Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit

Your iPhone is stifling under the restrictions of its boring daily routine, going from purse to pocket and back again with little more than a selfie or a silly picture of your cat in between. Let it take a walk on the wild side with... [More]

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Cowgirl Chocolate Bars

Hands down, Fine & Raw makes some of the best chocolate we've ever had the pleasure of passing between our lips. Each time they do a new limited edition release, we pony up the cash and order it. We've already chowed down on two of... [More]

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Lovera Meat Marinade

Pfft, a little snow and a lotta cold isn't going to stop you from grilling out. You're made of tougher stuff than that! Of course, your steaks are anything but tough, especially when they've been marinated in the Lovera Meat Marinade ($5). Made with a... [More]

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Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending System

Suck at mixing cocktails? With this Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending system ($70), all you'll need to give the ladies of Coyote Ugly a run for their money is a smartphone or tablet, some sick dance moves, and the abs of a teenage gymnast.... [More]

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Sugarfina Chocolate Berry Basket

Berry season. It seems so far away, but we're not sure we can wait until the summer to enjoy that juicy sweetness. Okay, we could just buy off-season berries, or find them in the frozen section, but we've got a better idea. We'll nom on... [More]

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The Microchip Activated Pet Feeder

We may still be waiting for hoverboards, but for now, The Microchip Activated Pet Feeder ($80) has placated us. We truly feel like we're living in the future now that teeny microchips are being used for something as commonplace as feeding our pets. How does... [More]

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Straight From The Fridge, Dad

Straight From The Fridge, Dad: A Dictionary of Hipster Slang ($29) won't help you pass undetected among the flannel-clad, Wayfarer-wearing modern brand of hipsters. But it might help you and your friends create your own secret language incomprehensible to anyone under the age of seventy.... [More]

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TEATOX Skinny Detox Good Morning Tea

Will this TEATOX Skinny Detox Good Morning Tea ($20) cause you to miraculously shed pounds while pounding whoopie pies and avoiding the treadmill like a case of syphilis? Probably not. But it might provide a boost to your existing diet and fitness routine with a... [More]

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WOW Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Sure, options for wireless speaker systems abound - but how many of them are quite as cute as this WOW Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($75)? And what's wrong with using cuteness as your deciding factor? It served you fine when picking your dog, your boyfriend, and... [More]

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Electric Amphibious Vehicle

If only this Electric Amphibious Vehicle ($99) came with a minion. Then you'd have someone waiting by your fridge to restock it with beers before you navigate it back to your pool float. Of course, if you had a minion, you could just make him... [More]

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Amella Roasted Almond Caramels

How kind of Amella Caramels to bundle up their decadent Roasted Almond Caramels ($8, on sale) into single serving packages! Right? Six caramels is the ideal amount to stuff into your mouth on a Tuesday afternoon post-longest-meeting-ever? Oh, good. That's what we thought!... [More]

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This Bar Saves Lives

Granola bars are great. They taste almost like candy, but allow us to pretend that we're being healthy when we eat them instead of some boring old apple or a bunch of celery sticks. And snacking on This Bar Saves Lives ($20 for a box... [More]

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CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad

This CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad ($22) was very nearly Doubtblushed. After all, are we really looking for ways to get our kids to spend more time plugged into a tablet? Then again, if it gets them moving down that torturous... [More]

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Falksalt Wild Garlic Salt Flakes

No doubt about it, gourmet salts are a foodie's favorite dish finisher. Of course, the more pretentious the name of the salt, the higher the price climbs...unless you're working with Falksalt, a Swedish brand that pairs their sea salt flakes with delish umami flavors like... [More]

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The Three-Martini Playdate: A Practical Guide to Happy Parenting

Anyone who coos at you that "parenthood is a magical journey" and tells you that you are "so very blessed" is either several decades past their child-rearing days or straight-up lying to your face. It's not that kids aren't great, it's that they're simultaneously great... [More]

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Rabbit Storage Silicone Case for iPhone

It's not exactly a space-saver in your purse, but this Rabbit Storage Silicone Case for iPhone ($10) is cuter than a basket full of puppies. While it might suck at portability, it will sure look adorable decorating your desk.... [More]

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St. Vincent

When Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) was on The Colbert Report recently to talk about her new self-titled album ($10), she described her music as being at the intersection of "accessibility and lunatic fringe", and also threw in "technoshamanism." We would have never been able... [More]

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Habu Textiles Natural Cover Wrapped Cotton Yarn

Why settle for crocheting up an ordinary scarf when you can be creating your very own designer masterpiece? All it takes is a bit of luxury yarn. This Habu Textiles Natural Cover Wrapped Cotton Yarn ($10) is like the Jimmy Choo of knitting materials, instantly... [More]

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Beautiful Skin Cleanse Kit

A match made in heaven, Love Grace and TAY Organics have teamed up to give us a badass Beautiful Skin Cleanse Kit ($198 for a three-day cleanse). We're hoping it'll totally overhaul our dry winter skin by working both from the inside and outside. The... [More]

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Three Stripe Canvas Dog Toy Bin

Your dog has more toys than your three-year-old niece and you've tripped over them for the last time. The smart lookin' Three Stripe Canvas Dog Toy Bin ($38) from Waggo ought to solve your problem. It's large enough to store several stuffing-shedding squeaky animals and... [More]

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