Boombot REX

... and then, one wireless speaker stood up from the crowd to lead them. The Boombot REX ($120 - $130) is the golden boy of smart-speakers, with state-of-the-art design, noise-cancelling microphone, and Siri integration. Throw in a bottle of tequila and you have yourself an... [More]

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EveryDrop Water Filter

You faithfully filter your water at home, but what happens when you're on the go? Do you grab your water bottle and fill 'er up at the drinking fountain at work? Filter water through the portable EveryDrop Water Filter ($20) and enjoy clean, yummy H2O... [More]

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Leaf Solar Flashlight

Faced with shorter days, you'll want to attach the Leaf Solar Flashlight ($7) to your key ring. It'll use what little daylight we've got to charge up and then provide you with a bit of illumination as you walk to your car after dark. We're... [More]

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Three Resolution Portable Handheld Scanner

Digital is the new hard copy. Online is the new on paper. These days, if it's not on your computer, it's bound to get lost in the abysmal real world - and while a full-sized scanner isn't always available, this Portable Handheld Scanner ($100) is.... [More]

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Pop-Out Outlet

Mixing the practicality of a surge protector with the joy of pushing buttons! The Pop-Out Outlet ($48) is a three-way outlet that's hidden inside your wall until you pop it out with a push! Because you never want to reveal to anyone just exactly how... [More]

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The Power Tap

Not just a clever name, The Power Tap ($32) is actually a pretty useful USB wall charger. While it's not the only USB charger on the market, it is the one with the smartest design... That lever on top isn't just for show either -... [More]

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iDapt i1 Eco Charger

Think about it: while you're sitting here reading this blog, at home your rat's nest of charging cords are sneakily drawing power from your outlets, jacking up your electric bill and contributing to the global climate crisis. That is, unless you've picked up this iDapt... [More]

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Purse iPhone5 Case

Make people think you're carrying around the world's tiniest purse when you deploy this amusing iPhone case ($15). When people ask about it, brush them off casually by referring to it as your Chanel. It's a totally convincing depiction, right?... [More]

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Mini USB Locket

If you're a stylish tech girl, a flash drive is exactly what you want close to your heart - forget a sappy lyric or some dude's picture. With the Mini USB Locket ($200), you'll be able to download and upload files wherever you please -... [More]

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FLPR Universal Remote for iDevice

Three Remotes for TVs under your roof Seven Remotes for gadgets all over the house Nine Remotes for DVD players, cable boxes, and video games And One Remote for the Queen on her La-Z-Boy The FLPR Universal Remote ($42) to rule them all. (If you're... [More]

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Satechi Portable USB Humidifier

It's not our fault the air is dry everywhere! But you don't have to lug your home humidifier around everywhere you go. Satechi solved the problem with their portable USB humidifer ($30). This little beauty works on any bottle of water!... [More]

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Pebble Smartstick Charger

It's great that the entire world's connected with the Internet...great until your phone dies, then you might as well be on a deserted island. Don't fall out of the loop - with the Pebble Smartstick Charger ($31), charge up wherever you are!... [More]

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Kwikset Bluetooth Deadbolt

Can't get your front door open? Don't worry, there's an app for that! The smartphone has made a lot of other devices obsolete, and now it sets its sights on keys! Once installed, the Kwikset Bluetooth Deadbolt ($219) can be unlocked with your smartphone -... [More]

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Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock

Lights, camera, snooze! Perfect for film buffs, the Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock ($55) sets the scene for the day... then takes it from the top tomorrow morning!... [More]

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Lapka Personal Environment Monitor

Finally conquered your germophobia? Well, don't think that means your microscopic enemies aren't still out there, plotting to get you! Your only hope is the Lapka Personal Environment Monitor ($249 for set) to let you know what you're up against! It measures the state of... [More]

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LSTN Troubadours

There are a lot of ways you can complain about "the world today" (best read in a crotchety old man voice), but one development we can't get enough of is businesses that are giving back with every purchase. With each pair of headphones purchased, LSTN... [More]

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We're going to sing the praises of the Twyxt app ($Free) by Life Of Two, Inc. to the high heavens and back! The app is designed to act as a secure way to communicate directly with your sweetiepiehoneybunch. You can post your moods, update an... [More]

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Space Bar

We know, your keyboard already has a space bar. This particular Space Bar ($100) is a monitor stand outfitted with extra USB ports and a design that adds extra storage around your computer. Now you can sit and refresh Facebook sixteen times while simultaneously charging... [More]

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We remember our minds being seriously blown when we watched Minority Report and saw Tom Cruise manipulating a screen by simply waving his hands around, and we had that exact same reaction when we watched this video about MYO ($149). This wearable technology lets you... [More]

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booksi Charging Station for iPod and iPhone

We're generally against damaging books, but what designer Rich Neeley does with classic and contemporary tomes is worth some lost paper. His booksi Charging Stations for iPod and iPhone ($50 - $55) transform gorgeous hardcovers into clever accessories for your mobile devices. With a wide... [More]

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