My Secret Plans of World Domination Spiral Mini Notebook

One day, the world will be ours! We're still just figuring out how to make that happen, but while we're brainstorming we might as well jot ideas down in this My Secret Plans of World Domination Spiral Mini Notebook ($9). If you carry this around... [More]

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First Alert Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm

You've been saying that you really ought to purchase a carbon monoxide detector for years now, but like most less-urgent tasks, you keep putting it off. Procrastinate no more: the First Alert Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm ($20) is an affordable tool that could save... [More]

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Crayola Bathtub Crayons

If just getting your kid into the tub is a major production, it's a good idea to incentivize soak time. Your little aspiring artist will love the opportunity to draw all over the tub with Crayola Bathtub Crayons ($6). Don't worry - it scrubs off... [More]

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The Andrea Plant Based Air Purifier

Purify the air in your home the way nature intended: with an honest-to-gosh plant. The Andrea Plant Based Air Purifier ($99, on sale) takes any household plant - nothing fancy necessary - and maximizes its inherent cleaning properties to freshen the air you breathe. Or... [More]

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Blue Bell Solar Lawn Stakes

It's important to light the path to your front door at night so your friends don't accidentally tromp all over your plants, but, during the daytime, most light fixtures detract from the beautiful landscaping you've worked so hard on . The Blue Bell Solar Lawn... [More]

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Ducky Fun 3-in-1 Potty

You ever have a bird sh*t on your you? Yeah, it sucks, but now's your chance to exact revenge: with the Ducky Fun 3-in-1 Potty ($22), your kids get to sh*t on a bird! Fortunately, the duck takes it like a champ - she even... [More]

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LeadCheck Swabs

Unless you're the rare fan of kidney disorders and anemia, before you buy a new house or lease an apartment, it's worth verifying that you're not about to move into a place where you'll be breathing in a lot of lead. Lead exposure is no... [More]

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Mix It In Ice Cream Maker

Pinkberry, you've sucked us in for the last time! Rather than dropping money on our desserts once (okay, more like twice) a week, we're going to make our own with the Mix It In Ice Cream Maker ($100). It's not just an ice cream maker... [More]

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Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener

The last time your boyfriend saw you struggling to open a jar, he tried to come to your rescue... only to struggle to get it open himself. Frankly, the whole act you have to put on afterwards to make sure he doesn't feel emasculated -... [More]

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DIY Feta Cheese-Making Kit

A DIY Feta Cheese-Making Kit ($26)? Uh, we'll pass, we're not about putting our hands on any cow udders. Oh, it's not that involved of a process? We can just buy milk from the store? Do tell, then. Sure, we suppose we could handle following... [More]

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F*ck Off Sleep Mask

A good rule of thumb: if we're wearing an eye mask, leave us the f*ck alone. In fact, f*ck off altogether. For reasons we don't understand, certain people don't seem to respect a woman's need to catch some beauty sleep, which is why we're all... [More]

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Nick & Knight

What happens when a boy band breaks up? Generally the singers end up reuniting every five years or so to jumpstart the cash-flow again. And what happens when the boy band has pulled the re-re-reunion stunt too many times for anyone to care anymore? Why,... [More]

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Just Married Flip Flops

Honeymooning somewhere tropical? If you want the whole beach to know about your recent wedded bliss, try on these Just Married Flip Flops ($20). Sure, they're a little brag-gy, but certainly not any more obnoxious than dangling cans from your car bumper. You might even... [More]

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Luck O' the Irish Green Hot Chocolate Mix

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Yeah, we know, the 2015 holiday is still six months away. So Happy half-St. Paddy's Day, then! Let's celebrate by putting on the kettle and stirring some Luck O' the Irish Green Hot Chocolate Mix ($5) into mugs. We're not willing... [More]

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You could hire a pricy photographer to capture your special moments on your big day, or you could leave that job to your loved ones for a fraction of the cost. Wedit ($499) provides you with 5 HD cameras so that the people you know... [More]

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The Original Aviator Mug

Coffee from a jar surrounded by a leather wrap? Rustic. If you're the type to consider purchasing The Original Aviator Mug ($30), then we think we may be able to ascertain a few things about you: you like your coffee black and strong, possibly with... [More]

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VaccUFlex Attachment Kit

Vacuums are lifesavers, but they don't reach everywhere. For dirt that's accumulated in hard-to-reach cracks, you need an attachment so small that no normal vacuum manufacturer would DARE offer it. (Well, there's actually no reason that they shouldn't, but let's be dramatic about it.) The... [More]

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The Instant Cocktail Party Kit

Okay, so technically, this The Instant Cocktail Party Kit ($60) from AHeirloom is missing one crucial cocktail party element: booze. But hey, we have a feeling you've already got that under control. The delish cherries and lightly spiced walnuts from Red and Brown's will turn... [More]

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Spearmint Blossoms Wrapping Sheets

Forget brown paper packages tied up with strings, we'd much rather receive a gift wrapped in a bit of Spearmint Blossoms Wrapping Paper ($9, three rolled sheets) from Rifle Paper Co. And no, that wasn't a hint designed to get you to send us something,... [More]

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Time's Up! Deluxe

Time's Up! Deluxe ($30) is everyone's favorite party game - it's "Celebrity" in a box. If your friends love playing games, but lack the creativity to come up with their own celebrity names, Time's Up takes care of that part for you. One part Taboo,... [More]

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