot Luggage Tracker

The Trakdot Luggage Tracker ($70) won't stop your suitcase from being re-routed to Boise, but it will give you the peace of mind of knowing that it wasn't ejected mid-flight over the Atlantic or tossed into the middle of a monster truck rally. The Trakdot... [More]

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Stress management gurus usually advise you to turn off your phone, but with buddhify ($5), plugging in might be a better way to get your Zen on. Available for both Apple and Android platforms, this app invites you to select your current status from a... [More]

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Amethyst Headache Oil

Don't let throbbing brain tissue ruin your day, your concentration, or your love life. Amethyst Headache Oil ($12) harnesses the power of essentials oils and crystal healing to help relieve your uncomfortable noggin. Try massaging it onto your temples while listening to Enya and eating... [More]

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Beam us up! With the Onyx ($99), some of that Star Trek tech we've been waiting for finally hits the real world. This space-age communicator lets you get in touch with your shipmates at the push of a button. There's no dialing involved - just... [More]

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Oregon Trail Card

It could have been worse: at least half of your family didn't die while attempting to ford the river. We wouldn't write that in this playful Oregon Trail Card ($5), of course, especially if there is a sick friend or family member. We like the... [More]

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Ultrakam 4k Professional Production Suite

Channel your inner Scorsese with nothing more than your iPhone 6. The Ultrakam 4k Professional Production Suite ($10) lets you pass on the big budget equipment, turning that plastic in your pocket into a virtual GoPro. Manually control your camera's focus, shutter, and ISO, live... [More]

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organicKidz Baby Grows Up Set

Being a mom is a recipe for becoming a paranoid wreck. The latest cause for staring sleeplessly at your ceiling? BPA-free plastics might be harmful to kids. Give yourself a fraction more peace of mind by switching your precious little dumpling over to this organicKidz... [More]

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Fairgoods Lukewarm Balloons

Feeling just so-so about your valentine this year? Fairgoods sells these Lukewarm Balloons ($12, set of 15) that'll perfectly express your thoughts. They aren't exactly romantic, but then again, neither is constantly leaving little beard hairs in the bathroom sink or eating the last of... [More]

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Mariana the Anglerfish Plush Toy

Say goodbye to stuffed teddy bears and kittens and penguins. Those docile animals are so boring. Lauren Venell's plush Mariana the Anglerfish ($40) will teach your kiddos about the mysterious (and ruthless) creatures of the deep sea. The anglerfish, one of the most well-known, famously... [More]

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The Goat Truffle Collaboration

We've told you how much we love the goat milk caramels from Big Picture Farm. We also love the goats (and dogs!) that they so lovingly document on their blog. And now, there's a special reason for us to share our love again: the Goat... [More]

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The World Needs More Love Letters

Whether it's about saying thanks, stroking your ego, or getting into your pants, nothing perks up your day like a love letter. So says Hannah Brencher, the creator of this elegant The World Needs More Love Letters ($12) stationary kit, designed to inspire you to... [More]

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Sweet, glorious sleep. Like the nice guy you dumped last year, you never appreciate how wonderful it is until it's gone. If your nights have turned somewhat less than restful, Beddit ($150) can help you find the cause. This smart sleep monitor syncs with your... [More]

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Sand Timers

Yes, you're surrounded by timers. You've got one on your stove, another on your microwave, and a handy app on your phone. But are any of those nearly as much fun as turning over one of these Sand Timers ($7-16)? Heck no. Use them to... [More]

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Spy X Recon Kit

Looking for more ways for your offspring to invade your privacy? Pick them up this Spy X Recon Kit ($50). With a voice scrambler, motion alarm, recon watch, and pint-sized night vision binoculars, it's sure to have your little people blowing off bedtime to engage... [More]

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Splatter Paint Heart Cookies

We can bake a damn fine chocolate chip cookie with the best of them, but when it comes to making our baked goods look like works of art? Ehh, we'd rather leave that feat to Sweet C Bake shop and their Splatter Paint Heart Cookies... [More]

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