Sushi Sticky Notes

If it weren't so expensive, you'd eat raw fish sandwiched in rice every day. While you can't eat it, you can still use it - especially to jot down brief notes and reminders. These eye-catching (and mouth-watering) Sushi Sticky Notes ($5) are an important addition... [More]

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Stripper Glass

It's not every day that you find yourself watching a male go-go dancer work a pole. Then again, it's not every day your bestie gets married. Be the coolest maid-of-honor around by giving everyone in the bridal party some commemorative glassware: a Stripper Glass ($9).... [More]

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Niman Ranch Block Party Steak Combination

Where's the beef? On the grill. The Niman Ranch Block Party Steak Combination ($380) is an assortment of some amazing cuts of meat. That's four filet mignons, four top sirloins, four rib eye steaks, and four boneless strips. Have your friends bring the side dishes;... [More]

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Sleep Sheep Snug Rug

Your toddler looks like he's ready for a nap. Go have him count sheep. One... two.... no wait, one was all it took. Yup, a single Sleep Sheep Snug Rug ($55) is sufficient to get your kid zonked out. He loves cuddling up with his... [More]

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You Can Wear It Again: A Celebration of Bridesmaids' Dresses

Hey brides - before you ask your best friends to wear matching dresses that inevitably someone will complain about, gift them You Can Wear It Again: A Celebration of Bridesmaids' Dresses ($15). The photography book is a hilarious collection of tragic bridesmaids' outfits that will... [More]

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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker

Fitness freak or not, you're going to love the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker ($100). This amazing tech gadget monitors your steps taken, miles walked, calories burned, exercise routine, and sleep. Plus you can track your calories consumed when you enter the food... [More]

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Trivia Box: We Love '80s

Still driving a DeLorean? With a Ronald Reagan bumper sticker on the back? A 'Til Tuesday cassette in the tape deck? And the complete series of Family Ties on DVD in your trunk? Man, you gotta get out of the '80s. But NOT before you... [More]

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Creamy Light French with Syrah

French dressing is deliciously sweet - too bad that's because it's full of sugar and corn syrup. So much for a healthy salad. Vino de Milo has a delightful alternative: the "world's first" French dressing that doesn't add extra sugar. Creamy Light French with Syrah... [More]

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Safari Round Hemp Dog Bed

Your dog will never know the joy of going on a safari, but that's no excuse not to treat her to something just as bougie. The Safari Round Hemp Dog Bed ($150) is made of environmentally friendly material and sports a chic animal print cover.... [More]

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My Mom Cuts My Hair Printed Tee

My mom cuts my hair... so she can use the money she saved by doing it herself on something more worthwhile - specifically, this funny Mini Mioche tee-shirt ($28) designed by Brandy Mercredi. Worth it. Definitely.... [More]

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Pumpkin Grow Kit

By the time you hit the pumpkin patch in October, the best pumpkins have already been thoroughly picked through. Plan ahead by planting your own gourd in your yard. The Pumpkin Grow Kit ($14) promises a massive pumpkin weighing up to 100 lbs! You're going... [More]

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Survival Tool

You pride yourself on being a handy girl, but it's not convenient to carry around a bunch of tools in your purse. The cleverly designed Survival Tool ($5) is a whole bunch of tools on one piece of stainless steel that's the size of your... [More]

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Kitty Cone Card

Would you cry or clap with glee if you were handed a cone with a kitten resting on top of it instead of a big scoop of refreshing ice cream? Although we doubt this Kitty Cone Card ($5) from Hooray Today was meant to throw... [More]

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Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.36.14 PM.png

Herman Melville Set

So we triiiiied to read Moby Dick as high school sophomores, but after falling asleep a few times, we gave up and got the CliffsNotes. Still, we're not opposed to having people think we've read a bunch of Melville. The Herman Melville Set ($150) is... [More]

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Seriously? Desktop Pad

Seriously? You thought this memo was worthy of our time? Seriously? You thought that was a good idea? Seriously? You spent three weeks preparing this report and it's still this awful? After finding our colleagues so embarrassingly ridiculous time after time, we finally invested in... [More]

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Lifeline Power Wheel

Pow-pow-power wheel, pow-pow-power wheel... Sadly, the Lifeline Power Wheel ($50) is not a battery-operated children's vehicle, but it is pretty exciting in its own right. This one special wheel comes with a variety of suggested exercises that target various body parts like abs, hips, arms,... [More]

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Stone Mattress

Damn, Margaret Atwood is on a roll! MaddAddam, the final book in her much-loved dystopian trilogy, was released last August, and this September 16th, she's going to drop Stone Mattress ($20, pre-order). We're looking forward to getting our hands on a copy since there have... [More]

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Street Cuff Bike Lock

It's no wonder why your bike keeps getting stolen even though you put a "lock" on it: 1) that lock is weak and 2) it doesn't look nearly menacing enough. Switch to the Street Cuff Bike Lock ($65), which looks like a pair of handcuffs.... [More]

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Baby Dragon Onesie

Some days, caring for your one human child feels akin to the Khaleesi's momentous task of rearing three baby dragons. The basic similarities are there: all are capable of great destruction, especially when they're hungry, and their affectionate moments, while sweet, are just a small... [More]

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Wood Ballpoint Pens

Anything of importance must be written in ink these days, which is a shame since we prefer the look and feel of a classic pencil. At least we'll be able to trick ourselves a bit with these Wood Ballpoint Pens ($6, set of 3). Replacing... [More]

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