Superéditions Draw Your Own Book

The hardest part about drawing isn't depicting the human nose accurately or mastering perspective, but thinking of what to draw! The Superéditions Draw Your Own Book ($16) offers very creative suggestions based on a storyline involving an alien on vacation. It just takes one little... [More]

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Kraken Playing Cards

Next time you invite the gals over for a game of poker, make sure you're dealing out these Kraken Playing Cards ($6). Produced by the same company that makes Kraken Black Spiced Rum, your friends will get a kick out of seeing tentacles and other... [More]

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Hey, much respect to Rachael Ray for her ongoing success, but we don't trust her with something as important as soup. Nope, for that, we're turning to this self-published book of 12 seasonal soup recipes. Lovingly written and illustrated, Souplove ($14) will confirm the idea... [More]

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Fenix Silver Mirror Coated Smoke Goggles

If you're thinking of investing in a new pair of goggles, why not check out one of the market's top-rated options: the Fenix Silver Mirror Coated Smoke Barracuda Goggles ($30)? In addition to having a slick design, the goggles promise extreme comfort, durable construction, and... [More]

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Play Ball and Bowl Gift Set

Know someone with a new pup? You could offer to walk the little scamp, or dog sit the next time they go on vacation, but that would require you to be responsible for their animal, and there's a reason you don't have one of your... [More]

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ARKCANARY II Acoustic iPhone Speaker

And you thought gramophones were dead! The ARKCANARY II Acoustic iPhone Speaker ($19) is a functional, yet comical way to amplify music playing off your portable device without having to plug into a wall socket. Are there speakers that will play your music more loudly... [More]

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Uncle Milton's Pet's Eye View Camera

Each day, we let our cat outside to go on who knows what kind of adventures. Since she can't exactly tell us what she's been up to, we can only speculate on how she's spent her day... up until now. The Uncle Milton's Pet's Eye... [More]

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JUMP Cable

Time to simplify your life. Rather than toting around a phone charging cord and a battery pack to extend your phone's life in emergencies, why not get a device that does both of the things? The JUMP Cable ($50) is super compact and can charge... [More]

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Animal Bath Wraps

Bath time is always an adventure at your house. First, it's a chore to get him in the tub... then it's a chore to convince him to get out. And forget about a towel! He skips the drying off period altogether, instead sprinting around the... [More]

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Pantone 100 Postcards

Admit it - you're guilty of grabbing paint swatches from the hardware store (even when you have no intention of painting anything) just because they're pretty. With Pantone 100 Postcards ($20), you can turn bold colored cards into your main form of correspondence. They're perfect... [More]

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Liquitex Professional Set of Fluorescent Paint Markers

The strength of paint, with the ease of a marker. This Liquitex Professional Set of Fluorescent Paint Markers ($36, set of 6) permanently applies quick-drying neon colors to just about any surface you desire. Just make sure not to leave them next to your highlighter... [More]

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Trim Phone

Landlines are pretty antiquated at this point, so if you insist on holding onto that home phone, you might as well go full-on vintage. The Trim Phone ($68) is a slightly updated version (think push buttons instead of a rotary dial) of a phone design... [More]

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McCraw's Flat Taffy

We had a hankering for taffy recently, but that stale crap available at convenience stores didn't come close to satisfying our craving. McCraw's Flat Taffy ($13) is a tried and true formula - the company has used the same delicious taffy recipe for over 100... [More]

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Oh Joy! Condiment Caddy

If you spend hours perfecting your special signature sauces - your curry ketchup, your maple bacon aioli, your zesty BBQ sauce - you'll want to show them off in worthy vessels. The next time you're invited to a potluck, transport your masterpieces in the Oh... [More]

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Hemp & Solid Brass Dog Leash

Thin leashes are all the rage, but good luck keeping your disobedient, 100-pound dog in line with something the width of a piece of yarn. The Hemp & Solid Brass Dog Leash ($60) is sturdy "marine-grade" rope that's designed to withstand thousands of pounds in... [More]

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Recycled Mini Monopoly Notebooks

Here's a cute idea: this Etsy crafter cut apart old Monopoly boards and crafted Recycled Mini Monopoly Notebooks ($5) from the cardboard. It's a fun pocket-sized companion to jot down random notes and thoughts throughout your day. After winning second place in that beauty contest,... [More]

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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Outer space seems really cool and all, just don't ask us to explain what the heck is going on out there. If you want a comprehensive yet also comprehensible tutorial on what exactly is going on in the universe, check out the visually stunning TV... [More]

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You didn't believe that you snored when your first boyfriend mentioned it to you. You didn't believe it again coming from your second boyfriend either. But now that you've had a long string of bedmates*, it's hard to ignore the frequent complaint: you snore. It's... [More]

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Soccer Task Chair

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL! Got World Cup fever? Yeah, you and the rest of the world. Too bad you're not actually playing soccer. Why not get up off the couch and... move over to this Soccer Task Chair ($78). Sure, you're still just sitting rather than getting a... [More]

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Record Coasters

What do playing records and drinking a lot of alcohol have in common? Spinning. A heck of a lot of spinning. It's common to over-indulge in both music and booze. Just don't blame these Record Coasters ($15) for your hangover the next day.... [More]

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