Turkey Rosette Centerpiece Kit

Ahh, Turkey Day. With a dozen or so guests and a big meal to prep, the last thing you need to do is spend forever on decor. The Turkey Rosette Centerpiece Kit ($20) is a happy compromise. You spend - tops - an hour putting... [More]

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Poo Paper Journals

Think your writing is crap? Then you might as well be dumping it onto the pages of these Poo Paper Journals ($21), made from repurposed elephant and panda excrement.... [More]

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Your Gift Isn't Good Enough: Gift Cards

It's not the gift, but the thought that counts...and your thought sucks! Outblush presents Your Gift Isn't Good Enough, a list of the most common gift-giving faux pas so you can avoid being the one Secret Santa everyone fears. Nothing says "I don't know what... [More]


Supersized Colouring Pictures

Looking for a way to shut the kids up entertain the children you love so dearly? These 36"x59" Supersized Colouring Pictures ($11) are big enough to keep all the kids busy and the house quiet for one glass - maybe even one-and-a-half glasses - of... [More]

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Devine Color Gold Dust

Everything is better when it's shiny, from wood floors to jewelry to your currently salt-encrusted car. Wall colors are no exception. This Devine Color Gold Dust ($10) can be dumped into a paint can of your choice to lend any hue an extra dash of... [More]

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Askinosie Chocolate Roasted Cocoa Nibs

Imagine chocolate was good for you. And we mean seriously good - good enough that you could stuff it into your face without worrying a bit about your waistline. Well, sometimes dreams really do come true. Askinosie Roasted Cocoa Nibs ($11) have all the flavor... [More]

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Goldfish Garbage Bags

If anyone gives you funny looks when you take out the trash, just tell them you had a really good day at the fair. Goldfish Garbage Bags ($12)... [More]

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PB Crave Variety Pack

We like our peanut butter the way we like our heroes in spy movies - mixed in with something bigger. Offering premium natural peanut butter blended with wild honey and additional delicious ingredients, the PB Crave Variety Pack ($18) includes three different flavors: Cookie Nookie... [More]

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12 Days of Geeky Christmas Cards

Forget partridges in pear trees, you're more familiar with microbes in a petri dish. The 12 days of geeky christmas cards ($4-18, depending on amount ordered) are right up your alley. Grab a set, sign your name, and then slip them into the lab coat... [More]

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Pop-Out Outlet

Mixing the practicality of a surge protector with the joy of pushing buttons! The Pop-Out Outlet ($48) is a three-way outlet that's hidden inside your wall until you pop it out with a push! Because you never want to reveal to anyone just exactly how... [More]

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Little Hip Squeaks Elodie Collection

Just try to resist ogling the Little Hip Squeaks' Elodie Collection of baby headbands ($29). With their modern prints, the darling knotted bands will take your cutie-patootie kiddo and elevate her to stunning status. Grandmas are forever fluttering about with their cameras, so you'll wanna... [More]

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Crayola Marker Maker

They never seem to have to exact color you're looking for, do they? Well, stop turning all your art projects into black and white - get the Crayola Marker Maker ($14) instead! Create up to sixteen markers of your own design by following the mixing... [More]

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Hand-Painted Buddha Ornament

Christmas: it's when everybody gets down with someone else's religious holiday. After all, who doesn't love an excuse to eat cookies and take a few extra days off of work? We're pretty sure the Buddha would have given that a double thumbs-up, so why not... [More]

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Steampunk Fashion

We love steampunk - its perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy appeals to nerds, but as an unexpected by-product its unique style has caught the attention of the fashion industry! Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe collects all the gears, pipes, and funny goggles from all over the... [More]

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Machine Gun Red Riding Hood Art Block

Typical chauvinistic fairy tales: a defenseless woman is being terrorized by an overgrown dog, and needs the help of an oafish lumberjack to fix her problems for her. The Machine Gun Red Riding Hood Art Block ($35) rethinks this story for modern times...with the welcome... [More]

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The Power Tap

Not just a clever name, The Power Tap ($32) is actually a pretty useful USB wall charger. While it's not the only USB charger on the market, it is the one with the smartest design... That lever on top isn't just for show either -... [More]

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The Worst-Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar 2014

We're aware it's not likely, but we just feel safer knowing how to escape quicksand, should we find ourselves in that situation. The Worst-Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar 2014 ($12) is a mix of how-to survival tips, true stories of actual survivors, and various other... [More]

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Reverse Charades

While the name suggests a game where you speak your clues instead of acting them out... "Okay, the movie's called Forrest Gump..." "Is it Forrest Gump?" "Yes! We win!" ... it's actually reversed in a more fun way. In Reverse Charades ($22) a team of... [More]

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Slim Tinsel Tree in Champagne

Wonder how Elvis would have celebrated the holidays on the road? We're guessing he would have packed this Slim Tinsel Tree in Champagne ($50). It's more kitschy than a sequin-studded jumpsuit, and with its slender profile, could be set up in even the most overcrowded... [More]

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Diamond Piñata

We'd expect this Diamond Piñata ($150) to be packed full of some seriously high-quality sweets, skipping the Hershey and going straight for Godiva. But sadly, this party piece doesn't even come with candy. Bashing it to pieces will instead unleash a cascade of confetti. But... [More]

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