Vintage Telephone

Let's face it, it's just not comfortable lying on the couch with your smart phone tucked under your chin, and a blue tooth earpiece gives you nothing to play with while your discussing important issues. Twirl the cord of this Vintage Telephone ($210) around and... [More]

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Verizon Wireless Samsung Rogue Smartphone

Say what you will about the catchphrase "going rogue" (where have we heard that?), but the new Samsung Rogue from Verizon Wireless ($100 with 2-year contract) is aptly named. It's swimming against the tide. A tide of phones starting with a lower case "I," if... [More]

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VMWare Fusion 3

We've really dug those "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" ads the last couple years, but seriously, Mac and PC, can't we all just patch things up and get along already? Well, now that you mention it... Today's announcement of VMWare Fusion 3 ($80, available for... [More]

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Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers

These wireless times we're living in are fantastic, but now it seems we find ourselves living from battery charge to battery charge. Solar-powered gadgets are the next step toward a truly wireless world, and the Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers ($80) are a fun and... [More]

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Le Whif

We deeply considered bringing this to you as a Doubtblush item, but decided against it. Perhaps our inner crash-diet pageant diva came out, but we just thought "Chocolate? Without the calories? Bring it on!" Le Whif ($9) is - wait for it - inhalable chocolate.... [More]

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HP DreamScreen Multimedia Screen

Populate your home with one or more of the new HP DreamScreen Multimedia Screens ($230, 10" version) and you'll feel a little bit like the Jetsons. Without the robot maid. So, okay, we know the DreamScreen looks like one of those ubiquitous digital picture frames... [More]

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Swarovski Studded Padlock USB Charm

Swarovski Studded Padlock USB Charm

Charmed...we're sure! The Swarovski Studded Padlock USB Charm ($180) is a fabulous gift for the woman that truly has it all. She would, of course, love a Swarovski-studded padlock, which disguises a 1GB USB key to store essential photos, songs and other information. Believe it... [More]

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Greenaid Reusable Bag

Carry your groceries like a total badass. This Greenaid Reusable Bag ($10) comes packed in a small pouch that looks like a grenade! Not only are you doing your part to help the planet, but now you can carry around a little grenade in your... [More]

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Surf Shelf

Okay, this is incredibly cool, and another one to add to the "Why didn't we think of this?" files. The Surf Shelf ($40) allows you to safely attach any laptop or portable DVD player to your treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical. No more lugging your... [More]

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Tengu - USB-powered lip-syncing character

Have you ever wanted a friend to lip-sync songs with? Someone who won't laugh at you if you miss a word or lyric and who'll make you smile? Someone who will listen but never speak? Your wishes are answered because now there's Tengu ($35), the... [More]

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Viliv S5 Ultra-Mobile PC

Whether we like it or not, we pretty much need 24/7 access to the internet. Well, unless we decide to live off the grid. (Yeah, right.) But let's face it, being tethered 24/7 to the computer isn't exactly the fast track to a healthy lifestyle.... [More]

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Samsung DualView TL220 Digital Camera

Finally... a camera for the social networking narcissist. (Oh, wait, we're talking about ourselves again, aren't we? On second thought, let's not overthink this.) The Samsung DualView TL220 Compact Digital Camera ($289) has a feature that frankly we're surprised has taken this long to appear... [More]

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EVGA InterView Dual Monitor

We here at Outblush are dual-monitor jockeys, and we haven't looked back. With so much of our lives revolving around computers these days, the extra screen real estate is totally worth it. The new EVGA InterView Dual Monitor ($650) is making us see double all... [More]

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iPods, Nanos, Cameras, Oh My!

We'd be crazy if we didn't mention that some little company named Apple rolled out a slew of new product updates today. Have you heard of iTunes? iPod maybe? Yeah, well, now they have new colors, video cameras, radios, yada yada yada. Right, nothing to see... [More]

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Incase Monochrome Slider Case for iPhone 3GS

We're not as ashamed as we should be to admit that we like sets of things in different colors. Maybe it's a leftover from preschool? (You should see our nail polish collection.) For that reason, we totally loved the range of shades that the iPod... [More]

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Twelve South BookArc Macbook Desktop Stand

Our precious Apple goodies refuse be seen around town with accessories that fail to match their uber-chic style. They won't stand for it. But our Macbook's down with the elegant BookArc Macbook Desktop Stand ($50) from Mac-exclusive designer Twelve South. It's great for times when... [More]

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Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse

We have friends who firmly believe that 'everything tiny is cute!' Not if it's no longer functional, we say. That's why this Arc Mouse ($33) is a good compromise. It's a full size mouse that folds up to tiny size, and it's beyond stylish (you... [More]

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Febreeze Flameless Luminaries

If you're a little bit forgetful or clumsy and don't want to burn your place to the ground with your scented candles, you're among friends here. That's why we're thrilled with the new Flameless Luminaries ($16 for a starter kits) from Febreeze. This scent-sational innovation... [More]

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Southern Brand Cowhide iPod & iPhone Slip Covers

Our hombres over at Southern Brand are some of our favorite cowpokes, so when they gave us a sneak peak at their limited edition cowhide slipcovers for iPhones and iPods ($29) we just couldn't resist spilling the beans to y'all. Each is lined with soft... [More]

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Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Digital Projector Camera

Sometimes we miss those hokey old Polaroid cameras and their instant photo gratification. Sure, digital cameras have been great, but it's not a lot of fun to show people your pictures on a tiny little screen. The Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Digital Projector Camera ($430, available... [More]

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