Slime Safety Spair System

Damsel in distress? Not on your life! You are a proud, self-sufficient woman and even if you can't figure out how to change a tire, you'll be damned if you can't find another solution on your own. The Slime Safety Spair System ($39) re-inflates your... [More]

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SuperSmile All Natural Professional Whitening Gum

Look, we'd love to have whiter teeth, but we're passing on those whitening strips because we'd rather not have to gag on our own drool. We're absolutely willing to give Supersmile All Natural Professional Whitening Gum ($4) a try, though. Chewing gum? That's something we... [More]

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Magic Pencil Earphones

It doesn't take "magic" to send a pencil through the center of your head... just a lobotomy. You may look like you've suffered a traumatic injury with the ends of a pencil sticking out of each ear, but so long as the Magic Pencil Earphones... [More]

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Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

You love throwing a good cookout, but it's the cleanup process after that drives you nuts. Who wants to spend half an hour scraping burnt meat from the rack? Get a robot to do that grunt work for you. No really, there's a robot that... [More]

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Mad Gab

Looking for an amusing party game with minimal instructions? Mad Gab ($21) fits the bill. The box features a bunch of cards with seemingly gibberish phrases on them. However, it's not the words on the cards that matter - it's what these words sound like... [More]

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Upcycled Tent Dopp Kit

Your friends talk about camping in the wilderness and eating beans from a can, but honestly, that stuff doesn't really appeal to you. Sure, you feign excitement over the idea of sleeping outside. But in reality, the idea of sleeping in a tent would sound... [More]

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Righteous Bros Hondo Coffee

Liven up your coffee habit by brewing a few pots of Righteous Bros Hondo Coffee ($16). The beans hail from the CeLaque National Park in Honduras and are roasted in Texas. Grind them and use them in your French press for a strong, full-flavored cuppa... [More]

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Waves Micro Towels

How is that bathing suits keep getting smaller and smaller while towels keep getting bigger and bigger? While we appreciate having something large to dry off in, a bulky towel can be a challenge to travel around with. Waves Micro Towels ($30) dry faster than... [More]

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Smartflexx Back Stretching Aid

In the wise words of Ice Cube: "You can do it, put your back into it." That's literally about all it takes to work a Smartflexx Back Stretching Aid ($30). The curved instrument matches the shape of your spine to stretch your back and relieve... [More]

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The Chilled Out Gift Box

Full of premium goodies, the Chilled Out Gift Box ($98) from Prospect Goods is a hard one to give away. But the look on the recipient's face when she opens the prettily packaged box to find a bunch of awesome stuff? Totally worth it. Each... [More]

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Star Wars Father's Day Card

We'd be hard-pressed to call Darth Vader a good dad, but as that climactic scene reveals, he is in fact Luke (and Leia)'s father. Whether your dad rules the Dark Side or is just a science fiction fan in need of a hearty laugh, this... [More]

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If we could, we'd want British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding's synth-laden and catchy music for the soundtrack of our lives. It would certainly make mundane activities like folding laundry a lot more entertaining. With her second album, Halcyon ($12), Goulding demonstrates her impressive range as a... [More]

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Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set

Roughing it for a few days? Ehh, not if you've got Handpresso's Outdoor Espresso Set ($199) at your campsite! Sure, you may be taking baby wipe showers and sleeping under mosquito netting, but if you can craft yourself the perfect cup of espresso each morning,... [More]

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Nabuma Rubberband

There's something magic in Sweden's water - at least when it comes to pop music. There are the classics - ABBA and Ace of Base - and then there's the new contemporary crop, including Robyn, Icona Pop, and the lesser known Little Dragon. They've just... [More]

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Tire Swing Bird Feeder

Generally speaking, playgrounds would be better off without birds - they just poop all over the equipment. The Tire Swing Bird Feeder ($14) might be just what's needed to teach birds how to enjoy recreational equipment properly. Think of it as forced diversion while they... [More]

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Inspire Resuable Waterproof Children's Bed Pad

During the day, your kid uses the toilet like a whizzing whiz. Come nighttime, however, he must dream a lot about putting out fires because he winds up pissing all over the bed. Until he gets his bladder under control, you're going to want to... [More]

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Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison

We know you've been refreshing your Netflix account incessantly in the hopes of discovering that the second season of Orange Is the New Black is available. (Soon, friends, it's coming soon!) While you're waiting, why not read the true life tale that inspired the series?... [More]

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Killing Spiders Card

Your dad: an all around stand up guy, and pretty badass with a tennis shoe or a rolled up magazine! Killing Spiders Card ($5) by JulieAnnArt... [More]

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Indoor/Outdoor Portable Pet Steps

People can call you a bad parent if they want, but of course you let your little doggie climb on all the furniture. He's a prince and he deserves his spot on the couch as much as the rest of us! Being the enabler that... [More]

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Drinks On You? Coasters

We provided the coasters so it's only fair that you get this round of margaritas! Drinks On You? Coasters ($5 for 2)... [More]

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