Bites of Bliss Superfood Bites

Congratulations! You've successfully made it through the first part of the year and you totally stuck to your diet lifestyle change! You are better people than we are. The snacking got to us, but we're determined to change our ways. Let's all skip the processed,... [More]

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Amphipod Printed Hydraform Handheld Bottle

Those of you who can make it through an entire run without stopping for water, raise your hand. None of you? Us neither. We'd yet to find a good water bottle that was easy to take on runs until we discovered the Amphipod Printed Hydraform... [More]

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Abraham Lincoln Bandages

Why aren't these called Band Abes? Abraham Lincoln Bandages ($5)... [More]

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Jack Frost Vapour Rub

We love Vicks VapoRub. When it comes to beating winter coughs and dripping noses, it's magic in a blue plastic tub. But whipping it out in public places is something less than elegant. Think how much more classy this tin of Jack Frost Vapour Rub... [More]

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The gym's a lot more crowded these days than it was at the beginning of December, and as a result there's rarely a locker free to stash our stuff in. We don't mind toting around our outer layer, but more than a few times we've... [More]

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Fitness Buddy App

If your New Year's resolution is to save money, then springing for a gym membership makes about as much sense as buying a mini iPad to go with your iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple TV. Instead, splurge a measly buck on the Fitness Buddy... [More]

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First Vaid Box

No, that's not a typo. The "vaid" in the First Vaid Box ($24) refers to the Hindi word "vaidya." Now it all makes sense! Toss bandages, cream, and disinfectant into the box and you'll have an instant go-to kit. Stash it in the kitchen, the... [More]

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Le Parcel

Finally! A subscription box that comes when you need it most each month! We're completely digging the idea behind Le Parcel ($15 monthly). Pick what time of the month you'd like your box to arrive, fill it up with your preferred brand of tampons and/or... [More]

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Gaiam Yoga Mat Wash

Smelled a Bikram studio lately? Who the hell would want to bring that kind of stank home with them? Of course, we're pretty sure Bikram practitioners burn their mats between sessions, but after a few classes even traditional yogis can end up with some smelliness... [More]

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yogitoes rDot

We used to do yoga intermittently, and always had a decent time, but we never enjoyed it enough to make it a regular occurrence... until the day we used a yoga block and realized how much better our practice was when we could actually get... [More]

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Personal Sunlight Therapy

Daylight saving time sucks. When it starts, we have to drag our sorry butts out of bed a full hour ahead of our internal clocks. And when it ends, we plummet into a land of seemingly eternal darkness. It's like a conspiracy against those suffering... [More]

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iCrew 4 Bike Mount

Instead of just using your bicycle as a means to get around and simultaneously exercise, now you can watch a movie on it, too! Or read the paper! Or catch up on Outblush. All thanks to the iCrew 4 Bike Mount ($48). Available in black... [More]

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Platypus plusBottle

Collapsible bottles are flooding the extreme sport market, and because we take a Pilates class and run three times once a week, of course, we have to have one. The Platypus plusBottle ($17) tops our list, seeing as it's favored by all sorts of adventurous... [More]

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Bay Skidless Yoga Mat

It's tough to maintain a good downward dog when your towel or mat insists on sliding across the hardwood floor. This Bay Skidless Yoga Mat ($64) will stay right where you want it to, making you more likely to to get through that Vinyasa class... [More]

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Isa's Restoratives Sleep Well Tincture

Mama said knock you out...with something slightly more potent than Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime Herbal Tea. This Isa's Restoratives Sleep Well Tincture ($14) uses natural plant extracts to help bring on the zzzz, including soothing (and legal) California poppy.... [More]

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New Wave Enviro 2.2 Resin Bottle

This New Wave Enviro 2.2 Resin Bottle ($14) is perfect for the motivated and determined gym rat. It's big, it's BPA-free, and it sports a nifty handle. So let's all toast to good health and lots of trips to the bathroom!... [More]

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Moji 360 Mini Massager

Finally, a personal massager we can show you on Outblush without the NSFW puppy! While this Moji 360 Mini Massager ($30) may not have the same results as the kind you keep in your bedside drawer, it's certain to make you feel good. Excellent for... [More]

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No Smoking Pencils

Trying to de-nicotine your life? Instead of letting that hand-to-mouth fixation drive you to doughnuts, pick up a pack of these No Smoking Pencils ($60). Then, rather than giving yourself lung cancer or an expanded waistline, you can write an epic novel or two.... [More]

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Therasage Instant Calmer Heating Pads

Deep, penetrating heat stimulates muscles to relieve pain and relax you well into the night. And then there are the Therasage Instant Calmer Heating Pads ($140 and up) to go with him.... [More]

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Fitbit Ultra

Are you getting serious about getting fit? Don't do it without the Fitbit Ultra ($100), a teensy wireless tracker that gives you accurate data on your daily routine. Keep tabs on your steps, your sleep patterns, your stair climbing, your distance traveled, your calories burned...the... [More]

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