Cat Wrapping Paper

United Bamboo's clothing is nice, but really, we love their annual cat calendars. They are, to put it simply, the best. But as we sit around waiting for our next shot to submit our cats to be models, and as we wait until we can... [More]

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Back Saver

Cars companies tend to think that the cushier the seat, the better, but you could really use something a bit more firm. After sitting in traffic for an hour, the last thing you want is to step out of the car with a sore back.... [More]

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Sweetheart Owl Coat

Whooooooooo is that adorable girl? We're not sure who this particular model is, actually, but it can be your daughter if you buy her this Sweetheart Owl Coat ($155). She'll look stylish in the hooded outerwear, but you'll be the real wise owl for jumping... [More]

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Whitewash Wooden Hand Figures

Need a hand? How about two? This set of Whitewash Wooden Hand Figures ($17-20) has movable joints to play around with. They make for amusing decor, but realistically, you're probably going to use them to give the middle finger or to quietly place on your... [More]

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Lucky Us: A Novel

Looking to get into a new book? We're going to suggest you pick up Amy Bloom's new novel, Lucky Us ($16). It has a refreshingly interesting plot, a pair of sister protagonists, and prose that'll take your breath away. The evolution of the story and... [More]

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Moby Stapler

Quit your blubbering, we just found you the stapler you never realized you needed: the Moby Stapler ($19). The whale-shaped instrument works just like a normal stapler, plus it has a detachable head piece to conveniently store additional staples. The next time Willy frees himself,... [More]

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Aww, are your hands too delicate for a normal pen? Do you pamper yourself with those expensive soft-grip pens to give your hand extra comfort? Stop throwing away money on overpriced disposable pens and instead invest in a StretchWrite ($10 for 2). The StretchWrite snaps... [More]

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Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.36.40 PM.png

Parks & Recreation: Season 6

We're practically tearing up just thinking about Parks & Recreation ending next year, and the final season hasn't even premiered yet. For now, we'll indulge in DVDs of Parks & Recreation: Season 6 ($30). We don't care if she's a fictional character, Leslie Knope already... [More]

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Her Royal Spyness

Think Downton Abbey makes the decline of the aristocracy fun? Just wait until you experience Her Royal Spyness ($7). Heroine Georgie is sister to the Duke of Glen Garry and Rannoch, thirty-fourth in line to the throne, and dead broke. While she tries to figure... [More]

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Awning Stripe Paper Beverage Caddy

You know you do it. Your friend texts and wants you to drop by for a bonfire/dinner/social engagement that requires you bring alcohol and you have 32 seconds to change your clothes and rummage around the fridge for your beer stash. You've got two bottles... [More]

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Bear and Wine Picnic Blanket

Half standard checkered picnic blanket and half bearskin rug, this Bear and Wine Picnic Blanket ($60) is sure to add some whimsy to your next outdoor activity. The blanket is comfortable and includes a waterproof lining, which is a good protection in case the weather... [More]

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You're My Person Card

Sometimes you can't really express how you feel about someone, so the You're My Person Card ($5) kinda says it all. It's actually quite perfect for that old friend that you've reconnected with. Ya know, "the one" that should have been, could have been, and... [More]

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Lice Defense Elimination Kit

Ah, back to school time - colorful binders, cute pencil boxes, and 30 classmates from which your kid will probably contract lice at some point. Make sure you're ready for the inevitable with this Lice Defense Elimination Kit ($35). The shampoo uses tea tree, lemon,... [More]

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Isle of Dogs Coature Royal Jelly Shampoo

Curses! Your pup, as he ran around the beach having a blast, managed to mangle his usually lustrous coat of fur. And seriously, he can run in and out of the water like it ain't no thang, but bath time is a whole nother can... [More]

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Pink Silicone

Sometimes you need a little help getting started in the bedroom... and we don't just mean foreplay. Ladies who have been around the block (with different lubricants, ahem) swear by Pink Silicone ($30). In addition to enhancing pleasure and preventing irritation, this magic concoction will... [More]

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Photo Magnets

Imagine your Instagram feed lining your refrigerator. Wait, no need to imagine, you could make it a reality. Sticky9 allows you to turn your favorite Instagram snapshots into Photo Magnets ($15, sheet of 9). Most households use magnets to attach their most cherished photos to... [More]

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Move Pen

Three? Four? We can't remember how many pairs of pants we ruined with ink stains before we stopped carrying pens in our pockets, but it was definitely a lesson we had to learn a few times before it stuck. The Move Pen ($52) is a... [More]

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USB Squirming Tentacle

The inherent coolness of the USB Squirming Tentacle ($15) might be enough to override how creeped out we are by it. It actually wriggles while it's docked to your computer. To be clear, the Squirming Tentacle has no memory capabilities. You'll have to use a... [More]

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On one hand, the HAPIfork ($99) serves as an excellent meal companion, measuring your hand-to-mouth movements, collecting data, and connecting you to the app that serves as an eating coach and a supportive healthy eating community. Woah, cool. On the other hand, it's kinda big... [More]

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SleepPhones Wireless

If it weren't for occasional "biological urges," you'd probably never agree to share a bed with anyone. Your current significant other likes listening to music at bedtime, but newsflash, '90s hip hop isn't exactly a soothing way to fall asleep. Give him these SleepPhones Wireless... [More]

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