Cheap Thrill, Special Edition: Emergency Burn Kit

Planning to stay at the Vdara next time you're in Vegas? Beware the "death ray". Or at least pack one of these along: this emergency burn kit ($14) from Water Jel contains gauze, dressings, bandages, and burn gel. Just in case you happen to be... [More]

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nepal magnetic bracelet-s.jpg

Nepal Magnetic Bracelet

Athletes and quack doctors swear by them, but we thought all magnetic bracelets were ugly. The twisty Nepal Magnetic Bracelet ($25) by Sergio Lub proved us wrong. If we had to raise our batting average, we'd choose this one.... [More]

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Madsen Cargo Carrying Cycle

If you like the idea of being eco-friendly enough to forgo the old automobile every once in awhile when you run errands, but you aren't sure how you would cart the kids to the store and still manage to bring home groceries, this is your... [More]

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10 Minute Solution: Pilates for Beginners

Look, we all know how intimidating it can be to join an exercise class, particularly if you're not familiar with the moves. Not kidding about this kids...10 Minute Solution: Pilates for Beginners ($11) is a great place to begin learning the basics of Pilates. It's... [More]

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aroma therapy lamp-s.jpg

Aromatherapy Salt Lamp

Remember the Himalayan Salt Lamp we featured a while back? Well here's a subtly scented spin on the idea: The Aromatherapy Salt Lamp ($43) naturally filters pollutants and allergens out of the air and burns safely for however long we want. Lavender essential oil brings... [More]

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Omron Scale

If you've suddenly realized that you only have four months to make good on your "get in shape" New Year's Resolution, it might be time to get moving - literally. It helps to have the right tools to track your progress, and we like the... [More]

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Nike+ GPS App

If you've always been intrigued by Nike+ but swear by another brand of running shoe, now you can reap the benefits of workout tracking and GPS (erm, if you have an iphone). The new Nike+ GPS App ($2) allows you to run with only your... [More]

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Total Reflexology Kit

Ever had one of those days? Flipped a truck driver off on your way into the office, had a headache, and thought you might be having a panic attack? Well, thousands of years of practice have gone into Reflexology, a technique that helps you pinpoint... [More]

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Billy Blanks Jr: Dance With Me Cardio Fit

We prefer dance workout videos for our regular sweat sessions, since those seem a little less like torture, so we're always perusing the web for something new to try. Available on 9/7/10, Billy Blanks Jr: Dance With Me Cardio Fit ($11) looks like fun, judging... [More]

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Keep Calm First Aid Kit

Keep calm and carry on really is the perfect mantra for a first aid kit, isn't it? Although we're not sure how effective it would be at actually bandaging a wound, it's nice to have a calming British aphorism there to guide you. Or not.... [More]

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Manuka Prana Acupressure Mat

We don't need a yogi guru to know that the Manuka Prana Acupressure Mat ($35, including cute bag) is a good buy. Apply the ancient philosophy of Chinese Acupressure to everyday lady pains, and feel smarter for it. 6000 points in our body get undivided... [More]

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Pilates Gym Bag

We know we don't have to look pulled together when we go to Pilates class, but as long as we're paying so blessed much for use of the equipment, we might as well dress ourselves up a bit. This very hip Pilates Gym Bag ($42)... [More]

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If you're going to spend ten grand on a piece of exercise equipment, you damn well better not use it to drape your laundry on. We don't know if its jaw-dropping design will actually make you work out more, but the Ciclotte ($10,700) is certainly... [More]

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bollywood booty-s.jpg

Hemalayaa: Bollywood Booty

Ever since Slumdog Millionare came out, we've been intoxicated by upbeat dances of Bollywood choreography. Hemalayaa: Bollywood Booty ($15) is our at-home Dance Your Ass Off, except we don't wanna lose our bubble butt. Hello, curvaceous behinds are totally in, and we just need a... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Fitness Incentives for Bekah

Bekah P. wrote, "Oh, Outblush, how I love you! So much so, in fact, that I am trusting you enough to broach a topic I NEVER bring up in public --- my weight. Recently, my husband and I started a new diet, and whenever I... [More]


Rectangular airCORE™ Bolster

A bony butt isn't always a sought after thing - especially when you're trying to get comfortable in Lotus pose. The Rectangular airCORE™ Bolster ($65) is the perfect boost in sitting positions to help keep your bum comfortable and elevated. Allowing you to go deeper... [More]

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moth lavender-s.jpg

Donna Wilson Lavender Moth

It takes a quirky stuffed thing for us to realize that we need to take a sec and relax. Tuck the Donna Wilson Lavender Moth ($16) under your pillow or lay it over your eyes to feel the calming effect of aroma therapy. This herbal... [More]

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Beinjoy Embossed Love Mat

Your yoga practice is about to get seriously serene and comfortable courtesy of the lovely Beinjoy Embossed Love Mat ($62). Featuring a butterfly floating in a field of lotus flowers, these unique mats are sticky for superior traction and grip. Made of recyclable and eco-friendly... [More]

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Ducky Retro Ice Bag

Rubber Ducky, you're the one. You make hangovers lots of fun! Ducky Retro Ice Bag ($14).... [More]

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Alex Bottle

It seems like most of the population is on the reusable water bottle bandwagon, which is awesome. Yay environment! But, it seems like a lot of bottles have a few flaws... hard to clean (unless you get one of those tiny little toilet brushes), can't... [More]

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