Baby Costume Giveaway at The New Parents Guide!

LAST DAY FOR THIS, FOLKS! Got a kid to dress up this Halloween? If so, take full advantage of the fact. After all, you'll only have a few years where you can dress them up as whatever you want before they can fight back. Which... [More]

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Martha Stewart Creepy Candelabras

We could be stocking up on glitter and glue and DIYing the hell outta this Halloween, but we're too busy making our sexy Jawa costume. But as always, that queen bitch of crafting has our back, and we're picking up these Martha Stewart Creepy Candelabras... [More]

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Dr. Frybrain's Pumpkin Embalmer

It's been a few years since we've carved pumpkins for Halloween because it's always such a mess when they rot and decay on our doorstep. We pass it off as 'zombie pumpkin', but really, it's just gross. This year we're going to give Dr. Frybrain's... [More]

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Tricks & Treats Bundle

As much as we thought the lady down the street who gave out pencils or toothbrushes for Halloween was a buzz kill, we can't help but think how cool this Tricks & Treats Hand Sanitizer Bundle ($3 for 5- on sale!) would be for handing... [More]

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Jo Cupcake Brains! Cupcake Kit

Ah, Halloween. The time of year when all sorts of creepy crawly edibles arrive, including many options that give us the option to groan "braaaaainnsss" with sweet-tooth driven glee. this Jo Cupcake Brains! Cupcake Kit ($6) makes putting together gooey gross treats a snap. We... [More]

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Palmer Dr Scabs Monster Lab Chocolates

Palmer Dr. Scab's Monster Lab Chocolates

If you're having a Halloween soiree, you've got to fill your candy bowl with Palmer Dr. Scab's Monster Lab Chocolates ($12 for 63 pieces)! These chocolate and peanut butter flavored candies are shaped like body parts including heads, fingers, ears and eyes. Your guests will... [More]

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Walking Dead Zombie Garden Gnome

Some of you will believe this 'Walking Dead' Zombie Garden Gnome ($46) from Doug FX is appropriate for spooky Halloween decor. The rest of you will recognize that its creepy awesomeness should not be limited to only one month a year and will instead find... [More]

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Rose Vine Cake Wrap

We're certain no one will notice the bottom of your cake is a frosted mess, the top is sloping, or that one side slid into you when your boyfriend slammed on the breaks at a stoplight he thought he could make it through. What people... [More]

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Iron Accents Life's a Witch Box Sign

What better time to face the truth than Halloween? The Life's a Witch Box Sign ($14) certainly doesn't put a very cheery spin on things, but it will give you some cheeky decor as you host a fall party or two. Just be careful, the... [More]

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Doubtblush: Bridget by Roma Flirty Fruit Cup Costume

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to... [More]

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Jolly Roger Skull Etched Rocks Glasses

We are aiming to throw one hell of a Halloween party this October (we may or may not already have an extensive playlist ready on our iPods). It's not yet time to decorate, but we are collecting our props: fake leaves, cobwebs, and black food... [More]

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Silver Plated Teapot Place Card Holders

Vintage tea pots scored at the flea market? Check. Multiple tea choices? Check. Tasty crumpets and scones? Check. Satisfaction of knowing you won't have your mom-in-law and sailor-mouthed best friend sitting together? Check, thanks to some Silver Plated Teapot Place Card Holders ($18 for a... [More]

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Victorian Umbrella Points

Not into the whole tiki vibe? These Victorian Umbrella Points ($17) give off a party vibe without turning into one of those parties where people start using your lampshade as a head dress. Don't pretend you haven't considered doing it- especially if the lampshade looks... [More]

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Spider Web Cupcake Wrapper

We may or may not freak the heck out when we walk through a spider web (and make our husbands spend ten minutes triple checking us for spiders), but we're certain we'd forgive past traumatic experiences if you offered us a red velvet cupcake in... [More]

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BHLDN Trained Vine Candleholders

There comes a point where putting the same number of candles on your birthday cake as the number of years you're turning becomes a significant fire hazard. When you reach that age, there's no reason to stop celebrating. But, in the interest of safety, let... [More]

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Chia Herb Garden

Far beyond the Chia Pet that looked like our high school English teacher, the Chia Herb Garden ($16) is just in time for 'more herbs, less salt day.' We think a nice little herb garden in your window is a good way to honor it,... [More]

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Maple Syrup Favors

We've got the perfect favor for your Vermont (actually, anywhere) fall wedding! Use one of these charming Maple Syrup Favors ($5) as a place setting, send them as thank you gifts, or even forget the wedding and dress up your Thanksgiving table.... [More]

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But Mommy, I Don't Want To Grow Up Adult Costume

It's never too early to buy your boyfriend a costume for Halloween, especially when you feel it really fits his personality. But Mommy, I Don't Want To Grow Up Adult Costume ($56)... [More]

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Popcorn Bags

Germ-o-phobes, rejoice! Are you sick of sharing your popcorn? Do multiple hands in your popcorn bowl freak you out? Do you sometimes worry that the grease on the glass bowl has nothing do with the butter on the popcorn? Divvy up popcorn in these cute... [More]

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Spooky Soda Bottle Labels

Get out your sexy SpongeBob costumes, it's Halloween! Okay, so actually it's just late August but before you know it, the back to school section at Target will disappear only to be filled with aisles and aisles of October goodness!!! We have big party plans... [More]

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