Travel List App

As excited as we are to go on vacation, more often than not we procrastinate on the packing part and find ourselves in a mad dash to stuff our suitcases. The Travel List App ($2) helps to keep you organized so that you'll never leave... [More]

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Spreadable Beer

Ever find yourself saying, "Damn, that beer is so good, I could spread it on a cracker!"? If so, you were probably drinking something more sophisticated than a Tecate. Spreadable Beer ($17) smells and tastes like beer and can be applied to your favorite finger... [More]

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Picnic Time Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

The punch card to our local frozen yogurt shop makes it clear that we've been spending far too much money on cold treats... but hey, at least that tenth one is free! Maybe we'd stop making the trip as often if we had the Picnic... [More]

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Journey Journal

Facebook photo albums can tell part of your vacation story, but for complete, tangential documentation, the Journey Journal ($16) is an essential keepsake for well-traveled individuals. Track where you went, how you got there, and what you did all in one compact booklet. Years from... [More]

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Wagwear Nylon Rainbreaker

You don't have to be one of those women who dress up their dogs in sweaters and shorts to see the value in a Wagwear Nylon Rainbreaker ($62). Judging by how your pup tries to run away at bath time, it's not like he likes... [More]

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Taga Bike-Stroller

Looking to jump back into a regular exercise routine post-partum? It's easier said than done when your new little is dependent on you at every second of the day (and night!), but for a paltry fee, you can both hop on the Taga Bike-Stroller ($1,495)... [More]

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Daisy Chain Stepping Stones

If a weirdo like Tiny Tim can "Tiptoe through the Tulips," why can't you step on some daisies? Daisy Chain Stepping Stones ($99) are prettier than your standard rock-based stepping stones and add exciting dashes of color to your walkway even after the autumn frost... [More]

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Air Copy

We can't count the number of times we've wanted to make a copy of something but we were miles from a Kinkos. Air Copy ($200) is a compact, portable device that scans documents and sends them automatically to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Like a... [More]

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Acupuncture Stress Ball

At first glance, it probably looks like a sea urchin, but no, it's an Acupuncture Stress Ball ($22). Squeeze this object in the palm of your hand and 350 spikes will poke into your skin. We swear, it's not nearly as painful as it sounds... [More]

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Silver Sparkle Bike Helmet

We get that bike helmets are important, but it's difficult to look chic when you've got a giant chunk of plastic atop your head. Thanks to this sparkly silver helmet ($70), you can finally be safe and stylish while riding your bike to work.... [More]

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Freezy Pups Kit

It's got to be ruff, err, rough, for your dog to have as much fur as she does and pant her way through a scorching summer. The Freezy Pups Kit ($20) is a simple way of concocting cool treats for your dog in the freezer.... [More]

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Slime Safety Spair System

Damsel in distress? Not on your life! You are a proud, self-sufficient woman and even if you can't figure out how to change a tire, you'll be damned if you can't find another solution on your own. The Slime Safety Spair System ($39) re-inflates your... [More]

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SuperSmile All Natural Professional Whitening Gum

Look, we'd love to have whiter teeth, but we're passing on those whitening strips because we'd rather not have to gag on our own drool. We're absolutely willing to give Supersmile All Natural Professional Whitening Gum ($4) a try, though. Chewing gum? That's something we... [More]

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Magic Pencil Earphones

It doesn't take "magic" to send a pencil through the center of your head... just a lobotomy. You may look like you've suffered a traumatic injury with the ends of a pencil sticking out of each ear, but so long as the Magic Pencil Earphones... [More]

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Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

You love throwing a good cookout, but it's the cleanup process after that drives you nuts. Who wants to spend half an hour scraping burnt meat from the rack? Get a robot to do that grunt work for you. No really, there's a robot that... [More]

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Mad Gab

Looking for an amusing party game with minimal instructions? Mad Gab ($21) fits the bill. The box features a bunch of cards with seemingly gibberish phrases on them. However, it's not the words on the cards that matter - it's what these words sound like... [More]

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Upcycled Tent Dopp Kit

Your friends talk about camping in the wilderness and eating beans from a can, but honestly, that stuff doesn't really appeal to you. Sure, you feign excitement over the idea of sleeping outside. But in reality, the idea of sleeping in a tent would sound... [More]

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Righteous Bros Hondo Coffee

Liven up your coffee habit by brewing a few pots of Righteous Bros Hondo Coffee ($16). The beans hail from the CeLaque National Park in Honduras and are roasted in Texas. Grind them and use them in your French press for a strong, full-flavored cuppa... [More]

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Waves Micro Towels

How is that bathing suits keep getting smaller and smaller while towels keep getting bigger and bigger? While we appreciate having something large to dry off in, a bulky towel can be a challenge to travel around with. Waves Micro Towels ($30) dry faster than... [More]

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Smartflexx Back Stretching Aid

In the wise words of Ice Cube: "You can do it, put your back into it." That's literally about all it takes to work a Smartflexx Back Stretching Aid ($30). The curved instrument matches the shape of your spine to stretch your back and relieve... [More]

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