Katharine Watson Block-Printed Heart Cards

Do you miss the taste of envelope glue? Long to get out your IRL address book? Or maybe you totally forgot to send out Christmas cards this year and are looking to make it up to your nagging mother-in-law. Why not send out Valentine's Day... [More]

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Jumbo Papel Picado

There's no denying that DIY is the preferred trend for weddings these days. But you've got shit to do - you don't have time to fold cranes and emboss place cards when you're busy with a nine-to-five job and restraining yourself from putting your future... [More]

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unHoly unBasket

What's tastier than sacrilege!? The unHoly unBasket ($49) is a collection of the best religious parody items, including a bouncy Dashboard Jesus, a finger puppet of the Hindu god Shiva, and a dreidel with Santa on it. Whether you're in the market for a new... [More]

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Intelligent Nutrients Uneasy Feeling Remedy

Man, can we ever use this Intelligent Nutrients Uneasy Feeling Remedy ($36). We feel uneasy all the freaking time - when we attempt to bake a loaf of bread from scratch, try to clip the claws on our cat, or wake up and remember who... [More]

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We're not going to say that this fun app, CHIC-Finder (free), promotes your covert operation to snap a photo of your coworker's to-die-for snakeskin heels so you can find a similar pair for yourself, but it does help you reach your goal faster. Once you've... [More]

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Valentine's Heart Cake Stand

Planning on putting on the apron and making a batch of Valentine's cupcakes? Or maybe you've got your eye on that elaborate cake at your local indie bakery. You can put whatever you want on this Valentine's Heart Cake Stand ($20), just remember: it's a... [More]

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Mine Passport Case

While the statement on Jonathan Adler Mine Passport Case ($38) is open to interpretation, the travel docs inside will confirm you as the rightful owner. Have fun in Paris/Antwerp/Bali and send us a postcard! Actually, scratch that last part. It'll just make us feel even... [More]

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Pijama iPad Case

Admit it: it's basically your best friend. So don't you think your tablet deserves something more comfortable to slip into when it's done with a long, hard day of helping you battle zombies and catch up on inane status posts? Treat it right and pick... [More]

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Backyard BBQ Popcorn Sampler

Just because the season's not quite right for that kickoff BBQ, it doesn't mean that you can't have the sweet summer flavors in your house right now. Inspired by our favorite fair-weather tradition, the Backyard BBQ Popcorn Sampler ($35) offers gourmet popcorn in nine right-off-the-grill... [More]

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Thunder Missile Launcher

It's a war out there. A war to preserve your precious supply of K-Cups. Fight back against coffee attrition by guarding your supply with the strategic placement of this Thunder Missile Launcher ($35), powered by your computer's USB port. Getting pinged in the eye by... [More]

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Løv is Pure Tea

Yes, it's often messy, depressing, excruciating and potentially bankrupting - but as the makers of this Løv is Pure Tea ($15) remind us, it can also be something pretty special. I mean, just think about how you feel about that new pair of Manolos. We'll... [More]

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Sweet Heat Salted Caramel Corn

When you go to place an order for some Sweet Heat Salted Caramel Corn ($5) from Sauce Goddess, don't fool yourself into thinking just one bag will be sufficient. It won't be, and when you reach the bottom of the bag, you'll curse yourself for... [More]

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La Boîte Bloody Mary Spice Master Collection

We all know there are countless ways to take your Bloody, but the intense flavors in this La Boîte Bloody Mary Spice Master Collection ($45) go far beyond the question of pickles or celery. These innovative blends help you create a truly extraordinary cocktail. Think... [More]

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Not a Knot Conditioner

Not to sound like total wimps, but combing through tangled, wet hair sucks, even if you're an adult, which is why we sneak-use the Not a Knot Conditioner ($16) from Kidscounter (Beautycounter's kids-friendly line). It smells like a creamsicle, moisturizes just as well as our... [More]

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Under the Weather Organic Tea Remedy Pack

This time of year, germs get shared faster than a YouTube video of a Scandinavian making bizarre noises while wearing an animal onesie. If you can't stay at home and play hermit, fight those inevitable colds with this Under the Weather Organic Tea Remedy Pack... [More]

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Dick Taylor Chocolate Gift Set

Just what we needed - more rich, delicious hand-crafted chocolate bars to throw on top of everything we gobbled up over the holidays. Actually, that is exactly what we needed. Dick Taylor Chocolate Gift Set ($27)... [More]

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LiveRider Cycling Computer

How do you measure the success of your bike ride? If it's enough for you that you made it back from the store with eggs, milk, and/or six-pack intact, then this LiveRider Cycling Computer ($79) probably isn't for you. But for those who like to... [More]

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Anti Dust Shoe Plug Stands for iPhone

Are you really worried about dust in your iPhone? Not particularly. Do you absolutely love the idea of giving your phone little feet? Obviously. That these Anti Dust Shoe Plug Stands for iPhone ($14) might also extend the life of your device is just a... [More]

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Purr Your Heart Into It Cat Pajamas

We should Doubtblush these Purr Your Heart Into It Cat Pajamas ($24), but we just...can't. If you can manage to wrestle your kitty into a pair of long john-inspired pet pajamas, then kudos. You either have an extremely patient furbaby, or you better watch your... [More]

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Much in the same way that it's not ideal for our bodies when we inhale a cheeseburger in thirty-seven seconds flat, it's not good for our pups when they hoover their whole bowl of food in less time than it takes us to say "good... [More]

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