Rx Timer Cap

Oh hey, cold and flu season. Looks like you're back again, huh? Welp, time to get out the tea, heating pads and extra boxes of tissues. This year, we're also going to try out some new technology in our flu-fighting arsenal. The Rx Timer Cap... [More]

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Misfit Shine

Finally, a fitness tracker that isn't a blight on our otherwise fashionable lives. The Misfit Shine ($120) is slightly larger than a quarter and can be worn on a band resembling a watch, as a necklace, or clipped to clothing in a discreet or not-so-discreet... [More]

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Eau Good Filter Water Bottle

We need a new water bottle, and even though we went looking for a plain Jane with no bells and whistles, we came across the Eau Good Filter Water Bottle ($20) from black + blum and couldn't resist. We're intrigued by the addition of charcoal,... [More]

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Tranquil Sounds Personal Oxygen Bar

There's a reason all those little old ladies are hauling tanks with them into the Legion hall. Sure, some of them might be suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. But we're betting at least a few are rolling their gas around for the extra pep... [More]

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Pretty Monsters Tattoo Balm

"Pretty Monsters" sounds like a brand you can trust when it comes to tattoos. Their Tattoo Balm ($9) mixes organic and unrefined ingredients to specifically target the healing of fresh tattoos without affecting the ink. Won't Mom be proud?... [More]

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Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak

Well, yeah, if you're lucky enough to know about your accident beforehand, you can casually make an appointment at the hospital and let them know to expect you...but the thing about accidents is that they always seem to happen accidentally. It's best to be prepared... [More]

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Posture Corrective Brace

Mom can't come to the office to tell you to sit up straight (which really is kind of a good thing). Wearing this Posture Corrective Brace ($40) is a constant reminder to "watch your back."... [More]

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EveryDrop Water Filter

You faithfully filter your water at home, but what happens when you're on the go? Do you grab your water bottle and fill 'er up at the drinking fountain at work? Filter water through the portable EveryDrop Water Filter ($20) and enjoy clean, yummy H2O... [More]

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Luxe Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

Don't those water bottles look all warm and cozy...not to mention affluent. Whether you're feeling sick, sore, or in need of tea in a place where you don't trust the water, let the Luxe Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle ($29) soothe your pain. Available in... [More]

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Public Toilet Survival Kit

Let's hope we never end up in the Worst Toilet in Scotland...but if we do, it's nice to know we'd have a fighting chance. The Public Toilet Survival Kit ($5) comes with a toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes, and a pair of latex-free disposable... [More]

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J&D's Bacon Lube

You know we love our wit, snark, puns and cringe-worthy commentary here at Outblush, and sometimes we're handed a product so perfect the copy practically writes itself. Bacon Lube ($12) pretty much made our heads explode as zingers about hogs, porking, meat, and squealing all... [More]

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Barr-Co. Hand Sanitizer

It's flu season, and we all know the best way to keep yourself from becoming a miserable pile of raging sinus pressure is to keep those hands clean. Help motivate yourself to stay germ-free by keeping this Barr-Co. Hand Sanitizer ($8) on your counter. With... [More]

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Romantic Comedy Dream Mask

Give your dreams a nudge in the right direction by wearing the Romantic Comedy Dream Mask ($10). Turn off the lights, settle in, and cross your fingers that Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Jake Johnson makes an appearance in dreamland...preferably both at once, and vying for your... [More]

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Lapka Personal Environment Monitor

Finally conquered your germophobia? Well, don't think that means your microscopic enemies aren't still out there, plotting to get you! Your only hope is the Lapka Personal Environment Monitor ($249 for set) to let you know what you're up against! It measures the state of... [More]

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Manduka Black Magic PRO

Midway through yoga class, you're feeling the high of meditation and motivation, so you need to be sure your gear can support you as you move seamlessly through your sun salutations. Rely on the Manduka Black Magic PRO ($100). It won't curl up around the... [More]

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Scrabble Luxury Edition

Yeah, yeah, Words with Friends is a free app you can access every time you whip out your phone. But consider adding the Scrabble Luxury Edition ($200) to your board game collection anyway. That's a helluva price tag, but it's totally worth it when your... [More]

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Nothing kicks a hangover like a tough session at the gym, but combining a night on the town with a morning on the treadmill leaves your body in need of a few key ingredients. LYTEshow ($30) is a concentrated beverage additive that helps you stock... [More]

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thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle

What makes the Insulated Sports Bottle ($20) from thinksport different from every other sport bottle on the market? Probably the bottle's double-walled, medical-grade stainless steel construction. The tough-stuff bottle is BPA- and epoxy-free so you get to enjoy your water without any potentially harmful side... [More]

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Black Fire Compression Arm Sleeve

The concept behind the Black Fire Compression Arm Sleeve ($10) is that wearing something really, really tight will improve your circulation... If you say so, scientists. Still, athletes claim it actually improves their performance in sports and exercise, and there's nothing wrong with the fire... [More]

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Vibram Five Fingers KomodoSport LS

Mittens can be so frustrating - but that design idea is essentially the same one that's behind ninety percent of all shoes. Give your toes some breathing room with the Vibram Five Fingers KomodoSport LS ($110). If you don't think these shoes will give you... [More]

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