Rechargeable Tea Light Candles

How much of that décor you're buying for your big day is going to end up in crates in your attic, collecting dust and mouse droppings until the day you finally kick sentiment to the curb and chuck it? We're guessing most everything except these... [More]

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graze Subscription Box

We can one-hundred-percent get behind the graze Subscription Box ($6/month). With a super small price tag, over ninety different natural and healthy snacks, and the option to have it sent to your home or your office, graze keeps us munching on the good-for-us stuff (instead... [More]

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For Gimli Dog Den

For the most spoiled dog in town: the For Gimli Dog Den ($950-$1,300). Get the canine love of your life this luxury doghouse, made of sustainably harvested walnut (for the eco-conscious pup). For a few (hundred) extra bucks, you can choose to have it painted... [More]

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The Best of McSweeney's Deluxe Box Set Edition

We're so excited for the release of the Best of McSweeney's Deluxe Box Set Edition ($50, preorder)! 2014 marks the fifteenth year the magazine has been delighting readers with witty and wry works of fiction. The set includes a 624-page bound book (which, with that... [More]

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Caterpillar Bunting & Cap Set

Hurry, dress up your child while you can! You don't have much time before they start forming the memories that they'll end up telling a therapist! Caterpillar Bunting & Cap Set ($32)... [More]

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Grasshopper Pie Chocolate Bar

It's a lot easier to sneak bites of a chocolate bar than a piece of pie when you're out and about, but we'd be lying if we said that didn't bum us out. If it was a little more socially acceptable and less of a... [More]

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Giant Googly Eyes

The world's a much friendlier place when inanimate objects look like curious and/or half-baked humans. These Giant Googly Eyes ($7) turn your fridge into a friend, your car into a companion, and your trash can into a trash can with googly eyes on it.... [More]

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Duckbilled Dog Muzzle

No one likes putting a muzzle on their dog... but if you have to, you might as well enjoy it! The Duckbilled Dog Muzzle ($16) effectively prevents your canine from biting and barking - and trust us, people respond better to a dog with a... [More]

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Cynthia Treen Felt Animal Kits

It's the beautiful homemade gifts that really make an impact, becoming childhood heirlooms the boy or girl in your life will cherish for years. Too bad you didn't have time to make any this year. Plan ahead by picking up one or two of these... [More]

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Paper Log Maker

Don't waste time chopping down trees just for firewood - not when paper companies have done all the hard work already! Save some trees by throwing newspaper into the Paper Log Maker ($30) and crushing it into a solid brick - we love when destruction... [More]

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Soggy Doggy Drying Towel

You could be living in the middle of the Sahara. We can still guarantee that if there is water anywhere within a mile radius, your dog is going to find it and dive in. And when he makes it back inside, he's going to make... [More]

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Summer Infant Bath Time Bubble Maker

We're not sure we love the idea of bubbles filling up our bathroom, leaving little soap rings on the mirror. But if said bubbles manage to distract our kid long enough for us to get her scrubbed down before she starts screaming or throwing water... [More]

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Taza Chipotle Chili Chocolate

Leave the chocolate oranges to the kiddies. We want our sweets to pack a bit more of a punch. This Taza Chipotle Chili Chocolate ($5) combines rich dark chocolate with a dash of fiery chipotle for a treat with a perfect spicy kick. It's also... [More]

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Milk Chocolate Sardines

These milk chocolate sardines ($14) kind of creep us out. They look just a little too much like scaly, oily fish, complete with the traditional roll-away tin. Will we eat them anyway? Obviously. We'd eat something that looked like a pile of rotting tarantulas if... [More]

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Boys' Glow-In-The-Dark Sleep Set

The Glow-In-The-Dark Sleep Set ($52) from J.Crew may rock a traditional navy color, but we're not convinced that makes it a boys' pair of pajamas. Comfy long john construction, glow-in-the-dark constellations, and breathable cotton means this set can be worn by just about any kid... [More]

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Crack Me Open Baby Geode Bag

It's so much more fun to do it yourself. Even if the results look like crap compared to the job an actual, hired professional could do, we get so much more satisfaction from painting our own walls, tiling our own floors, and bedazzling our own... [More]

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Kusmi Tea Euphoria Blend

Tea is already our go-to feel-good beverage, whether it's a cold night, a bad date, or busting a seam in our favorite pair of jeans that has us down. The Kusmi Tea Euphoria blend ($20) promises to make that hot cuppa just that much more... [More]

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Get Along with your Co-workers Tea

Wouldn't it be great if making your workplace an environment of social harmony was as easy as drinking a hot beverage? Sadly, this Get Along with your Co-workers Tea ($5) probably won't stop Ethel from hoarding all the Post-it notes or prevent Gary from monopolizing... [More]

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Après Ski Cap

Browsing Outblush in the lodge after spending all day on the slopes? Before you head back out, make sure you've got an Après Ski Cap ($56) from Harding Line planted squarely on your noggin. It emulates a '70s ski hat design and is made with... [More]

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VO Porteur Front Rack

Using locally sourced and reclaimed wood, NYC-based Surname Cycling Goods makes beautiful boxes for your bike. We're big fans of the VO Porteur Front Rack ($160), which is crafted in the style of traditional Parisian newspaper delivery racks. Larger than your usual bike basket, the... [More]

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