Hickory Daiquiri Dock

Sleep deprivation, incessant screaming, and being frequently required to handle feces... sound like it might drive you to drink? The author of Hickory Daiquiri Dock ($11) agrees, transforming the familiar nursery rhymes of your childhood into recipes for much-needed cocktails. Commiserate over the trials -... [More]

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The Original Erase Case

Change your iPhone case as often as your socks? Save some cash and invest in the Original Erase Case ($30, on sale), which is like a whiteboard for your phone. It comes with a special set of markers that won't smear, but will easily wipe... [More]

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The Oxford Companion to Food

Food is the best. Where would we be without it? Sucking nutrient gruel through a tube, that's where. Celebrate the wonder of fueling your body by putting tasty things into your mouth with The Oxford Companion to Food ($43), a bewilderingly comprehensive guide to all... [More]

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Animal Planet Radio Control Inflatable T-Rex

Until they come up with one that stands about 20 feet tall, this Animal Planet Radio Control Inflatable T-Rex ($49) is on more of a velociraptor scale. But velociraptors are terrifying, so we figure this blow-up beast will still be good for creeping out a... [More]

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When it comes to tracking down amenities while on a long haul, conventional map apps fall flat. After all, you don't want to know where the nearest Cracker Barrel is if it means going 30 miles out of your way. You want the next Cracker... [More]

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Muddy Puppy Dog Soap

Want to give your pooch a treat? Well, this probably isn't it. After all, we've yet to meet a dog that loved getting a bath. But at least this 100% natural Muddy Puppy Dog Soap ($8) will leave your mutt feeling clean and freshly scented... [More]

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Cocktail R-Evolution Kit

Love high-end cocktails, but hate shelling out $25 for each custom-designed glass? The Cocktail R-Evolution Kit ($50) will have you frothing and foaming your way into serious competition with that trendy bar down the road. Learn four key techniques to modernist mixology: spherification, emulsification, gelification,... [More]

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National Parks Poster Art 2015 Calendar

This year, you've resolved to get outdoorsy. To prepare, you've been shopping online for hiking gear and watching lots of episodes of Alaskan Bush People. For a little extra inspiration to actually take that big step into the great outdoors, stick this National Parks Poster... [More]

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Monogamy: The Board Game

If the rigors of commitment have your eyes threatening to rove, maybe it's time for drastic measures. Monogamy ($20) turns getting sassy with your long-term partner into a dirty take on family game night. Start things off with a supposedly sexy staring contest, and progress... [More]

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Bang Candy Sparkle Bark

We're convinced that this Bang Candy Sparkle Bark ($25) is really dusted with crack. That can really be the only reason why we can't stop eating it, right? Okay, so it's not, and we're just having a hard time admitting that we're super addicted to... [More]

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Pocket Sized Power Flash

Hate the way your iPhone pictures look in low light? Stop blaming Steve Jobs. There's no camera on earth that can snap a perfect shot when things get dim. But that built-in flash leaves everyone looking like they're practicing for their mug shots. Solution? This... [More]

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Perfume Laboratory Kit

Turns out there's a heck of a lot of science behind that Chanel No. 5. Don't believe us? Pick up this Perfume Laboratory Kit ($20) and find out for yourself just how complicated things can get. It comes with equipment and detailed instructions for creating... [More]

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Hoyle Slice Cards

When we first saw these Hoyle Slice Cards ($5), we thought they were seriously neat. Then we realized that shuffling skinny little decks of cards requires roughly the same dexterity as assembling nanobots. It's a great case for involving small, nimble-fingered children in your poker... [More]

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Aqua Mood Light

Things looking a little dull in your aquarium? Of course they are. Fish are boring. If that's not good enough for you, you might try spicing things up with this Aqua Mood Light ($38). With 13 snazzy colors, from classic red and blue to wild... [More]

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Jiva Caramel Coffee Cubes

Instant coffee always has us conflicted. There's something to be said for having portable, easy-to-make caffeine on hand, but the taste? Ehhh, we've had hours old gas station cups with better flavor. Of course, that was before we tried Jiva's Caramel Coffee Cubes ($14, 24-pack).... [More]

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Stitch the Stars Calendar

Combine arts and crafts with time management with this Stitch Upon the Stars 2015 Calendar ($17). Each of its twelve pages comes with a printed constellation of the zodiac, ready for you to tie together with a few handy stitches. Even cooler? The included embroidery... [More]

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Mama O's Kimchi Kit

Fermentation makes everything better. Case in point: cabbage. Ordinary cabbage is about as exciting as eating a worn-out shoe. But pack that stuff into a jar, add salt, garlic, and plenty of spice, and it transforms into a complex, tangy, mouthwatering treat. Mama O's Kimchi... [More]

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DIY Tote Stencil Kit

Wish you could decorate your own accessories, but have the drawing skills of a rhinoceros? We have a perfect solution: stencils. This DIY Tote Stencil Kit ($25) makes it basically impossible to screw up decorating your very own kitty-themed tote bag. Just place the included... [More]

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Name That Movie: 100 Illustrated Movie Puzzles

Think you're a real cinema buff? Illustrator Paul Rogers wants to put you to the test. In Name That Movie ($12), he challenges you to guess the flick based on his whimsical illustrations of iconic scenes and sets, from the Big Kahuna Burger to the... [More]

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Hella Bitters Craft Your Own Bitters Kit

What does it take to transform a glass of mediocre vodka into a sublime cocktail experience? A dash or two of the right bitters. This Hella Bitters Craft Your Own Bitters Kit ($65) walks you through the surprisingly easy process of concocting your very own... [More]

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