The Manta Resort Underwater Room

Most resort hotels say they offer a one-of-a-kind experience, but the Manta Resort Underwater Room ($1,500) in Zanzibar really delivers. Stay in the underwater room and watch fish dance by your window, or go upstairs to enjoy a romantic deserted island experience.... [More]

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Book of Secrets

It's like finding the diary of the human race! The Book of Secrets ($4) contains all the factoids that the Earth doesn't want you to read, from the shocking (secret government testing in airports and subways), to the helpful (secrets of public speaking), and even... [More]

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Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper

Every time we try to shape our eggs ourselves, they always end up scrambled by the end! The Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper ($10) takes your boring breakfast and makes it into fun edible art.... [More]

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Giant Earbud Desktop Speakers

We've learned that bigger isn't always better, but we'll consider changing our tune for these giant earbud desktop speakers ($26), which show us by contrast how boring and dull normal-sized things really are. They almost have us wishing that we had a pair of giant... [More]

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New York Coffee Cup

Not much says New York like the iconic Anthora cup, designed by Leslie Buck and introduced in the 1960s. Now that it's a little rarer to find these cups in coffee joints around the city, you can invest in this ceramic version ($15) to make... [More]

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8-Bit Treasure Chest LED Music Box

All jewelry boxes are treasure chests - even if the trinkets inside are valuable only to you. Our favorite part about the 8-Bit Treasure Chest LED Music Box ($30) is that it lights up and plays music when you open it! It makes it seem... [More]

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Sparkling Wine Making Kit

You rang in this year with a $4 bottle of André. Next year, why not class things up a bit? This Sparkling Wine Making Kit ($80) will help you create your very own bubbly tipple out of your favorite wine in just four to eight... [More]

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Super Graphic

Tim Leong's Super Graphic ($19) contains an incredible set of data gathered on the world of comic books and presented in a series of bar graphs, pie charts, timelines, scatter plots, Venn diagrams, and more (he even provides a chart of charts). Want to know... [More]

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IndieFlix Film Festival in a Box: Zombies

With the holidays behind us, we need to put our heads to finding clever ways to keep ourselves entertained through the long, grueling winter months ahead. What better way to do that than by filling our evenings with death and mayhem? This Film Festival in... [More]

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Las Sillas Stacking Game

Warning: do not attempt to play this Las Sillas Stacking Game ($75) with actual chairs. And certainly do not attempt to sit on top of your actual-chair mountain if you do manage to construct one. You've been warned.... [More]

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WheeMe Stress-Relief Robot

All day long people walk all over you - isn't it time you pampered yourself by letting a robot do it? The WheeMe Stress-Relief Robot ($70) has only one objective: DESTROY! (the minor aches and pains in your back). With sensors that allow it to... [More]

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Scrabble Magnets

Need a little help sticking to that New Year's diet plan? Put these Scrabble Magnets ($13) on your fridge. You'll be so distracted trying to think of a word that uses Z, Q, and three E's, you'll forget you were looking for a snack in... [More]

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The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls

Need a decent page-turner to start off the new year? Pick up Anton DiSclafani's debut, The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls ($20). It's a coming-of-age tale about Thea, a Depression-era teen who is sent from her posh Florida home to an even more posh horse... [More]

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Betrayal Greeting Card

Hardcore athletes love to spend their time training at the gym...but the rest of us do it begrudgingly. From Gemma Correll, one of our favorite artists, this Betrayal Greeting Card ($5) perfectly sums up our lack of enthusiasm concerning non-couch activities.... [More]

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Awkward Moment Onesie

On the other hand, it's probably preferable to all of the awkward moments you'll have to endure when your toddler friends decide to call you "poopy butt" until you reach junior high (and you beg your parents to let you switch school districts). See? Moms... [More]

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Asterisk 4 Port USB Hub

Sharing is caring, and caring has just been mandated by corporate. If you need to share many files at once, or just have a lot of gadgets and a fondness for brightly colored decor, this Asterisk 4 Port USB Hub ($25) is guaranteed to be... [More]

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Swiss Army knives have a time-honored tradition of being practical and helpful in a variety of otherwise hopeless situations... but don't you think they'd look better as monkeys? It's amazing what the PocketMonkey ($12) can do considering it's just a sheet of metal. The genius... [More]

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Sparrow Egg Magnets and Holder

That scribble your niece drew you that is supposed to represent a princess riding on an elephant is going straight onto your fridge, and it's not because you've spontaneously developed an appreciation for her abstract modernist artistic sensibilities. It's because you'll be dying for an... [More]

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Damn Fine Teas

You don't have to be British to be particular about your tea. These Damn Fine Teas ($20) are produced by hardcore tea lovers who weren't satisfied with the run-of-the-mill manufactured teas. Available in Earl Grey, Red-Tailed Hawk (an Indian blend), and three different black custom... [More]

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Scratch My Back/And I'll Scratch Yours

There's no shame in liking a good cover song. But not all covers are made equal - we're betting the songs on Peter Gabriel's Scratch My Back/And I'll Scratch Yours ($17), which has a new deluxe edition this week, are better than your local bar... [More]

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