Bodyism's Clean and Lean Beauty Food Supplement

You're careful to get your beauty sleep, but are you getting your beauty food? Yeah, we aren't either - turns out we can only stomach so much kale before we start craving cheeseburgers. This Beauty Food Supplement ($70) makes it a little easier to reach... [More]

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Holey Donuts

Every time we consider starting a diet, we see the kind of foods we won't be allowed to eat and quit before we even start. As far as we're concerned, donuts are as much a dietary staple as vegetables. We would be willing to make... [More]

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LEGO Research Institute

We can't imagine that you've missed the buzz on one of LEGO's latest set, the Research Institute ($20). Designed by Ellen Kooijman, a geoscientist, the set snaps together to create three female scientists - a paleontologist, an astronomer and a chemist - and their labs.... [More]

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Seasonal Gourmet PB&J

Looking to take your lunch to the next level? This Seasonal Gourmet PB&J Duo ($25) contains a jar of Big Spoon Roaster's peanut pecan butter (with hints of wildflower honey and sea salt!) and a jar of Farmer's Daughter strawberry jam. It sure beats out... [More]

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I Hope You Like This Stupid Card

Our sentiments exactly (especially when we've already spent 20 minutes standing in front of the card aisles at Target flipping open every cheesy, crappy card they carry)! I Hope You Like This Stupid Card ($5) by the ever-awesome Emily McDowell... [More]

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Thumb Up/Down Stamp

Facebook has inserted itself into our lives so completely that we've actually mentally "liked" something a friend said in a conversation... on multiple occasions. If you can't seem to break free of the thumbs up mentality, get yourself a Thumb Up/Down Stamp ($15) from Stamp... [More]

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Blah Blah Blah Notepad

Brain... not... working... ugh. Seriously, this Blah Blah Blah Notepad ($14) perfectly mirrors what our mushy brains are thinking during hour two of a three-hour long Friday afternoon meeting. Our notes have regressed from pertinent points on next week's project to doodles of pizza slices.... [More]

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Underwood Pinot in a Can

Oh no they didn't! But yes, Oregon's Union Wine Co. put their pinot in a can ($24, 4-pack), and you know what? Both the noir and the gris are delicious: lightly fruity, but not too sweet, and well-balanced for a wine served in a can!... [More]

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Push Pop Confetti

That whole thing about rice making birds explode is a myth, but still, throwing rice at weddings is so overplayed. If you want to compete with all the other Pinterest-worthy nuptials you've attended in the last five years, you're going to have to think of... [More]

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Alter Eco Dark Salted Brown Butter Chocolate

Everything is better with butter, especially chocolate. Alter Eco's Dark Salted Brown Butter bar ($4) is 2.82 ounces of rich, salty, buttery smooth heaven. And if those words don't make you salivate, honey, then we don't know what will. Unless, of course, you're just not... [More]

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pops a dent-500x500.jpg


Some of us are more accident-prone than others, but you are at the top of that list. Why, there's not a curb, fire hydrant, or parked vehicle in the neighborhood that you haven't managed to ding with your car. That's why we're lovingly telling you... [More]

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Yoga Wipes

Every time you roll up your mat after Bikram class, you're essentially creating a giant sweat-filled yoga burrito. (Is your zen totally harshed now? Sorry.) Solution? Throw a canister of these Yoga Wipes ($26) into your bag and give your mat a quick wipe down... [More]

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Meadow Mat

Soaking up the last of the summer sunshine? When you pack up another picnic lunch to take to the park/lake/festival, make sure you've got a Meadow Mat ($39) from Alite in your car trunk. The cute waterproof mat will keep your butt dry and clean,... [More]

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They Want My Soul - Spoon

Somehow we got by in the four years since their last album, Transference, but to be honest, that wasn't our favorite Spoon album anyway. They Want My Soul ($10) is a return to form for the band we've known and loved for seven albums (now... [More]

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TowlHub with 4 USB Ports

Most of the sh*t in SkyMall does little more than elicit a massive eye roll on our part, but we still can't help ourselves from leafing through it while waiting for takeoff. Imagine our surprise, when sandwiched between this ridiculous blow dryer stand and the... [More]

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Leatherdos Mini Tools Clip

Okay, honestly? While the Leatherdos Mini Tools Clip ($9) isn't the prettiest thing on the block, wearing one does make us feel pretty damn badass. The clip does more than just hold back a clump of pesky bangs. With seven different types and sizes of... [More]

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Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bags

August is totally the Sunday of summer, and while you want to just lie around and soak up the last of the lazy days, you actually have to drag your butt around town and start organizing for the oncoming fall. Boo. Of course, if you're... [More]

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Pop-Up Sunflower Note Cards

Bright, cheerful, and a safe bet for friends suffering from seasonal allergies, the Pop-Up Sunflower Note Cards ($20, box of 6) by Robert Sabuda for MoMA will make your quick notes stand apart from the crowded refrigerator where there are plenty of competing notes and... [More]

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Instagram Star Baby One-Piece

It's true, you know. Once you pop out a kid, you're going to turn into one of those dreaded over-sharers. You may think you won't fall into that trap, but it's unavoidable. Embrace it, and snap your perfectly photogenic baby into this Instagram Star Baby... [More]

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Postcards have always meant one thing: using someone else's photos to brag about the fact that you're on vacation. Well, that's about to change. Not the bragging part, of course, that's the best part, but the idea that postcards need to use someone else's photos.... [More]

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