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21 Drops Aromatherapy

Between cool typographic packaging and treatments for almost everything under the sun, 21 Drops Aromatherapy ($28 each) is tempting our senses. Twenty-one different exotic essential oils claim to cure our worst afflictions with formulas to fight hangovers, PMS, and stress, just to name a few.... [More]

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Fuel Belt Sprint Palm Holder

Fuel Belt Sprint Palm Holder

Before you head out for you next bike excursion, be sure you have the Fuel Belt Sprint Palm Holder ($12) in hand. This ergonomic bottle contours to your hand and it also has a zip pocket, which is awesome for storing your house keys or... [More]

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Dragon Cool Mist Humidifier

You're not the only one with your thermostat cranked this winter. Cooped up inside, this dry air sitch is gettin' a little out of control. The adorable Dragon Cool Mist Humidifier ($35) revives our air, so we can breathe easy. See ya later, morning sore... [More]

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Canvas Round Meditation Cushions

No, these aren't felted Necco Wafers! They're Round Meditation Cushions ($95) from Canvas. Perfect for getting in touch with your inner self, experiencing peace and serenity, and all that yoga...stuff. We'll admit to being a little impatient with meditation, so maybe cushioning our bums instead... [More]

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Gel Water Bottle

Ease the pain of your monthly enemy "friend" with this simple Gel Water Bottle ($18). The gel insert heats up nice 'n quick in the microwave, and also cools easily in the refrigerator, and the plush, soft sweater knit cover provides extra insulation & comfort.... [More]

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Fitbook Fitness Nutrition Journal

Oh, how we adore resolutions around here. Recently, we've been reading about how people who write down everything they eat and record their exercise actually lose more weight. So, with a shrug and a sweet "What the hell?" we've decided to give it a shot.... [More]

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Fitter First Bongo Board

What is it with us and exercise equipment lately? Oh yeah, that's right, we've been trying on holiday clothes (don't even get us started on the lighting in dressing rooms). The Bongo Board ($100) is a little different, but can produce some pretty great results.... [More]

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Special Guest Post by Fit Bottomed Girls: A Workout Detox?

Everyone, say a big, friendly Outblush welcome to Jennipher from Fit Bottomed Girls! If you've never been to this site, you're missing out on a wealth of great posts on exercise, nutrition, beauty products, and fitness industry news. Detoxes seem to be all the rage... [More]

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Gaiam Yogacise Body Lift

Okay, who are we kidding here? We're less than a month away from making New Year's resolutions and those resolutions are likely going to sound a lot like this: "I'm going to begin making healthy food choices. I'm going to exercise every single day. I'm... [More]

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The Clean Bottle

Gotten into the reusable water bottle habit, but hate how they can get moldy at the bottom if you're not hyper-diligent about cleaning 'em? The designers of The Clean Bottle ($10 each) feel the same way. That's why they've come out with The Clean Bottle,... [More]

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yoga tart set-s.jpg

Yoga Tart Set

For that devilishly sexy girl that only works out at hip-hop dance class or yoga, the Yoga Tart Set ($89) is something to seriously consider. Sure, we can pick a top, booty-shorts, and leg warmer set in the totally 80s section at Target, but we... [More]

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biker shorts-s.jpg

Re Collection Bike Shorts

Spending over fifty dollars for fitness clothes doesn't make us happy, but we know the sky's the limit for hardcore bikers. Might we tempt OB readers with the subtle ombre Re Collection Bike Shorts ($68)? The contrast denim side panels make these extra eccentric.... [More]

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NYC Body Sculpting Workout

Not sure if you've heard about this workout DVD, but we wanted to let you know about it. The NYC Body Sculpting Workout ($18) has been ranked by exercise experts as a top pick for a solid in-home workout routine. We like the fact that... [More]

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Gold's Gym Dance Workout

Get your sweat on, crush calories and actually enjoy working out with Gold's Gym Dance Workout ($29). The game is dedicated to helping you increase your fitness levels, lose weight and get this - have fun! Full of popular songs, learn choreography, Latin dance, and... [More]

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AromaFloria's Sinus Help

We like AromaFloria's Sinus Help ($6) as an alternative to popping another pill to help us breathe. It's the blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass that we sniff from this bottle that helps relieve that yucky stuffiness associated with colds and allergies. We especially like... [More]

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Rebloom Beauty Sleep Drink

You ever wake up looking like you've been dragged behind a John Deere for an acre or two? As difficult as it is for us to imagine you looking haggard and tired, we know that after a poor night's sleep, we are forced to depend... [More]

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heidi klum new balance-s.jpg

Heidi Klum for New Balance T-top

We still don't like that Project Runway is a friggin' HOUR AND A HALF, but the recent sportswear episode was amusing. Ok, well, Heidi Klum recruited some amateur designers to add some looks to her line for NB; designer Andy South won, and got three... [More]

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BORBA Gummi Bear Boosters

BORBA Gummi Bear Boosters

Who would think that you could enhance the appearance of your skin by eating gummi bears? Well certainly not us, but if it's true, where do we sign up? BORBA Gummi Bear Boosters ($12) contain a revolutionary bio-vitamin complex, which has been shown to help... [More]

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Ninja Adhesive Bandages

Let these stealthy Ninja Bandages ($4 for a box of 15) fight off germs the next time you find yourself with a scrape. Or we guess you could give them to an age-appropriate recipient, like the 10 year old in the house down the street.... [More]

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Tummy Tuck Sticks

Tummy Tuck Sticks

Ok so let's get this straight? A tummy tuck in the form of a drink? Ummm....we need (rather WANT) this, STAT! Rodial Tummy Tuck Sticks ($60) are a dietary supplement that helps digestion and reduces bloating while flattening your tummy and waist. And, best of... [More]

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