That Blows Hankie Set

We're headed into the type of in-between weather that always seems to leave everyone battling a few sniffles, or worse, a full-blown allergy attack. Ugh! Keep the That Blows Hankie Set ($20) from House 8810 stashed in your purse. The envelope contains five hankies that... [More]

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Martone Cycling Company Women's Grand Bicycle

Sure, the price on the Grand Bicycle ($899) may be steep, but think of the money you'll be saving by biking everywhere this summer. It beats tossing away your coin at the pump, that's for sure! Plus, you're more likely to get a buncha "sweet... [More]

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StrideBox Subscription

Are you as hooked on subscription boxes as we are? It's like mini Christmas morning each time a new one shows up! Our latest obsession is StrideBox ($15/mo.). If you're serious about the upcoming running season, this will help you in your training. Each monthly... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Shakespearean Insult Bandages

Why not add insult to injury? Shakespearean Insult Bandages ($5)... [More]

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Gummy Bears Earbud Headphones

No, these Gummy Bears Earbud Headphones ($12) aren't edible... just adorable! Available in blue, red, and green.... [More]

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MiiR Mi 800

No, sadly, the MiiR Mi 800 ($25) isn't a private space station, which is what we assumed upon hearing the name. On the upside, it's a well-crafted, stainless steel water bottle designed for the abuses of everyday use. Plus, MiiR is partnered with One Day's... [More]

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Pink Sea rSplash Towel

Who knew plastic bottles could feel so soft? The Pink Sea rSplash Towel ($39) from Yogitoes is made in part from recycled plastic and drapes over your yoga mat to help you keep your balance as you sweat through your warrior pose rotations. Since most... [More]

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Smiles for the People

As Cherry Ghost once said, "people help the people." And one of the easiest and most effective ways to do just that is as simple as brushing your teeth. Joe Brennen started Smiles for the People with a mission to provide quality, affordable dental care... [More]

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Half Spoon

We're going to give this Half Spoon ($6) props for good intentions. The idea that we might just forget we're only getting half the sugar when we use it is a noble one. Obviously we'll just end up dipping the thing into the bowl twice,... [More]

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The Brain Tickler

When we think of using a tickler, it's not generally our brains we're considering toying with. But The Brain Tickler ($15) can be just as much of a stress reliever. Our overworked minds need a break every now and then, and this funny-looking gadget gently... [More]

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Essential Stress Relief Patch

The people at Essential Patch create wearable patches infused with essential oils to help soothe what ails ya. We're desperately in need of their Stress Relief Patches ($15) right now. Each pack contains two happy body stickers that last for up to twenty-four hours, and... [More]

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NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor

How's that New Year's diet working for you? If our own experience is any way to gauge, not particularly well. Instead of giving up, we're going to push things up a notch and go the homemade smoothie route. But we'll be investing in some special... [More]

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Charity Miles App

It's February, which means our New Year's resolution motivation has almost completely fizzled out. If you're in need of a little push, too, download the Charity Miles App (FREE). The more you walk, bike, or run, the more a corporate sponsor will donate to the... [More]

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KOOSHOO Aurea Ombre Band

It may be silly, but we wish we looked serene and glowing during our workouts. We may not be able to do anything about the sweat, or the splotchy red patches on our faces, but we can use the Aurea Ombre Band ($20) from KOOSHOO... [More]

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Fitbit Zip

The team over at Fitbit keeps pumping out awesome new gadgets to aid us lazybones in getting serious about our health. The latest on our wishlist? The Fitbit Zip ($60). Smaller and simpler than the Fitbit One, it still delivers valuable info to the wearer,... [More]

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HAPPINESS in a box.

We thought HAPPINESS in a box. ($30) would have "Lindt" or "Tiffany" stamped on the lid. But this little package might just come up to the same standard. It gives chocolates and sparkly things the pass for guides and gear to help you determine your... [More]

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Wii U 8GB Basic Set Console

By the time you shell out the moola for a gym membership and a Zumba class or two, you've all but broken the bank. But for the same price, you can grab yourself a Wii U 8GB Basic Set Console ($300). The sleek new Nintendo... [More]

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Moxi Lolly Roller Skates

We haven't set foot onto a roller rink since junior high, but we've been streaming a lot of Wonder Years episodes lately. Winnie looks so cute on her skates in season 4 that we had to find ourselves a pair, too, and these Moxi Lolly... [More]

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Dram Hair of the Dog Hangover Tonic

We don't do it nearly as much as we used to, but every once in a while, we end up killing one glass of Merlot too many and wake up the next day wishing we could cut off our own heads. The best cure we've... [More]

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Essential Patch Cough & Cold

If you're not one to skimp on medicating a winter cold, toss back another dose of acetaminophen to combat your headache, and don't forget to smooth on a Cough & Cold patch ($13 for twelve) from Essential Patch. Each contains several essential oils, like eucalyptus... [More]

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