Healthy Indulgence Chocolate

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients that you need for vital health and bones. If you're not getting enough calcium from your diet, these Healthy Indulgence Chocolate Balls ($12) are a yummy alternative. Fortified with vitamin D, no, they don't taste like the... [More]

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Safe Side Towel

Going to the gym is a healthy habit, but it's worth being wary of (for lack of a better word) cooties. Bringing a work out towel to sop up your own sweat and use as a barrier on benches is good, but unless you're paying... [More]

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Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD

Get the best Pilates moves by using this Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD ($25)! Who needs to be a slave to those pricey studios (where we invariably rip some sensitive crotchital inner working and have to limp out) when you can workout in... [More]

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If Mode Bicycle

Sick of high gas prices, fighting over parking spots, and endless hours idling in traffic - or even hours spent on public transportation? The If Mode Bicycle ($2250) was designed specifically for city commuters: it folds into a compact, easy-to-carry package so you can store... [More]

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A Fall Gift of Health Savings at Rite Aid

We don't know about you all, but we're starting to get that desire to stay in, snuggle under the covers, and drink hot chocolate (lots of it). It's just one of those instinctual impulses we get every year as soon as the weather turns from... [More]

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Moustache Bandages

No true 'stache aficionado can tend her flesh wounds without the healing powers of Moustache Bandages ($7) from Urban Outfitters. Each tin, inscribed with the uplifting slogan "disguise your pain," contains 25 bandages with four different mustache designs. Don't be a 'stache hog. Share them... [More]

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Purified Performance Water

Jennifer Aniston may have paused before sponsoring Smart Water if she'd seen Aqua Hydrate's Purified Performance Water ($2). Taking the Aqua-Hydrate Challenge would trump our craziest crash-dieting ventures (we don't want to remember the grapefruit and cottage cheese incident) - drinking ONLY water for 6... [More]

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Mari Winsor's Pilates for Pink Workout DVD

We all know that exercise makes you healthy, and a healthier you is less likely to get cancer. Get flexible and toned with the special edition Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Workout DVD, ($15) which donates $1 from each sale to the Breast Cancer Research... [More]

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StressEraser Personal Biofeedback Device

Before you start throwing chairs around the office (and throwing out your back) -- oh, we've all been there -- try the calm-inducing comforts of the StressEraser personal biofeedback device ($179). The StressEraser is a handheld gadget that helps you regulate your breathing, lower your... [More]

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Heal Depression Hypnosis

The changing seasons have got us mourning the loss of summer. Being bummed out isn't cute, so Heal Depression Hypnosis ($20) peaked our interest. We have a sneaking suspicion that this snake oil uses the placebo effect more than actual healing techniques, but if it... [More]

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Peeka-Bu Intimate Grooming Mirror

You're cutting back on salon visits, doing your own pedicures and facials; good for you! But we bet you haven't tackled the last DIY frontier. Down there. The Peeka-Bu Intimate Grooming Mirror ($29-32) is specially designed to help you see what's up in the nether... [More]

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Skechers Shape-Up Sneakers

If you're anything like us, you have *cough* more days than there should be when you just don't have time to work out. As crazy as it sounds, though, what if you could get a great core muscle workout just by walking around and doing... [More]

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Altus Athletic Foam Roller

We know, this looks like a little log of Styrofoam, and what on earth could be noteworthy about that, right? Ladies, meet your new personal massager (uh, not that kind). With a Foam Roller ($23), you use your own body weight to apply pressure to... [More]

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Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred

If you watch The Biggest Loser, then you've seen how insane Jillian Michaels can get. When she gets really worked up, they have to bleep out half of her tirades. But she produces seriously impressive results, so we decided to get on the bandwagon and... [More]

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Comic Strip Bandages

"Holy owie, Batman! That's one swell bandage you've got covering your boo-boo." "Why, thank you, Robin. Yes, these Ouch! Comic Strip Bandages ($5) are a must-have for any superhero. Why should we have plain bandaids when we can use ones that match our fighting noises?... [More]

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Time to update your at-home workout routine. We find that adding in new workout equipment (and clothes!) or at least new exercises tends to keep us motivated, and right now our interest has been piqued by the Valslide ($30). Created by celeb trainer Valerie Waters... [More]

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Surf Shelf

Okay, this is incredibly cool, and another one to add to the "Why didn't we think of this?" files. The Surf Shelf ($40) allows you to safely attach any laptop or portable DVD player to your treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical. No more lugging your... [More]

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GoDelight Snack Pack

These GoPicnic Snack Packs are such a great idea! Take the GoDelight Pack ($5) for instance. This little package of yumminess has French strawberry jam, organic crackers, sun butter spread, apricots, pomegranate raspberry cashew crunch and an organic dark chocolate sandwich cookie. All for five... [More]

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balance pod-s.jpg

Aeromat Balance Pod

For fitness fine tuning, try the Aeromat Balance Pod ($15). A targeting tool for balance training and motor skill development, these are great for keeping you on your feet by strengthening minor muscles that are often neglected. Arrange the pods on the flat side down... [More]

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Birds Water bottle-s.jpg

Royal Birds Water Bottle

Staying hydrated ensures healthy, glowing skin and hair, and with the Royal Birds Water Bottle ($22) we'll have extra motivation to chug down good ole H2O. Adorable crowned birds perch in a vibrantly colored environment on this cutesy water bottle. Dent-resistant food-grade stainless steel and... [More]

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