Ebony Creative Word Clock

Bad with numbers? There's no need for digits or arms on this clock - as time passes, the appropriate sets of words light up to reveal the time. The Ebony Creative Word Clock ($359) is a fantastic look for people who prefer the written word,... [More]

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littleBits Synth Kit

Encourage the girls in your life to experiment in STEM with a littleBits kit - each one contains circuit modules that string together via magnets and produce lights, sound, pulses and more. We're big fans of their newest addition: the Synth Kit ($159), designed in... [More]

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Zebra USB Flash Drive

You've probably lost many a flash drive over the years, but you're certainly not going to misplace a Zebra USB Flash Drive ($30). This beautiful striped animal looks good hanging off the side of your laptop and is worthy of storing your most precious digital... [More]

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Hello Kitty USB Handwarmers

Sometimes it gets so cold that you want to wear mittens indoors...if it weren't for the fact that they leave you unable to surf the internet. Well, here are two little kittens who lost their mittens and don't give a crap about trying to find... [More]

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Hubman ($9) is the best assistant a multitasker could ask for. The little dude plugs into your computer to give you four additional USB ports. Instead of having to plug and unplug cords as you move between adding music to your iPod, backing up your... [More]

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Voice Activated Shopping List Organizer

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store specifically to get butter, decided to pick up some other items while we were there, and then somehow managed to come home without ever getting the butter. The Voice Activated Shopping List Organizer ($150) keeps track of all... [More]

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Extended FlipOut Hidden Vision TV Mount

On days when you're feeling so lazy that even the thought of sitting up in bed to watch television is too much, the Extended FlipOut Hidden Vision TV Mount ($799) has got you covered. With this installation, you'll be able to remain horizontal with your... [More]

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Light Show 100x100.jpg

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Don't feel like going on that trip to Vegas? You can have a light show inside your home with the Light Show Fountain Speakers ($45). Just plug in your tunes to the USB adapter and watch the water inside these speakers light up and dance... [More]

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Bedphones Sleep Headphones

Have a bed partner who needs complete silence in order to get to sleep? It can be a little frustrating when you prefer to fall asleep to soothing tunes or white noise, so the Bedphones Sleep Headphones ($55) make for an excellent compromise. The super... [More]

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Key Finder 100x100.jpg

Magnasonic Wireless Key Finder

Looking for the perfect gift for the forgetful man in your life? How about the Magnasonic Wireless Key Finder ($25)? This lifesaver of a device can help locate not only keys, but wallets, remotes, and even pets. (But what happens when you lose the transmitter?)... [More]

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BMW Wireless Car Mouse

It's easy to picture yourself driving a fancy car...so long as you don't also imagine the price tag. Maybe it's time to settle for a miniature replica: the BMW Wireless Car Mouse ($50) helps you to control your computer in style. You'll probably never get... [More]

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Dorothy Parker Flask

The quote on this Dorothy Parker Flask ($27) is most definitely true, but several swigs of the good stuff from its covert place in your clutch while you're at a dry wedding may just be worth the next-day headache.... [More]

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Soft Bumper

Hold that thought, somebunny's calling me! Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Soft Bumper For iPhone 5 ($48)... [More]

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Mail Icon Paper Sleeve for iPhone

It's an envelope for the modern age, one that can't be sent through the USPS and that won't stay closed if you lick it. Inspired by mail icon graphics, this handy envelope ($10) holds the most commonly used tool of correspondence: your iPhone. This sleeve... [More]

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Rock-It 3.0 Portable Vibration Speaker

As much as we love impromptu dance parties, we're not about to lug around heavy speakers everywhere on the off chance that our friends are suddenly ready to boogie. However, with the Rock-It 3.0 Portable Vibration Speaker ($20), you can turn almost any nearby object... [More]

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Urbanears Kransen In-Ear Headphones

We're going to admit that we impulse-purchased this pair of Kransen In-Ear Headphones ($39) from the Urbanears website. It's that gorgeous forget-me-not color! How could we resist? Luckily for us, the buds work flawlessly, providing us with great sound and a solid fit (no more... [More]

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One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder

It's not about the weight, it's about running out of real estate and feeling the plastic handles digging into our arms and cutting off our circulation. Even if we opt for paper bags, it's about the fear of that ripping sound and the contents of... [More]

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Marks for Books

If you want something sturdy to mark your place in your book without the cheap high gloss of a piece of laminated paper, try out Pink Tank Ltd.'s lightweight, stainless steel Marks for Books ($9 each). Using a manufacturing technique usually reserved for industrial products,... [More]

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Kinsa Smart Thermometer

It may not be a glamorous item, but we can't wait until our new Kinsa thermometer ($20, pre-order) arrives. The Kickstarter-funded project has been favorably reviewed by some heavy-hitters, like Forbes and The Washington Post. So what makes it different than your run-of-the-mill fever detector?... [More]

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Projection Keyboard 100x100.jpg

Celluon Epic Laser Projection Keyboard

Tired of trying to email, text or do your online shopping with those wee little keys on your smartphone? We are too. That's why we're drooling over the Celluon Epic Laser Projection Keyboard ($130). It creates a virtual keyboard on any flat surface so you... [More]

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