aquagear TRITAN Tap Filter Bottle

We've been doing a good job of cutting down on disposable plastic water bottles, but that means we're drinking a lot more tap water. Since we can't exactly filter tap water on the go, we've turned to the aquagear TRITAN Tap Filter Bottle ($30). After... [More]

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Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker

You could almost talk us into going to a carnival just for some fresh cotton candy...if it weren't for all of those scary clowns and even more frightening crowds. Thankfully, the Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker ($60) allows us to whip up some cotton candy... [More]

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Maxwell St. Polish Sausage Kit

The untrained stomach might say, "Ooh, hot dogs!", but no - those are not hot dogs. With a rich kielbasa taste, the Maxwell St. Polish Sausage Kit ($60) prides itself on being a step above your typical street vendor fare. Go ahead and slather them... [More]

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The Stand-In

If Taylor Swift is too, well, Taylor Swift-y for you, the rest of the twangy top country chart hits don't really resonate with any part of your life, and you'd rather spin Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris, have a listen to Caitlin Rose's third album,... [More]

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The Pouch

Forget about getting your own spring wardrobe up to par - what about your bike's?! After treating it to a well-deserved and much needed spring tune-up, gift it with the Pouch ($36) by Linus. This perfectly sized bag attaches onto your bike's front handlebars or... [More]

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Mac Sports Portable Folding Hammock

Quick - name an occasion when you couldn't go for a nice nap in a hammock. ENNNH. Times up. Don't feel bad, though, that was a trick question. There isn't a wrong time for a hammock nap. The one problem is that hammocks aren't always... [More]

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The Book Thief

We understand if you can't emotionally handle another Holocaust film, but The Book Thief ($15) is the best movie we've seen about that tragic historical period in years. Talented young actress Sophie Nélisse stars as a child who struggles to determine her own moral compass... [More]

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Nite Coaster

How many times have you fumbled in the dark for that glass of water you left on your nightstand only to accidentally knock it over? Not only have you made a mess of everything, you're still thirsty. The motion-activated Nite Coaster ($20) gently illuminates your... [More]

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Wolfe Face Art & FX Hydrocolor Makeup

Not all makeup is about glamor - sometimes it's about making a fool of yourself. No, we're not talking runny mascara and lipstick on your teeth - we're actually thinking of something significantly more fun: Wolfe Face Art & FX Hydrocolor Makeup ($30). This kit... [More]

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Come Along Bird Carrier

When most birds fly south for the winter, it's called migration. When your pet Polly flies south for the winter, however, it's called economy class. If you travel everywhere with your chirpy companion, make sure she's riding in comfort in a Come Along Bird Carrier... [More]

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Out of all the Moms Note Card

Plan ahead for Mother's Day and get Ma something nice. Hand it over with one of Lily & Val's Out of all the Moms Note Cards ($4) and she'll warmly thank you without having to pretend that she doesn't immediately know you phoned it in... [More]

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Dogtails Shampoo and Microfiber Towel Bundle

Luxury pet care can be obscenely expensive, so we're surprised that this Dogtails Bundle ($32) doesn't cost more. Because if you're the type of person who thinks its important that your pup's bath involves green tea extract and grapefruit and rosemary oil, and that he... [More]

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Hannah Pastel Bag

We're always startled when we realize the purse we're drooling over is another timi & leslie diaper bag. This time it's their limited edition Hannah Pastel bag ($165). It's ridiculously chic on the outside and outfitted with a zillion compartments on the inside. Baby or... [More]

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Drawing Together! App

If you want to share more than a conversation with your loved ones on the phone, the Drawing Together! app ($2) is an artistic outlet that'll keep long-distance interactions more lively. With this app, callers can mutually doodle, color in pre-made illustrations, or even play... [More]

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Saving Mr. Banks

We've always thought of Mary Poppins as a happy story, but this behind-the-scenes tale of the making of the movie shows just how tense its creation was. Saving Mr. Banks ($23) stars the always fabulous Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers, the author who created the... [More]

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Wee Gallery Origami Tattoos

Wanna know how to make a kid happy? Okay, feeding them things with copious amounts of sugar and food dye probably tops the list, but giving them a set of temporary tattoos comes in a close second. Wanna know how to make a kid's parents... [More]

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Pie Chart Birthday Card

We can't lie; we're also hoping that the inclusion of a Starbucks gift card will yield a similar return come our birthday celebration in a few months! Pie Chart Birthday Card ($5)... [More]

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TOMS Honduras Roast Coffee

You've probably got a few pairs of cute, comfy TOMS shoes in your closet, yes? Of course you do. Did you know you can also get your daily java fix from TOMS as well? Why, yes, yes you can! For just $13 for twelve ounces... [More]

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Spice Bottle Carousel

You won't find any horses on this carousel. The Spice Bottle Carousel ($93) is a maple wood design that swivels to compactly store and showcase all of the flavorings that give your meals that essential kick. Anal organizers rejoice: the carousel comes with white-capped glass... [More]

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KidKraft Martial Arts Belt Holder

Hi-yah! As your karate-class-attending kid turns into the little ass-kicker you always knew she would be, it's time to recognize her accomplishments in a cool way. The KidKraft Martial Arts Belt Holder ($30) displays her belts as she rises through the ranks, while simultaneously incentivizing... [More]

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