B. TeePee Tent

Okay, it's official. We're gonna name the B. toys B. TeePee Tent ($40) the best children's gift of the season. Why? Because as soon as your kiddo spies the tent under the tree, she'll want to spend all of her free time lounging under the... [More]

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Jumbo Sock Monkey

Similar to regular-sized sock monkeys, this almost-four-foot-tall Jumbo Sock Monkey ($100) was found on a mysterious tropical island, where it was king of the other jumbo stuffed animals. But then he fell in love with a little blonde girl, and... well... 'twas Betty that killed... [More]

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Objects In Mirror Are Losing Decal

We thought that red car was going to give us a run for our money, but it was acting like it didn't even know we were in a race! The Objects In Mirror Are Losing Decal ($2) is for those special people with the unique... [More]

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Death Star Lollipops

Ever wonder what the Death Star might have tasted like? We were guessing maybe like an evil that could destroy worlds, or possibly Brussels sprouts. Turns out, it's marshmallow. At least, that's the delicious flavor of these Death Star Lollipops ($15 for six).... [More]

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2014 Year in Stitches Calendar Kit

Need to find a way to make the time pass? You could start with this 2014 calendar ($25), which conveniently comes with red string, a needle, and some designs that need to be stitched. The packaging claims the kit is for beginners, but for anybody... [More]

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Dream Water nighTea night Sleep Aid

We're hoping this Dream Water nighTea night Sleep Aid ($28) has the refreshing taste of a full night of shut-eye, thanks to its potent blend of natural sleep-enhancing ingredients, from melatonin to γ-Aminobutyric acid. Now the only dilemma we'll have is deciding whether to dream... [More]

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Bird Beer Funnel

Hey, Urban Outfitters, it's super cool that you're now selling something that's been a frat house staple since God was a boy. How would coeds ever come up with a way to imbibe excessive quantities of beer without your clever Bird Beer Funnel ($14)? Oh,... [More]

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Magpies Bakeshop Popped Tarts

While we can't technically say that the incredibly scrumptious Popped Tarts ($3 each) from Magpies Bakeshop are healthy for you, we can honestly tell you that they're both better tasting and made from way fewer processed ingredients than their mainstream counterparts. They're a happy alternative;... [More]

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Rx Timer Cap

Oh hey, cold and flu season. Looks like you're back again, huh? Welp, time to get out the tea, heating pads and extra boxes of tissues. This year, we're also going to try out some new technology in our flu-fighting arsenal. The Rx Timer Cap... [More]

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Custom Edible Image Cookies

You could take a few classes or apprentice yourself to a master to learn how to painstakingly craft gorgeously decorated treats...or you could skip the work and just order up a batch of these Custom Edible Image Cookies ($40). These sugary delights come topped with... [More]

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Frida Kahlo Magnetic Dress-Up Kit

We're sure there's a little girl in your life who would love to play with this Frida Kahlo Magnetic Dress-Up Kit ($14)...but she's probably not going to get a chance. When you get your own hands on magnetic Frida and her funky array of outfits... [More]

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Remote Controlled Robotic Bull Shark

What's the point of having a pool if you can't scare the crap out of people swimming in it? Use this Remote Controlled Robotic Bull Shark ($70) to make your neighbor's children afraid of the water for years to come.... [More]

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Mariage Frères Loose Leaf Tea

Mariage Frères has tins of loose leaf tea that will blow your mind. Seriously, the French tea company has spent the last hundred and thirty years perfecting the art of the perfect blend. Grab a canister ($25) for your favorite tea drinker, attach a set... [More]

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Hot Chocolate Pot Set

While we adore the old-fashioned vibe of the carafe in this Hot Chocolate Pot Set ($50) from Williams-Sonoma, we're really in it for the included tin of hot chocolate mix. We can choose from a classic blend, or opt for something fancy, like peppermint, peppermint... [More]

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Sweet + Spice = Everything Nice!

We'd be interested to try these Cameron Hughes and Krave pairings. The Sweet + Spice = Everything Nice! set ($75) includes three bottles of Cameron Hughes wines (two reds and a white) and three bags of Krave beef jerky. It sounds a little strange -... [More]

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Naughty or Nice Christmas Gift Bags

Is it naughty or nice that our first thought on how to use this collection of Naughty or Nice Christmas gift bags ($10 for six) was to fill each one with a lacy or racy pair of undies and let our guys pick a bag... [More]

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Appaman Girls Floppy Hat

If you're already somebody who doubts your ability to wear hats, we're sorry. This adorable wool hat ($31) for kids isn't going to help at all. The little girl modeling the hat (like all little girls, we reckon) is killing it. There are so many... [More]

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Brooklyn DIY Lip Balm Kit

Finally, you get to make the lip balm of your choice...as long as it's Cocoa-Peppermint. Still, the Brooklyn DIY Lip Balm Kit ($25) lets you choose the flavor strength, the scent, and the feel. Comes with everything you need, including instructions.... [More]

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Reindeer Dress

Ahh, the good ol' days when we could get away with wearing comfy jumpers in the shape of our favorite animal's face. We were about four, so we barely remember it, but we're pretty sure it was awesome. Keep your kiddo dressed in cutesy clothes,... [More]

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Dog Starter Kit

The kids have been begging for it. Those SPCA commercials have been making you cry. And there's a groundhog in the yard in desperate need of something to chase after it. Must be time to enlarge the family with a four-legged friend. This Dog Starter... [More]

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