Killing Spiders Card

Your dad: an all around stand up guy, and pretty badass with a tennis shoe or a rolled up magazine! Killing Spiders Card ($5) by JulieAnnArt... [More]

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Indoor/Outdoor Portable Pet Steps

People can call you a bad parent if they want, but of course you let your little doggie climb on all the furniture. He's a prince and he deserves his spot on the couch as much as the rest of us! Being the enabler that... [More]

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Drinks On You? Coasters

We provided the coasters so it's only fair that you get this round of margaritas! Drinks On You? Coasters ($5 for 2)... [More]

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PortOPong Inflatable Floating Pool Beer Pong Table

Drinking games in the pool? Sure beats Marco Polo! Now you don't even have to get out of the water to enjoy your favorite sorority pastime. The PortOPong Inflatable Floating Pool Beer Pong Table ($37) will leave you with a tough decision, however: if you're... [More]

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KidKraft Fire Hydrant Toddler Table

Raising a future firefighter? Since you're probably not about to buy your child an axe or hose to play with in his or her room, why not furnish it with a KidKraft Fire Hydrant Toddler Table ($41)? The hydrant has a flat surface for drawing... [More]

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Yar-whal Greeting Card

Just look at that happy little pirate face! No other greeting card can say "Happy Birthday!", "Get Well Soon," or "Congrats!" as convincingly as this adorable Yar-whal. It's perfect for any - and we mean any (looking at you, "Sorry about that text last Saturday... [More]

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Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

Enjoy the quiet majesty of nature without tracking it down and trapping it against its will with the Electronic Butterfly in a Jar ($15) from ThinkGeek. This realistic looking butterfly flutters around the inside of a Mason jar, adding a summery touch to any desk... [More]

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50 White Library Cards

Oh man, remember these things? Before libraries took the leap into the 21st century, librarians had to handwrite cards to keep tabs on who checked out books. We plan to use these 50 White Library Cards ($8) as a funny way of writing notes to... [More]

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Turn Blue

If you've already listened to the other seven albums by the Black Keys, you pretty much know what to expect on Turn Blue ($11). That's not to say that their style hasn't been evolving, but to say that fans won't be disappointed. It never gets... [More]

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Letterpress Gift Tags

Keep a set of Letterpress Gift Tags ($10 for 8) by Satsuma Press on hand for easy gift-giving. They instantly elevate your bottle of wine/hostess gift/baked good from a token of appreciation to a thoughtful and elegant package filled with love! (And no one has... [More]

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Classy Bandages

"F*ck!" Let's be honest - when you cut yourself with a kitchen knife, that's precisely what you screamed. What's the point in pretending otherwise? Classy Bandages ($2, on sale) push the definition of "classy" by allowing you to cover up your booboos with curse words.... [More]

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Garmin Vivofit

You've always wanted a personal trainer, but going to the gym is such a hassle - can't some muscly dude just follow you around your normal day instead? It may not be muscly, but the Garmin Vivofit ($130) monitors your daily activity and encourages you... [More]

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Takeout Menu Organizer

We're generally crippled with indecision, but one thing we're positive of is that we're in no mood to cook! Deciding what kind of cuisine we want is another matter entirely. It's a good thing we bought this adorable Takeout Menu Organizer ($23)! Instead of tearing... [More]

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Card Lust

Sending a card is better than sending a text, but a text is better than sending nothing at all. Card Lust ($2) introduces another option into the equation: a decorative picture text that looks like a card but doesn't cost you a thing beyond the... [More]

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Button Hard Candy Lollipop Mold

Tailors and bakers alike - and not to mention children - will love this Button Hard Candy Lollipop Mold ($3). Pour sugary (or sugar free) hard candy mix into the reusable mold and heat it in the oven. The results are as cute as a... [More]

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Gluten-Free Very Vanilla Babycake

Why should going on a gluten-free diet be tantamount to giving up everything that's tasty? Not Your Mama's Treats has a killer Gluten-Free Very Vanilla Babycake ($50) that'll bring you back to the days when you ate sweets without a care. Topped with a cream... [More]

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

After watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ($20), we wanted to climb Mount Everest, go skydiving, and become a trapeze artist. The movie is a charming reminder to live life to the fullest and although we didn't do any of those things, we were... [More]

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Rip Curl Far Away Beach Tote

It's beach season! Time to leave it all behind and reconnect with nature. Except that you will need to bring sunscreen... and your phone... and a few fashion magazines... and obviously some snacks... and maybe some... Okay, okay! What you need first and foremost is... [More]

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Big Appetites: Tiny People in a World of Big Food

Photographer Christopher Boffoli creates a funny, quirky, and completely endearing world in his book Big Appetites: Tiny People in a World of Big Food ($10). The colorful world found in this collection of photographs is made up of miniature figurines living and working among their... [More]

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Wishing You Well Card

You could throw a couple of pennies into a wishing well and ask for the perfect "get well" card to appear before you. Or you could just throw 300 pennies directly at this Etsy merchant and be sure you'll get a great card. Did you... [More]

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