Steampunk Bag of Gears

When working with steampunk clothes, where are you supposed to shop for, materials? This Steampunk Bag of Gears ($3) might be useless to a watchmaker, but to the right designer, it's exactly what they've been looking for.... [More]

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In-Car-Nito Secret Storage

"Oh no, we're getting pulled over! Quick, we need to find a place to hide the... valuables." When both cops and criminals (and shady valets) present a threat, it's nice to have the In-Car-Nito Secret Storage ($23) for whatever your don't want found.... [More]

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Purse iPhone5 Case

Make people think you're carrying around the world's tiniest purse when you deploy this amusing iPhone case ($15). When people ask about it, brush them off casually by referring to it as your Chanel. It's a totally convincing depiction, right?... [More]

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Much Loved

Photographer Mark Nixon has put together a collection of sweet portraits of stuffed animals to evoke a little nostalgia in all of us. Much Loved ($18) features teddy bears, bunnies, and other critters that have been loved to the point of destruction, and even has... [More]

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Norpro Pie Topper Cutter Set

We're not saying the way you top your pies is wrong...we're just saying that our way is the only way that's right. With this Norpro Pie Topper Cutter set ($9), you can use the cherry design to decorate your cherry pie or the leaf design... [More]

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Macaroni & Cheese Air Freshener

We're never leaving our car again! Screw pine trees and cinnamon sticks - the greatest gift we can give our noses is the appetizing aroma of creamy cheese glistening on morsels of macaroni. Macaroni & Cheese Air Freshener ($3)... [More]

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Mini USB Locket

If you're a stylish tech girl, a flash drive is exactly what you want close to your heart - forget a sappy lyric or some dude's picture. With the Mini USB Locket ($200), you'll be able to download and upload files wherever you please -... [More]

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Combining bocce ball, bowling, and elements of shop class, ROLLORS ($40) is a new family game that is becoming popular with the highly selective picnic crowd. Basically, you roll the wooden disk and get points for how close it is to the goal - it's... [More]

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Mini Fiesta Piñatas

Party piñatas: awesome in theory, but difficult to execute in cold weather. You can put up a piñata indoors if you're not fearful for your windows, and your lamps, and your mirrors, or you can just let party attendees take home a few of these... [More]

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Christmas Pudding Card

Look, kids! It's the traditional Christmas billiard ball! Pudding. We mean pudding. Though the stripped-down illustration of that traditional flaming dessert on this Christmas Pudding Card ($7) does bring us back to that year we celebrated the season with pitchers of Pabst in the billiards... [More]

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FLPR Universal Remote for iDevice

Three Remotes for TVs under your roof Seven Remotes for gadgets all over the house Nine Remotes for DVD players, cable boxes, and video games And One Remote for the Queen on her La-Z-Boy The FLPR Universal Remote ($42) to rule them all. (If you're... [More]

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TiGr Titanium Bike Lock

There's a special place in hell designated for people who steal bikes, right next to traitors and puppy kickers. But sadly a destiny of eternal suffering doesn't seem to be enough of a deterrent, and we hear all too often about friends and family members... [More]

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Urban Shelf

Well, la-dee-da, look at Ms. Fancy with enough room in her bedroom for a nightstand. What's it like on top of the world? For some of us, a nightstand is just not in the cards, but luckily there's the Urban Shelf ($15 - $17) -... [More]

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Alma Otter Tape Dispenser

Otters are the cutest! They're like a mix of cats, dolphins, and a loud squeaky toy. It's a shame they're not more well-known when it comes to adorable animals, so we were glad to see the Alma Otter Tape Dispenser ($15) representin'!... [More]

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Doubtblush: Wooden Baby Rattles

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.... [More]

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Crocodile Scarf

If you're having a hard time getting your kid to bundle up for the cold weather (we picture mittens flying, boots stomping, and hats thrown across the room), try bringing home the Crocodile Scarf ($32) - but don't call it a scarf. Then, when it's... [More]

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Cat Scratch DJ Deck

If our cats could actually mix jams, we suspect their first single would be an epic mix of whiney yowls and sloppy licking sounds, with perhaps a touch of litterbox shuffling. Thankfully, the only sounds they can make on this Cat Scratch DJ Deck ($36)... [More]

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USB Digital Library

You know all those classics you've sworn you're going to get around to reading? You've officially run out of excuses not to. This USB Digital Library ($15) puts over three thousand public domain books at your fingertips, from Pride and Prejudice to War and Peace.... [More]

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Young's Double Chocolate Stout

So many of our favorite things come in double chocolate form. Brownies, cookies, ice cream...the list goes on. Now we can add yet another of our beloved treats to it: beer. Young's Double Chocolate Stout ($4) packs a super chocolately punch with a healthy dash... [More]

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Charley Harper Christmas Caper Cards

Are we sure we want reindeer to be the official animal of Christmas? What's so Christmas-y about a smelly snow deer? We like the Christmas scene outlined in Charley Harper's Christmas Caper Cards ($12)...raccoons are adorable in every season.... [More]

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