Are your late nights and early mornings catching up with you? Get back on track with the WakeMate ($60). Slip on the wristband, set the application on your phone or iPad, and let it wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. You... [More]

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Proper Attire Rebecca Minkoff Collection

Proper attire is often requested though not always necessarily required... unless we're talking about safe sex. Which, coincidentally, we are. Proper Attire Condoms ($6) have a handful of well-known designers creating packaging for their prophylactics, and one of our faves, Rebecca Minkoff, happens to have... [More]

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Super Grippy Yoga Gloves

No longer will we worry about doing a face-plant while practicing the downward dog. These Super Grippy Yoga Gloves ($15) won't budge while you're in slippery positions. Now you can focus on your breathing instead of not making any other awkward moves or noises. Don't... [More]

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InStride Cycle XL Pedal Exerciser

You're sitting as you're reading this, aren't you? Maybe you're even munching on that cinnamon bun you grabbed at the morning meeting. Counter the calories with this InStride Cycle XL Pedal Exerciser ($40). Designed to fit conveniently under your desk, it enables you to pedal... [More]

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Clean Bottle

We don't like to think about what's lurking at the bottom of our water bottle. We scrub and wash as best we can, but we're too lazy to buy a special dish brush just to get to the bottom of our bottle. Someone must've been... [More]

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P90X2 Ultimate

You tried P90X once. At least thirty whole days of it. You'd seen those inspiring before-and-after photos and dared to dream the dream. At the end, your skinny college jeans continued to mock you. Perhaps it's time to take it to the next level, to... [More]

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Hot Walkers

Everyone knows it's great to augment your walking workout by toting a little extra weight. These Hot Walkers ($19) will help you tone your arms while you're tightening up your rear. But that's not all: they'll also help you rain holy terror down on anyone... [More]

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Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Ointment

We hear those barre classes are intense. As in can't sit down after, muscles in agony, jelly legs intense. Rub some Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Ointment ($10) on aching muscles and you'll be ready for your next class in no time. You tiger,... [More]

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Polar FT7

Contrary to our husband's beliefs, we don't work out just so we can buy cute workout clothes. We actually want to burn those calories to balance our massive sweet tooth, too! The Polar FT7 ($120) helps us know when we're in the fat-burning range and... [More]

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Therm-O Terra Tea/Water Thermos

Maybe if Steve Martin had sung about this Therm-O Terra Tea/Water Thermos ($27) he would have caught his lady faster... It's the extra best thermos that you can buy...... [More]

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Fuse Smash Dress

We're not sure whether the 'Smash' in the Fuse Smash Dress ($110) is for how smashing you'll look while you're creaming your tennis opponent, or how hard you'll be smashing those fuzzy, yellow tennis balls over the net. We do know that you will look... [More]

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What Happened? Bandages

Not only is it annoying to be asked over and over why you're wearing a bandage, it's embarrassing to answer "I cut myself opening a banana." Solve both problems with these What Happened? Bandages ($7) which offer an outrageous answer to keep your nosy coworkers... [More]

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Fit Body Yoga DVD

Some of us are still recovering from our holiday benders. Some of us still can't fit into our favorite jeans. Some of us need to pop in the Fit Body Yoga DVD ($15) to get ourselves balanced again... some of us, um, right here.... [More]

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His And Hers Flavored Dental Floss

So... assuming you're trying to attract a mate and not scare anyone away, you'd think the bacon floss would be for the girl and cherry floss for the guy. No girl wants to kiss a bacon face, so her man should use the cherry. And... [More]

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Mammut Ophira 3 Slide Climbing Harness

This New Year's Goals: 1. Try something new 2. Be more active Looks like this Mammut Ophira 3 Slide Climbing Harness ($55) will take care of both those goals. We think we'll start out at the local rock climbing quarry and then move on to... [More]

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Yakkay Bike Helmet

If we have to wear a bike helmet, we'd prefer to wear the cool Yakkay Bike Helmet ($65). At least it doesn't make us look like a 7th grader with braces again. Who says safety can't look cute?... [More]

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21 Drops 11 De-Stress Essential Oil Rollerball

If deep breathing, OOMs, and yoga haven't worked so far, give the 21 Drops 11 De-Stress Essential Oil Rollerball ($29) a try. Smooth it on during a long plane ride, before a board meeting, or while waiting for the kids in your carpool.... [More]

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Stay Stress-Free in 2012 with these Simple Suggestions

2012 is here and we want to make sure that this year is as fun, stress-free, and relaxing for everyone as possible. We know that life can throw in a couple of unexpected surprises (good and bad), but there are some simple things we can... [More]

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We went on a bit of a bender this holiday season, so of course, today we hear about the miraculous Bytox ($3) - a patch that prevents hangovers! While we're not ready to hit the bottle in the name of research just yet, we've done... [More]

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Upcycled Jump Rope

Saved from rotting away in a dump, these Upcycled Jump Ropes ($18) were converted from mountain-climbing rope and reclaimed rubber (for the handles). Aside from the fact that they look cooler than most jump ropes, they boast a super workout, tuck into a suitcase more... [More]

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