Dorothy Parker Flask

The quote on this Dorothy Parker Flask ($27) is most definitely true, but several swigs of the good stuff from its covert place in your clutch while you're at a dry wedding may just be worth the next-day headache.... [More]

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Twinkles To Go Octo

If you've birthed a child from your loins in the last few years, we bet you're already well-acquainted with Cloud b, the company behind the ├╝ber-popular-with-wee-ones Twilight Turtle. They've recently released the more compact Twinkles To Go Octo ($20). With a serene glow, twinkling stars,... [More]

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Knit Your Own Zoo

What's the name of that Matt Damon movie that came out in the last couple of years? Was it We Knit A Zoo? We think the plot was something like this: Following the death of his wife, Matt Damon's character moves his family to the... [More]

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Cannon Popcorn Maker

Ready, aim, pop! We consider ourselves lovers, not fighters, but weapons that make us snacks get our automatic approval anyway. The Cannon Popcorn Maker ($49) cooks up kernels, then shoots popcorn out the end once it finishes. You can put a bowl underneath to catch... [More]

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Rules of Civility: A Novel

Downton Abbey gives us a peek at the English countryside during the early 20th century and Mad Men immerses us in the culture of the 1960s and 70s. If you want to fill the era gap, pick up a copy of Rules of Civility: A... [More]

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Somewhere Else

Lydia Loveless' new album Somewhere Else ($7) is amazing in its entirety, but let's talk about our favorite song from this collection. It is called "Wine Lips", and it is playing on repeat in the office, and when it's not playing on repeat in the... [More]

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WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain

Does your dog have a drinking problem? No, not like that, but maybe he often kicks his water dish over. Or maybe he drinks stagnant water with dead bugs floating in it. Or maybe his water dish attracts other animals into your yard. Regardless of... [More]

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Soft Bumper

Hold that thought, somebunny's calling me! Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Soft Bumper For iPhone 5 ($48)... [More]

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Lobster Roll Beach Towel

Feelin' crabby because there's still a bunch of snow on the ground? Why don't you go ahead and pop another vitamin D capsule while you order a Lobster Roll Beach Towel ($25) from Echo Design. We know you won't get to use it beachside for... [More]

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Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker

While we think it's a key part of healthy adult development to grow out of the whole "It's spring break, bitches!" phase, we also think it's always advantageous to know how to make a mean margarita. Of course, if you've got a Margaritaville Key West... [More]

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Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder

Your mother may have always told you not to play with your food, but that same rule shouldn't apply to cats. Since felines are natural hunters, they'll love the thrill of searching for food in the Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder ($25). Besides, spreading the food... [More]

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Mail Icon Paper Sleeve for iPhone

It's an envelope for the modern age, one that can't be sent through the USPS and that won't stay closed if you lick it. Inspired by mail icon graphics, this handy envelope ($10) holds the most commonly used tool of correspondence: your iPhone. This sleeve... [More]

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Me Before You: A Novel

We swear, every time we get ready to devour a new yummy book, we find out that it's slated to be turned into a movie. Luckily, Jojo Moyes's novel, Me Before You ($9) is still in the early stages of being transferred to the big... [More]

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I Hate Everyone Who Isn't You Card

Misanthropes who make just one exception in life finally have the perfect way to express themselves: an I Hate Everyone Who Isn't You Card ($5). Sending this handcrafted watercolor greeting is a surefire way to communicate how important the recipient is, not to mention how... [More]

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Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf

If you wish your life were more like a Jane Austen book, make that dream closer to reality with a Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf ($42). A page from the novel is printed on the handmade accessory; bookworms can also find passages from other pieces... [More]

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Rock-It 3.0 Portable Vibration Speaker

As much as we love impromptu dance parties, we're not about to lug around heavy speakers everywhere on the off chance that our friends are suddenly ready to boogie. However, with the Rock-It 3.0 Portable Vibration Speaker ($20), you can turn almost any nearby object... [More]

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Cartwheel: A Novel

Wanna fill your free time with a bit of mystery? Cartwheel ($20), by Jennifer duBois, follows the fictional events and people involved with the murder of Katy, American exchange student Lily's roommate in Buenos Aires. Sound familiar? DuBois was inspired by the Amanda Knox case,... [More]

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Lily and Eve Artisan Boxes

Do you like supporting the independent homemade craft industry? If your browser history is embarrassingly Etsy-heavy, Lily and Eve Artisan Boxes ($20/month) may be just the subscription for you. Each month, Lily and Eve mail you a box with different handcrafted products. No need to... [More]

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Craft Beer & Pretzel Caramels

Beer and pretzels: a combination made in heaven (or more likely a German brewery some centuries ago, but we digress). The only thing that could make it better? Caramel! We tried the trio in the hand-cut form of a few Craft Beer & Pretzel Caramels... [More]

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Momofuku Milk Bar Franken Pie

The hardest part about choosing a dessert is limiting yourself to just one. Fortunately, you'll get to try a little bit of everything with Momofuku Milk Bar's Franken Pie ($44). The hodgepodge pastry has it all: two slices of Candy Bar pie, two slices of... [More]

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