Lion Earbuds

Putting on headphones while in public is a pretty clear indication that you don't want to be bothered, but there's always that one obnoxious guy on the subway who doesn't take the hint. But even he's bound to be intimidated by Lion Earbuds ($12) protruding... [More]

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Model Face Canvas Tote

Chic! The Model Face Canvas Tote ($4) looks like an early '90s supermodel trying to mask her identity while she's out on the town. We're even more into it, however, because it kind of reminds us of Grey Garden's Little Edie... well, minus a healthy... [More]

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How to Talk to Your Cat about Evolution

It's a subject you've been meaning to broach with your kitty for quite some time: creationism. By now, your cat has likely heard all sorts of competing information from ungodly sources that insist that evolution is real. Uh, no. Cats did not come from monkeys!!1!... [More]

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Cool Dog Bed

Summer's here, and the only hot dogs you want to see are on buns slathered in mustard. Help your favorite pet beat the heat this season with the Cool Dog Bed ($30-90). This cooling pad senses your dog's weight and automatically emits a lower temperature... [More]

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Motorcycle Tread Titanium Ring

Most people like their jewelry to be "pretty", but there's a sizable minority - often seen wearing bandanas and leather jackets - that prefer something a little more rugged. If riding your bike down the freeway sounds like an ideal day, this Motorcycle Tread Titanium... [More]

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Old Soles Eazy Slip-On Leather Sneakers

Okay, one more time: cross the laces, make two bunny ears, wrap one loop around the other, and... are you even listening? Why is tying your shoes so hard for you? Oh, maybe because you're nine months old. The laces on these Old Soles ($44)... [More]

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A Curious Man: The Strange and Brilliant Life of Robert "Believe It or Not!" Ripley

He's brought many of the world's weirdest things to our attention, so while it shouldn't surprise us that Ripley himself has led a fascinatingly odd life, you'll still be shocked by some of the private details author Neal Thompson uncovered about his past. You don't... [More]

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Wooden Pretzel Earrings

Despite saying in the description that they're made of wood, is it ridiculous that we just want to chomp into these Wooden Pretzel Earrings ($16)? The stylish soft pretzel replicas are guaranteed to get the man in your life nibbling on your lobes! Hey, take... [More]

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Animal Butt Magnets

Heeeeyyyyy, elephant! We don't like having to see you go, but we do like the view when you walk away. Animal Butt Magnets ($13) are something you can really get behind. Hunters might opt for mounting the heads of animals to their walls, but we... [More]

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Recipe Card Keeper

Takeout again? Maybe you'd cook more if you actually had... you know... recipes. We're sure Aunt Tonya would share some of hers with you. And Cousin Sarah - you like that chicken dish she makes every Christmas Eve, why not get that recipe from her?... [More]

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Flip & Tumble Reusable Produce Bags

Good job, environmentalist! You've been really diligent about bringing reusable tote bags to the grocery store and cut your plastic consumption significantly. The next step is to eliminate the plastic bag waste that comes with purchasing fruits and vegetables. Yup, there's a green alternative for... [More]

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Purple Yantra Mat

As if you aren't already feeling sore enough after doing yoga, here's a mat that will give you an extra kick of pain. The Purple Yantra Mat ($49) allows exercisers to get an acupuncture-like treatment while they stretch. Featuring over 200 "spiked flowers," the mat's... [More]

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Solar Crank Radio

The next time your power goes out, how will you stay on top of emergency broadcasts? Sure, you have that battery-powered radio, but do you actually have batteries handy? Didn't think so! This Solar Crank Radio ($40) has you covered. Let the sun power this... [More]

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Vicks Digital Pacifier Thermometer

Does baby have a temperature? Possibly, but since it's in a new mother's nature to be overprotective, it's best to have some concrete evidence before freaking out. Vicks Digital Pacifier Thermometer ($8) gives an accurate reading without any fuss - what baby isn't going to... [More]

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Pocket Reflector

No matter what kind of effects and filters you apply to your cell phone pictures, there's often nothing that can completely redeem a poorly lit photo. The Pocket Reflector ($15) is a smaller version of a device that professional photographers use to ensure that their... [More]

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Hobo Shoulder Lunch Tote

We're not telling you about the Hobo Shoulder Lunch Tote ($25) from Built New York to suggest you stop indulging in your daily burrito bowl from Chipotle, but it may come in handy on those days when your wallet (and your digestive tract) need a... [More]

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Hot Stuff DIY Plant Kit

What's better than mouth-burning chili peppers? Mouth-burning chili peppers that you've grown yourself. The Hot Stuff DIY Plant Kit ($6) poses two challenges: to keep the chili plant alive and to keep your composure while eating the fruits of your labor. Most likely you'll need... [More]

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Gamer Soaps

Dirt, sweat, cheese doodle dust... these are just a few of the germy particles that linger on video game controllers. After a long, hard session of playing video games, practicing good hygiene is a must. Gamer Soaps ($18-26) are a fun way to wash up.... [More]

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Minim Playing Cards

Will your card playing skills improve when you're not distracted by big, bold graphics? Perhaps that's not the thesis behind these Minim Playing Cards ($12), which aim to distill the suits and face cards down to the bare minimum of what you need in order... [More]

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Tick App

Two days ago, you made a to-do list. Yesterday, you checked off a couple of items. Today, you made a new to-do list. At the top of that list? Find the previous to-do list. The Tick App ($2) is a smart, high-tech way of organizing... [More]

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