Monro Japan Artvin Print Sleeping Bag

Is a stylish sleeping bag the only thing keeping you from experiencing the great outdoors? Well, you're in luck (or out of luck, depending on whether or not that was just a fib to keep you from ever having to pee in the woods). This... [More]

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Donkey Kong Jenga

Despite never making it past the second round, we used to waste nearly half of our allowance playing Donkey Kong at the mall. Now, that video game has been combined with another one of our childhood favorites to create Donkey Kong Jenga ($30). Just try... [More]

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One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder

It's not about the weight, it's about running out of real estate and feeling the plastic handles digging into our arms and cutting off our circulation. Even if we opt for paper bags, it's about the fear of that ripping sound and the contents of... [More]

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Jenni Chan Multi Stripes 360 Quattro

We've had the misfortune of airlines "misplacing" our baggage on more than a few occasions now, but we think it's safe to say that there's no way even the most inept employee could lose sight of this luggage. Reminiscent of a beach umbrella, this Jenni... [More]

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Planet Mobile

As much as you like the idea of letting your kid sleep under the stars, leaving him outside overnight is probably considered child endangerment. The next best thing to the actual night sky is to put a Planet Mobile ($44) over his bed or crib.... [More]

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Marks for Books

If you want something sturdy to mark your place in your book without the cheap high gloss of a piece of laminated paper, try out Pink Tank Ltd.'s lightweight, stainless steel Marks for Books ($9 each). Using a manufacturing technique usually reserved for industrial products,... [More]

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10 Cherries & Full Dozen Fancy Strawberries

Let's not berry the lede: you could be eating these cherries and strawberries ($55) by as soon as tomorrow. They may be dipped in various kinds of chocolate, but we stand by the fact that the fruit makes it healthy. And with the food pyramid... [More]

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Giraffe Chalkboard

Between the dusty fingers and the cringe-inducing scraping noises, we thought we'd be happy if we never saw a chalkboard again. Then we came across the Giraffe Chalkboard ($56) and couldn't resist. The occasional screeching sounds will be worth it for the creative outlet and... [More]

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Dan & Roseanne His n' Hers Notecards

Remember when Roseanne won a $108 million lottery jackpot during the last season of her show? Yeah, even though it wound up being an episodes-long dream sequence, that was one of the series' rare low points. Nonetheless, we feel like we won the lottery after... [More]

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What a Melon Tent

Most campers avoid leaving food outside out of fear that it'll attract bears. The most adventurous campers, however, dare the bears to pay a visit by putting a photo of food right on their tent. At least you'll have no trouble finding your What a... [More]

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Sonic Foamer

If the taste of beer is just as important to you as the alcohol content, you're going to want to try the Sonic Foamer ($40). The new device uses "ultrasonic foaming technology" to enliven a beer's gases and produce a foamy head. The Sonic Foamer... [More]

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Silver Master Pogo Stick

While brainstorming a fun new way to get some exercise, we remembered a toy from our childhood that always left us winded: a pogo stick. Once you get the hang of the Silver Master Pogo Stick ($50), you'll find that it provides an aerobic workout... [More]

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Glass Fish Fishbowl

The Glass Fish Fishbowl ($25) is almost a little too meta. Do you think it would give a goldfish a complex to swim around in his likeness all day long? Will double the fishiness tempt the cat even more? We have so many questions and... [More]

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ASICS GEL-NoosaFAST Running Shoes

We've always found that we're more inclined to go for a run when we have sneakers we're excited to wear. These ASICS GEL-NoosaFAST running shoes ($90) scream "style" with hot pink designs on top of a baby blue surface. Just as importantly, the state-of-the-art anti-heel... [More]

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Baby Selfie

Put your newborn on the path to narcissism with the Baby Selfie ($1). The recently released smartphone app displays animal animations and makes funny noises to elicit reactions from your little one. All the while, the app snaps photos to make it look as though... [More]

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Kinsa Smart Thermometer

It may not be a glamorous item, but we can't wait until our new Kinsa thermometer ($20, pre-order) arrives. The Kickstarter-funded project has been favorably reviewed by some heavy-hitters, like Forbes and The Washington Post. So what makes it different than your run-of-the-mill fever detector?... [More]

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Sassafras Little Cook Gift Set

Got a budding chef in the house? Pass along the Sassafras Little Cook Gift Set ($35) and watch him or her whip up some culinary masterpieces. Designed specifically for little hands, the set will help kids pour the sugar in the bowl, and not half... [More]

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Cheers 12 Notecards & Envelopes

When you can't meet a friend for a drink in person, send them a drink (and a handwritten toast) through the USPS with the help of the Cheers notecard and envelope set ($12). If it's an occasion when paper just won't suffice, pack the alcohol... [More]

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Create Your Own Instagram Bangle

If a couple dozen likes on Instagram isn't enough validation for your photography skills, perhaps it's time to up your game to real-life compliments. Purchase the Create Your Own Instagram Bangle ($58) and you can send seven of your most accomplished photos to a crafter... [More]

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Color Changing Umbrella

When the skies are gloomy and grey, you need some vibrancy to keep your mood in check. While the Color Changing Umbrella ($20) starts with a basic black and white design, colorful butterflies appear as soon as it gets wet. It's an exciting enough transformation... [More]

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