Snapfish's Personalized Laptop Case

How convenient - a weeklong business trip requires you to bring your computer, but leave your loved ones behind. Thankfully, you don't have to be without the ones you care about the most... symbolically, anyway. With Snapfish's Personalized Laptop Case ($35), you can turn a... [More]

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Bandbox Helmet

Bike safety is important and all, but we'd be a lot more committed to wearing a helmet if they were a bit more fashionable. The Bandbox Helmet ($60+) is protective headgear designed to look like a fancy hat. First, buy the base helmet, then select... [More]

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Kate Spade Bookshelf Agenda

Your love of reading is commendable, but when your nose is always stuck in a book, you're bound to miss out on a lot of other activities around you. The Kate Spade Bookshelf Agenda ($36) is an attractive planner that pairs your favorite pastime with... [More]

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Coughing and Screaming Lung Ashtray

What's worse: being a smoker or an asshole? If you hate the former and don't mind being the latter, the Coughing and Screaming Lung Ashtray ($7) might just be the thing you need when chain-smoking guests come for a visit. When friends tap their cigarettes... [More]

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Query the Game

Sometimes you go to a search engine to type in a question and the autocomplete suggestions come up with something totally random, leaving you wondering, "Who in the hell would ever want to know that?" Query the Game ($28) utilizes these amusing search terms to... [More]

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The Hundred-Year House - Rebecca Makkai

Though the book is definitely spooky, don't expect Rebecca Makkai's The Hundred-Year House ($21) to be anything like you'd find on the horror shelves. Rather than being bloodily slaughtered, the characters living in the potentially haunted manor try to uncover the family secrets that transpired... [More]

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Long live the mix tape; the mix tape is dead. As a preteen, one of the sweetest things you could do for your crush was to make a cassette tape with some carefully chosen tunes that expressed how you felt. Milktape ($15) aims to revive... [More]

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Corners4 iPhone Case

If your iPhone is allergic to plastic cases (or you're feeling blue about covering up that shiny Apple logo and the gold finish you paid extra for), then the Corners4 case ($40), which is actually a system made up of four aluminum corners, is for... [More]

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Slow Cooker Revolution

Our friend was about to give away her slow cooker until we recommended this book to her. Since reading the Slow Cooker Revolution ($19), however, she's found dozens of innovative ways to use that beautiful machine. So long as you're not a chronic procrastinator, you'll... [More]

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Coca-Cola Bean Bag Toss

This summer, combine two of America's favorite pastimes: drinking a refreshing Coke and playing corn hole. The Coca-Cola Bean Bag Toss ($150) is a fun take on both a classic drink and a classic game. Fortunately, the holes in these three-feet-long cans are for throwing... [More]

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Make It Rain Confetti

Do you spit rhymes? Do you wear gold chains? Do big-bottomed ladies shake their thong-"covered" booties in your direction? No? In that case, you're probably not living in a rap video. And though that's a shame, there's something you can do about it. The Make... [More]

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Four Paws Doggie Doo Bags

Ever since your city banned plastic bags at grocery stores, life has gotten a bit more difficult. While the ban is certainly good for the environment, it's of no help with dog sh*t. When it comes time to clean up your pup's #2s (and we... [More]

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Nose Eyeglass Holder

Of all the things you misplace - keys, license, lip balm, etc. - forgetting where you put your glasses sets you back the most. That's the thing about glasses: it becomes a lot more difficult to find them without their visual assistance. One way not... [More]

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French Girls App

"Draw me like one of your French girls." - Rose to Jack on Titanic. "Draw me like one of your French girls." - You to strangers on your smartphone. That's right, if you've ever wanted to have your portrait drawn, then the French Girls App... [More]

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Ivy Travel Organizer

Clothing belongs in a large suitcase, but what do you do with the smaller items when you vacation? The Ivy Travel Organizer ($54) is compact storage for your iPod, phone, jewelry, camera, and other precious cargo that's too expensive to check. With this small leather... [More]

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Spy Deck Playing Cards

Decks of cards are usually pretty standard - one side has a uniform picture while the other side has the usual suit and number. Shake up your next bridge night with the Fausto and Co. Spy Deck Playing Cards ($16). One side of the cards... [More]

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Ele Villa Doll House

Move over, Barbie Dream House, the Ele Villa Doll House ($170) is the next biggest thing in (not so) humble abodes for toy dolls. In fact, its simple design and 360-degree play space make it ideal for any type of imaginative play a kiddo could... [More]

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Zap! Embossing Heat Gun

Crafty ladies for the Second Amendment! We may not be all that familiar with real pistols, but best believe we rarely leave the house without our trusty Zap! Embossing Heat Gun ($30). You can't be a boss embosser without some hot air; Zap! speeds up... [More]

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Stamp Stampede

We were talking to our human friend McDonald's about our other completely human friend ExxonMobil the other night and... Okay, never mind, as funny as it is to pretend that corporations are "people", that mentality has some pretty awful political ramifications. What's it going to... [More]

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Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Air Freshener

Car fresheners are generally limited to floral and fruity scents, which is why we felt like giddy kids when we discovered the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Air Freshener ($6). Shaped like your favorite theme park treat, the fake dairy product will leave a delightful... [More]

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