Boldly hang baubles where no baubles have been hung before. These Pinhooks ($8) make it easy, with a simple design someone probably should have thought of decades ago. Use them to explore brave new worlds of home decorating.... [More]

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Haba Coliseum Blocks

Rome wasn't built in a day. But with these Haba Coliseum blocks ($43), your five-year-old can construct at least one immortal monument in an hour or so. Just add tiny slaves, lions, and a bunch of fake blood.... [More]

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2014 is my Bitch Weekly Planner

2013 is coming to a close, and that means it's time to lock horns with another young upstart year trying to make a name for itself. They never learn, do they? 2014 is my Bitch Weekly Planner ($30)... [More]

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Who are you going to remember, the professional who hands you a business card, or the professional who hands you a stick of gum with a personalized message, contact information, and interesting design? The new gagaSTICK ($24) is an innovative reinterpretation of the business card... [More]

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The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson's Envelope Poems

Late in her life, Emily Dickinson wrote a small collection of fifty-two poems using the backs, flaps, and insides of used envelopes. All of them are collected in The Gorgeous Nothings ($26), a hardcover book which reproduces the poems in their original context - as... [More]

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Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living

Ahh, winter vacation: a time to wear fleece PJs 24/7, eat cereal straight from the box, and catch up on our pleasure reading. First up is Nick Offerman's recent release, Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living ($16). We hear it's a... [More]

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Music Activated LED Car Sticker

We want the world to appreciate the music we listen to while we're driving, but we don't really have the sound system to blast tunes at the stoplight. But with the Music Activated LED Car Sticker ($19), pedestrians and other drivers can follow along to... [More]

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Salted Caramel Biscotti

Used to brushing off biscotti? We get it. It's kinda dry and crumbly, and often stale-tasting. But don't banish it all together. There's a biscotti revival going on, and gourmet bake shops, like Bella's, are revamping the treat. You'll enter heaven the moment you bite... [More]

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Bejeweled Pave Ornament

Your party hostess BFF has been gifted so many bottles of wine, she'll be emptying them clear into 2015. We're not saying that's a bad thing, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, consider taking her a Bejeweled Pave Ornament ($37, on... [More]

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Siri's Couch

Everyone likes to unwind after a busy day - and who works harder than your iPhone? Siri's Couch ($21) gives your phone a comfy place to rest while tilting it at an angle catered to your line of sight.... [More]

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Lomography Diana Mini Double Rainbow

Isn't it time your camera looked pretty-as-a-picture? The Lomography Diana Mini Double Rainbow ($109) is inspired by the art of Tara McPherson, a New York City-based pop artist known for her poster work. This little baby 35mm camera lets you change exposures for more options... [More]

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Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

Simple times call for simple measures. From the genius mind of Amy Sedaris, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People ($20) is full of crafts and activities for the financially challenged. From salvaging materials to entertaining yourself cheaply, Sedaris reminds you that "inside your featureless well-worn... [More]

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So it's come to this, you think to yourself as you ask your guests, "So how's the weather there?" Thankfully, these TableTopics ($25) cards always know what to say to ward off that awful, awful silence. Each edition is full of interesting questions to jump-start... [More]

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Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Writers and lovers of literature have never needed an excuse to drink, but that doesn't mean they won't take one. Enter Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist ($14) by Tim Federle. It's home to over sixty-five punny drink recipes based on the classic works... [More]

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Dark Chocolate Shot Glasses

If all shots were of chocolate vodka, these dark chocolate shot glasses ($8) wouldn't be necessary; but alas, most don't taste as smooth. At the very least, the thought of a chocolate chaser gives us extra incentive to choke down the liquor.... [More]

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StretchMate Back Stretcher

Who needs yoga when you have shopping money? Using the StretchMate Back Stretcher ($40) once a day will help cure backaches, correct your posture, and make you feel relaxed. Caution: Not recommended for pregnant women or those with osteoporosis or fused vertebrae.... [More]

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Woven Photographic Throw

You know that really embarrassing picture you have of your friend and how they hate when you show it to people? Well, if you still haven't quite settled on what to get them for their birthday, order the Woven Photographic Throw ($100) for a kit... [More]

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Space Cat Laser Cat Toy

All laser cat toys are pretty much just standard laser pointers, and we're not saying the Space Cat Laser Cat Toy ($10) is any different. What we are saying is that this laser is the only one that shoots out of the one good eye... [More]

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Leaf Thermometer

The beauty of nature is its simplicity. You don't need two sets of numbers to know if you should put on a sweater - the Leaf Thermometer ($16) is green at room temperature, yellow when it's hotter, and brown when it's colder.... [More]

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Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky

We're already fans of that stuff you buy at the truck stop, so how much more crazy will we be for this Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky ($16)? Infused in Bulleit Bourbon before being smoked over pecan wood in a traditional Tennessee smokehouse, this savory snack... [More]

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