Tone Fitness Adjustable Weighted Jump Rope

Does anyone else remember when we used to jump rope for fun? The Tone Fitness Adjustable Weighted Jump Rope ($9) may not have you begging your friends to come over and take turns swinging the rope, but it will burn close to 1000 calories an... [More]

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Sir Richard's Condoms

Kinda like the Tom's Shoes of condoms, Sir Richard's Condoms ($13) mixes charity with pleasure by donating a condom to someone in need for every rubber sold. The whole charity with pleasure reminds us of a few college dates. We're assuming they're not going to... [More]

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Best Made First Aid Kit

We'd prefer to be rescued by a Saint Bernard, or better yet a Swiss alps guide named Bernard, but in a fix we can do with the Best Made First Aid Kit ($89). We suggest keeping it near the knives in the kitchen or next... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Soap to GoTravel Size Adventure Sticks

We've been looking for something like these Soap to Go Travel Size Adventure Sticks ($5 for 10) by Prunella Soap for a while now. We're not keen on hand sanitizer in our purses ever since it exploded all over our favorite leather bag, and public... [More]

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Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones

The bitch is back! Ok, not really, Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones ($9) has been around for ages but no one talks about it because it strikes fear into the hearts of all those who have experienced it. Seriously, a baby is crying in... [More]

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Organic Avenue LoveCleanse

We spend gobs and gobs of money hitting up the smoothie and juice bars in the gym/mall/farmer's market/anywhere with a blender that accepts debit. We honestly wish someone would just plop one down on our desk at every lunch hour. Organic Avenue LoveCleanse ($inquire) is... [More]

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The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You

True, you could access WebMD or thousands of other websites for free, but sometimes it's nice to have something to page through at 3am when you're convinced you have Dengue fever, the Bubonic plague, or any of those totally random, obscure diseases Dr. House diagnoses... [More]

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Spoke N Wheel Bike Bell

Have you worn out your bike bell thanks to a whole summer of riding? We know you'll be on two wheels until it snows, so instead of trading in your bike for another type of transportation, why don't you just trade in your busted bell... [More]

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Man Bibs

So, it's not really a Doubtblush, because it actually seems like it could maybe be a good idea. And we don't (yet) have an OMGWTF This Exists?! feature, so we guess we're just showing you these Man Bibs ($30) because we have to share. This,... [More]

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Hemalayaa: Bollywood Party Workout

Why this Bollywood routine got Clarice cut from So You Think You Can Dance last week, we'll never know - maybe because thousands of girls & women were jealous that she got to kiss Robert? (editor's note: *swoon*) Anyways, the routine, plus the group number... [More]

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Sophie Prone Pregnancy Cushion

You know how getting a massage is so great because you can actually lie flat on your stomach without your neck being at a weird angle because of the awesome head donut pillow? Well, the Sophie Prone Pregnancy Cushion ($70) is a donut pillow for... [More]

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Plank's Art Shag Yoga Mat

At first glance, we thought the Plank's Shag Yoga Mat ($105) was mimicking the imprint of hands on a sandy beach, but it's actually just a photo of shag carpet. We don't know about you, but we'll keep our hundred bucks and jam our own... [More]

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ANDREA Plant-based Air Purifier

So, air purifiers kind of weird us out. We think they're great and all, but we prefer to live in denial about whatever sort of icky stuff might be floating around in the air that would cause us to need a purifier in the first... [More]

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yoga trainermat-s.jpg

Yoga Trainermat Mat

We've seen the standard trainermat at every neighborhood YMCA, but the Yoga Trainermat Mat ($27) is somethin' else. Who knew? Yes, you CAN get in shape without an expensive gym membership. This eco-friendly yoga mat is our soon to be hot body's best friend. OMG... [More]

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SportBell Adjustable Dumbbells

If you're anything like us, you barely have time to get dressed in the mornings, let alone get to the gym. Don't let your jam packed schedule get in the way of your fitness; stow the SportBell Adjustable Dumbbells ($70) in your office, and get... [More]

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Yakkay Tokyo New Jazz Bike Helmet

Wait, is it a hat or is it a bike helmet? We're happy to report that it's both! Yakkay, a Danish company has released a line of helmets that are as stylish as they are good for your noggin's safety. The Tokyo New Jazz Bike... [More]

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Basis Band

A heart rate monitor is too dang uncomfortable to wear for much longer than a workout, and most fitness trackers make us look like we might be half robot given the size of the thing strapped to our arm. The Basis Band ($199 preorder) keeps... [More]

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Owl Hot Water Bottle

Usually once a month we wish we had a hot water bottle to cuddle with. Also right about that time that it would be nice if there was something cute to make us smile. Boyfriends, if you know what's good for you, you'll have an... [More]

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Bamboo Bottle

Bamboo and glass. Simple, clean and sustainable. There's no wondering about bizarre chemicals that could leach into your water with the Bamboo Bottle ($25). It's easy to clean with a removable top and bottom - you can even put the interior glass right in the... [More]

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Kor Hydration Vessels

The Kor Hydration Vessel ($30) is beautiful to look at, helps you save the planet, and hydrates you while you work out or while you're at work. Blah, blah, blah. Seriously, we love this because "hydration vessel" sounds way more high tech than "water bottle",... [More]

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