The Soup & Bread Cookbook

The only sensible thing to do when it's minus-one-freaking-billion-degrees outside? Hibernate on the couch under a pile of blankets with a warm bowl of homemade soup, a hunk of fresh-baked bread, and a season of your favorite TV show* on Netflix Instant. Duh. The Soup... [More]

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Nico Sushi Memo Blocks

How many times during a typical work day do you catch yourself wishing you were eating sushi? After all, doesn't stuffing your face with tuna maki sound much more enjoyable than filing and writing emails? Exacerbate the problem with these Sushi Memo Blocks ($19), which... [More]

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Grand Plan Pad

How many times have you started making a "little note" on an average Post-it, only to have your quick idea turn into an elaborate work of genius? And how often is said work of genius stymied when you run out of space? We thought so.... [More]

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J.R. Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment

It's an ache-beating blast from the past: J. R. Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment ($13), based on the brand's original formula from 1868. This blend of camphor, red pepper and spruce oil still helps relieve sore, stiff muscles - and don't you just love the vintage-style... [More]

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Steiff Starly Riding Unicorn

Honestly, what little girl is going to settle for riding an ordinary pony when she can saddle up on a freaking unicorn? And that's why buying this Starly Riding Unicorn might save you money - because $527 is still a heck of a lot cheaper... [More]

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Diane von Furstenberg 3D Lips iPhone Case

Diane von Furstenberg 3D Lips iPhone Case

The Diane von Furstenberg 3D Lips iPhone Case ($48) is a simple reminder of how much you're loved on Valentine's Day and every other day.... [More]

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Liddabit Sweets Tallyhos!

Oh my. It's a damn good thing that Liddabit Sweets sells their Tallyhos! ($9) in boxes of two. One just wouldn't be enough, and if there were more than two, we would just keep eating until we had inhaled every last iota. The chocolate cake-like... [More]

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Frends Layla Headphones

Your taste in music is anything but boring and ordinary, so why should your ear buds or headphones lack pizzazz? They shouldn't, and they won't if you replace them with the Frends Layla Headphones ($150)! With four different metal finishes, the headphones are ultra polished... [More]

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Lucien Stripe Jumper

As if you didn't already spend enough money on fabulous J.Crew styles for yourself - now you've got kids to clothe, too. The entirety of their baby line is adorable, and you can dress your little ones in preppy wares as soon as they exit... [More]

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Three Potato Four Paper Pack

Do vintage ephemera set your feathers fluttering? Then you'll flip for this Three Potato Four Paper Pack ($24). The masters of the perfect flea market finds have assembled these bundles of honest-to-goodness antique notes, stamps, maps, and other paper goodies. Every pack is different, so... [More]

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Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie Mix

A cookie mix that creates a scrumptious sweet treat with minimal effort on our part? Yes, please! We'll take a few tins of Momofuku Milk Bar's awesome Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie Mix ($16). All we need from the fridge is butter and eggs. The mix comes equipped... [More]

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There Is Nobody Else Valentine Card

Yep, the honeymoon phase is long gone, but that doesn't mean you can't still find happiness and humor in your current bedtime routine. Of course, we do suggest that after you both get a chuckle out of the There Is Nobody Else Valentine Card ($5),... [More]

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Brew It Yourself Root Beer Kit

Not willing to take on the task of brewing your own beer at home? Yeah, us either. That fermented yeast smell is one we can stand to not have stinking up our living spaces. Alternatively, the Brew It Yourself Root Beer kit ($14, on sale)... [More]

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Urbanears Humlan Headphones

It's something close to your body that you wear while you sweat. You stick it on your head even on greasy hair days... and you never, ever clean it. That's why the average pair of headphones is probably far grosser than you suspected. At last,... [More]

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Boombox Lunchbox

The only thing that would make this Boombox Lunchbox ($13) even cooler is if it actually had a built-in cassette tape, so that we could blast our ancient collection of Def Leppard jams during that walk to work. Of course, that would mean there wouldn't... [More]

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We Take The Cake Rose Cake

We Take The Cake Rose Chocolate Cake

Chocolates and sweets definitely take the cake on Valentine's Day and the We Take The Cake Rose Chocolate Cake ($40) is certainly no exception. This sinfully rich chocolate cake is topped with beautiful pink vanilla buttercream roses. We'll definitely take this over a dozen roses!... [More]

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Effing Weather App

You know what we want from our weather app? A little commiseration, excuses to stay home, and a chuckle that doesn't stem from a glimpse at our meteorologist's slightly askew toupee. Effing Weather App (FREE)... [More]

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Valentines Day Caramel Apple

Valentine's Day Caramel Apple with Candies

As much as we enjoy receiving flowers on Valentine's Day, we'd much rather be surprised with something to please our palate. The Valentine's Day Caramel Apple with Candies ($17) is just that. This decadent apple is covered in caramel and dipped in milk chocolate candies.... [More]

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Quakehold Museum Putty

You love to keep your precious knickknacks on display. Your cat loves to perform feats of daring acrobatics onto the shelves and tables. Happily, there's a compromise that doesn't involve sacrificing either the porcelain or the animal. Just stick those fragile baubles in place with... [More]

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Charles Darwin Ornament

A lot of people enjoy hanging Santa and reindeer ornaments on the tree, but your tastes are more, ahem, evolved. The Charles Darwin Ornament ($16) will let you show your appreciation for a man in a substantial white beard, yes, but not that mythical jolly... [More]

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