You Tell Us: License Plate Flipper

Sweet! That License Plate Flipper ($445) you added to your car will sure get you out of some sticky situations. With a push of a button, your plate automatically switches to a second plate, thereby throwing people off your scent. Wait. Why the hell do... [More]

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Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman

Before you put this fascinating tribute to Bergdorf Goodman ($25) out on your coffee table, be warned: you'll have trouble getting your fashion-inclined friends to move from your couch once they open it. (You may want to hide it before certain people come over, if... [More]

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Nutella Cookbook

Apparently, there is a myriad of ways to use Nutella. At some point, we should flip open this book ($13) and try one of the thirty different recipes before we unscrew the cap to our jars and dive in with spoons (because honestly, once you're... [More]

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Clearly Filtered Stainless Steel Filtered Bottle

All freshwater is drinkable water with proper filtration. You'll have all the technology you need to sip from a river or stream with the Clearly Filtered Stainless Steel Filtered Bottle ($47, on sale). Even if you're in the habit of getting water from the tap,... [More]

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Short Stack Editions Vol. 6: Sweet Potatoes

Everyone you know is raving over the health benefits of sweet potatoes, but you tend to only eat them covered in butter and mini marshmallows on Thanksgiving. Widen your tuber horizons with this recipe book ($14), which contains both savory and sweet recipes so you... [More]

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Pizza Slice Friendship Keychain

The problem with those two-part best friend necklaces is the assumption that you only have one best friend. Best friends are like slices of pizza - the more, the merrier! That's why we're all about this Pizza Slice Friendship Keychain ($8). You and your FIVE... [More]

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F*ck the Rain Umbrella

Rain, rain, go away, come again... well, never. If you have a bone to pick with Mother Nature and her constant rainstorms, show her in no uncertain terms that you disapprove of all that precipitation. The F*ck the Rain Umbrella ($39) gives a beautiful middle... [More]

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Your Child's Drawing as a Keychain

We know you can't help it... every piece of art by your kids is a masterpiece, no matter how wonky the doodle. Now that you've run out of room for displaying these works of art on your refrigerator, however, you're forced to come up with... [More]

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BarkBuddy App

That's it! We're over Tinder! We've swiped through enough pictures of guys only to end up rolling our eyes and finding something else to occupy our time. Maybe we should cure our boredom by adopting a puppy instead of searching for a mate. BarkBuddy (Free)... [More]

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Bam Vino Wine Bottle Holder

People often say that baseball is America's pastime, but if they were being honest, they might acknowledge that drinking is actually America's #1 hobby. You can combine the two in one clever object with a Bam Vino Wine Bottle Holder ($40). It might look a... [More]

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Blah Blah Hot Stuff Thermal Mug

This Blah Blah Hot Stuff Thermal Mug ($14) perfectly describes the conversations you have with any and all people you may come into contact with before your caffeine kicks in. In fact, we liken the pre-coffee blather of others to the teacher on the Peanuts... [More]

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Portlandia: Season 4

No one skewers contemporary hipster culture quite like Portlandia: Season 4 ($15). As funny as it for people who've always looked down on the often hypocritical liberalism portrayed in the show, it's possibly even funnier for those of us who exemplify some of these granola-eating,... [More]

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The Mail Chime

AOL used to make it so simple: "You've got mail!" Alas, when it comes to real deal snail mail, you never know when to expect it, and may find yourself visiting the mailbox prematurely and having to walk back inside empty-handed. The Mail Chime ($40)... [More]

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Restore Pressure Point Massager Stick

Oooh, that feels good there. And there. And OH YEAH THAT'S THE SPOT. The Restore Pressure Point Massager Stick ($15) is the muscle relief wand your body has been waiting for. Rub it all over to realign your achy parts and feel like a functional... [More]

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Book Case for Samsung Galaxy 3

"No one reads anymore!" people say indignantly, even though these same people probably haven't picked up a book in the past few weeks. We believe that reading phone texts count as reading, which is why we're adorning our phone in a Book Case for Samsung... [More]

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Bald Head Helmet

We've always wondered what we'd look like bald, but that curiosity is not nearly strong enough to follow through and shave our heads. Instead, we'll settle for rocking a bare cranium with this Bald Head Helmet ($23). Protect your head and your hair (thank goodness... [More]

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Artichoke Candles

In preparation for a romantic dinner at home, you sent your man to the store for artichokes and candles. Somehow he read your list as a single item and came home with Artichoke Candles ($9) instead. Hmm, we guess you can use these to set... [More]

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Stainless Steel Grill Grids

We know when you're tailgating the big game of the season, a perfect char on your meats and vegetables isn't at the forefront of your mind, so when you pack up your portable grill and all the accouterments, make sure you also throw this set... [More]

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Kate Spade New York Library Card Small Notepad

We haven't filled out one of these cards in ages thanks to our library's spiffy new scanning system, but we can't wait to bring back memories by using this pad ($8) to jot down memos and notes. In fact, we should probably use it to... [More]

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Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.56.18 PM.png

Archer I Am Drunk T-shirt

Full-time spy and even fuller-time cad, Archer is the animated James Bond of our generation... well, an alcoholic, incompetent, idiotic James Bond, anyway. If you're a fan of the FX cartoon, you'll obviously want this saucy Archer I Am Drunk T-shirt ($25). Hopefully the people... [More]

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