The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar

Does the scotch stocked standard Whisky Calendar fail to cut your mustard anymore? Perhaps it's time for an upgrade. The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar ($447) takes things up a shelf or two with nips of peaty single malts and top tier Japanese tipples. It's a... [More]

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Ballpoint Pen Trio

Admit it: how much of your office time do you spend getting important things done, and how much drifts by in a haze of celebrity gossip columns and pictures of adorable baby animals? We thought so. This Ballpoint Pen Trio ($14) splits the workload much... [More]

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Nothing kills your mood quite like having your phone die right in the middle of your latest silly cat video-fest. But who wants to lug a spare battery pack around all day on the off chance a YouTube binge drains your juice? You might feel... [More]

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Seasonal Beer Cards

'Tis the season... for milk stout and doppelbock, apparently. These Beer Cards ($14, set of 4) celebrate the turning of the seasons the same day we do, with an appropriate selection of tasty brews. Use them to send an inspiring quarterly greeting to the hop... [More]

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The World of Ice & Fire

No, it's not the follow up to A Dance with Dragons. George R.R. Martin would prefer to subject his fans to an even more agonizing wait for that one, instead plumping up his retirement account with The World of Ice & Fire ($35), Martin's answer... [More]

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Our Q&A a Day: A Three Year Journal

Aw, ain't that sweet. The Our Q&A a Day: A Three Year Journal ($17) gives you and your other half a reason to set down the phones at night when you climb into bed and interact with each other. The journal asks a question a... [More]

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Finger Monster Tattoos

Fingers haven't been this creepy since somebody gave you a wet willie. These Monster Tattoos ($7) transform your digits into a horde of fanged horrors, just waiting to get themselves into your leftover Halloween candy stash.... [More]

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Pumpkin Spice Loose Tea Canister

Why should coffee drinkers get to hog the festive seasonal fun? This Pumpkin Spice Loose Tea Canister ($15) from Tea Forte infuses the signature taste of autumn into an aromatic blend of quality black tea. And unlike most of those lattes, this warming beverage contains... [More]

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Pommery Mustard with Cognac

There are two things every foodie seems to collect with zeal: cheeses and mustards. While we admit that we'd probably choose to devour several varieties of the former, the latter stacks more easily in a pantry. Besides, this Pommery Mustard with Cognac ($20) spread over... [More]

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It's probably third on our list of things that suck, right after food poisoning and Carrot Top movies: doing laundry. Bad shellfish and Carrot Top can be avoided, but there's no getting around the need for clean clothes. Thankfully, if you live in one of... [More]

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Prince Lestat

Anne Rice might actually be a vampire. How else would she figure her fans must have the patience of immortals to wait thirty years to find out what happens after the cataclysmic events of The Vampire Lestat? But finally, a few decades and a brief... [More]

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Keep Running Medals Rack

First and foremost, your prize for running is knowing that if a giant T-Rex suddenly invades the land, you'd probably be less likely to be dino-meal than the rest of us doomed, lazy people. It makes all the medals you're going to hang on this... [More]

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Foldover Fob

You're the kind of person who appreciates order and organization in all facets of life, from your work file folders on your laptop to the multi-divider sections of your junk drawer. Nary a twist tie is out of place. Streamline your keys next by attaching... [More]

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Inherent Vice: A Novel

Thomas Pynchon novels can be... a bit difficult to read. We'll fully admit that we have a 50/50 track record ourselves. His plots meander, his sentences often feel like they need a red pen taken to them, and the overall themes are usually pretty damn... [More]

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Various Projects Albino Pigeon

If you've always loved the underdog team, or if you've always adopted the smallest and scruffiest kitten of the litter, or if you've always felt like people just didn't ever quite understand you, well, we think you'll find a wonderful friend in this Albino Pigeon... [More]

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kate spade new york ♥ Gap Bow Ballet Flats

If your kid is the greatest gift you've ever received, you should slap these Bow Ballet Flats ($50) on her precious little feet to remind you of that sentiment the next time she's having a major meltdown because you won't tell her what her Christmas... [More]

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Plane Awesome Paper Airplane Card

When we say that the Plane Awesome Paper Airplane Card ($7) by Ladyfingers Letterpress has everything, we mean it. The front boasts a compliment, a pun, and perforated paper airplane pieces so that the recipient can build their own plane. The inside is blank so... [More]

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Party On Bottle Opener

Well, obviously. Any time someone cracks open another cold one, the party continues! Okay, unless they then stumble into your side table and knock over a lamp. Then it may be time to call it quits for the evening, or at least declare last call... [More]

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Emilia Taupe Cashmere Travel Set

We're not saying that this Emilia Taupe Cashmere Travel Set ($395) is anywhere near affordable, but think of it this way: if you're traveling regularly, first class upgrades are bound to get expensive. And while there's no substitution for extra leg room and top shelf... [More]

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WeekDate Academic Calendar

We might have web jobs, but when it comes to our planners, we still think the pen is mightier than the cursor. But the most tiring task of a real, live, physical calendar is having to add in recurring events like accordion lessons and Taco... [More]

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