USB Lounge Lamp

Because sometimes your hectic desk needs a little old-fashioned ambiance. Plug in the USB Lounge Lamp ($12) and return to a simpler time when there were no emails to answer, no one had ever heard of call waiting or performance metrics and clickthroughs and keyword... [More]

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Mini Spy Digital Video Camera

Oooh, secret spy stuff! Have you ever wanted to check up on your boyfriend or run a covert operation in the company supply closet to find the paper thief? If so then this Mini Spy Digital Video Camera ($45) is the gadget for you. This... [More]

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D°Light Huggable Pillow

This snuggly D°Light Huggable Pillow ($160) is super neat-o. The glow comes from dozens of LED lights that are nestled in with silicone beanbags to create a huggable, bright light that you can bring to bed with you. It comes with a power adaptor, but... [More]

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Nanda Clocky Alarm Clock

Sleep, perchance to sleep some more, right? We've all gotten pretty good at beating the alarm clock (literally and figuratively). Hit the snooze, shove it under the bed, done. Well, looks like we've met our match. When Gauri Nanda was a grad student at MIT,... [More]

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Sony Party-shot Automatic Photographer

We're pretty sure that the Sony Party-shot ($150) is just one step closer to us having robots take over our lives, but we aren't complaining! This ingenious little device allows you to drink yourself into oblivion be the consummate hostess at your next party and... [More]

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40-Second Electric Toothbrush

We know that sometimes after a night out, it's all you can do to wash your face let alone remember to brush your teeth. Don't be embarrassed; we've all had one too many and just flopped into bed tossing good- hygiene to the wind. But... [More]

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Sansa SlotRadio Giveaway!

It's your last chance to win a Sansa SlotRadio (normally $99, FREE for you!) from Outblush! We know all you faithful Outblush readers have been crossing your fingers and toes and eyes (you know your face'll stick like that, don't you?) in the hope that... [More]

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Our inner computer nerd glee'd with delight when we got wind that the new update for the Mac OS X operating system, oddly named Snow Leopard, was coming out on pre-order all over the internet! We must have in on the fun! You can pre-order... [More]

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Belkin TuneBase FM with Hands-Free

We're swimming with the mainstream when we say we dig Belkin products 'cause you'll probably find one of their power strips in almost every home and office in the world. Look under your desk. You know, Belkin just happens to make nice-looking, practical things that... [More]

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Princess Leia USB Drive

This Princess Leia USB Drive ($20) is pretty awesomely nerdy. Which is fine, because we're pretty awesome nerds over here. This 2G USB drive doesn't need much explanation - it'll hold your files and double as an action figure on your desk, what more could... [More]

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Oregon Scientific +ECO Clima Control

While we melt under the blazing summer sun, just knowing that the blast furnace outside is really only 99 degrees instead of 100 degrees is air conditioning for the mind. The Oregon Scientific +ECO Clima Control Weather Station ($120) will soak up all that toasty... [More]

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Bugatti Diva Espresso Machine

We know what you’re thinking: Bugatti? A car company has branched out into kitchen appliances – is the recession really that bad? No, no, and no – at least we hope not. Designed by the Italian housewares geniuses at Casa Bugatti, the Bugatti Diva Espresso... [More]

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Lexon Tykho Radio

If you think the Lexon Tykho AM/FM Radio ($61) looks like something out of MoMa, it is. Part of their permanent collection, in fact. Designed by Marc Berthier, this portable radio/Lego doppelganger is encased entirely in silicon rubber, so it's totally klutz-proof (and waterproof). Great... [More]

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Joby Gorillamobile Tripod

We've been thinking, this tidal wave of gadgets has actually made our lives more complicated. Not that we're complaining. But with every sparkly new doodad and geegaw that comes along, there are also the new accessories we have to buy. The Joby Gorillamobile Tripod ($30,... [More]

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Blackberry Tour

Here it is! It's finally arrived! The latest, greatest gadget from Blackberry has landed! The Blackberry Tour ($199) has hit Verizon and Sprint users and features some of the most technically advanced features we have seen yet. The Tour is a world phone which helps... [More]

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Blue Microphones Snowball USB Mic

It knows it's mahvelous, sitting there all sleek and fancy in its old-timey but high-tech glory. It's saying, "Okay, little trembling songbird, you say you got talent? Prove it." While we're working up the nerve to record with the Blue Microphones Snowball USB Mic ($89),... [More]

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Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

We have a love/hate relationship with our computer mouse. Frankly, this double-clicking business is starting to make our hands look like gnarled claws. If you, too, have gnarled-claw-hand syndrome, it's worth checking out the Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet ($54). The good news is it's gonna... [More]

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cricut cutter-s.jpg

Cricut 29-0001 Cutting Machine

Sheesh, will this scrapbook ever be done? Our hands are cramping from cutting, and our backs hurt from slaving away at the craft table... Say sayonara to the pain with the Cricut 29-0001 Cutting Machine ($163), a portable personal electronic cutting machine that eases our... [More]

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Miss "A" Kit

Swiss army knives are definitely handy tools, and now that design has become even more useful – and stylish – in the Miss "A" Kit ($25). In addition to the standard package (scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, corkscrew, bottle opener, knife and nail file), this compact contraption... [More]

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Lomography Fisheye No. 2 Camera

We love that cool, trippy effect you get from a fisheye lens (it allows you to capture 180° in the frame), but we’re not really the kind of girl to lug around a camera bag full of different lenses, so the Fisheye No. 2 ($70)... [More]

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