Personal Shopper: A New Laptop Bag to Spring Jael Into The New Semester

Jael writes: "Hi my name is Jael and I have a huge problem! Spring semester is here and I have no way to carry around my new laptop. I have searched high and low to find the perfect bag that is both stylish and practical.... [More]


HP Envy 17

We don't do a lot on technology here at Outblush, but lately we've been hearing a new buzz word all over the internet: Sandy Bridge. When we finally did some research, we found that it's a new Intel processor and supposedly up to 17 percent... [More]

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Maverick Nica Sunrise v2 Bluetooth Headset

If you've been putting off getting a headset because most of them will make you look like a daytrader or total tool, we've got the solution. The Maverick Nica Sunrise v2 Bluetooth Headset ($65) offers amazing acoustics, send-side noise suppression, and features no ear insert.... [More]

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Lodis Daisy Sequin iPad Sleeve

If you're not afraid of being the flashy girl at the office, we can't recommend this Lodis 'Daisy' Sequin iPad Sleeve ($88) enough! It seems like everyone's got an iPad these days, but your gadget will reign superior with a cushioned case as shiny as... [More]

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So often our USB* flash drive is the key to our photos, work, songs - our sanity! So it's only fitting that we proclaim it's true function with the Clé USB ($50). In a letter pressed package, you'll receive your USB key with 2GB of... [More]

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Ouch Voodoo Toothpick Holder

Ouch Voodoo Toothpick Holder

No need to practice voodoo on anyone when you have the Ouch Voodoo Toothpick Holder ($16). Now you can poke and prod those olives at your next cocktail party.... [More]

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Forest Fox Coffee Cozy

Not only will this adorable Forest Fox Coffee Cozy ($12) keep your 180 degree latte from burning your hands, it'll give that hunky barista an excuse to call you foxy. Double win.... [More]

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Babeland Pin-Up Vibe + Bombshell Balm

Color us tickled pink by the Pin-Up Vibe + Bombshell Balm ($30) at Babeland. It's a MUST on our list right now, especially with Valentine's Day coming up. Pack this vintage pin up kit in your overnight bag for easy travel that leads to easy... [More]

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You Tell Us: Voice One Loudspeakers

For all we know, the sound quality on these Voice One speakers ($498 for a pair) is fantastic. But we can't shake the feeling that we're being watched. poll by [More]

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Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine

One aspect of an indisputably awesome party? A monkey as DJ. Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine iPod Docking Station ($100)... [More]

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Sunlight 365

Have you ever lived in Northern Michigan (or New England, or the Northwest, or anyplace with winters that seem to last f-o-r-e-v-e-r)? If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or even just kind of feel "blah" when the rays are nowhere to be found, may... [More]

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RJ Tech Region Free DVD Player

So you're into French cinema, or Hong Kong action flicks, or you've just found out that something you love is in print in Australia but not here. But the darn DVDs won't play in your player. What do you do? You buy a region free... [More]

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Orla Kiely PURE Evoke Mio DAB Radio

You know by now we're totally smitten with Orla Kiely designs, so imagine our squeals of delight when we found this PURE Evoke Mio Radio ($232) covered in one of her signature prints! This retro beauty will look great in any room to play your... [More]

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Grass Flocked Bird Bank

Sure this little Grass Flocked Bird Bank ($18) might lean to the campy side, but you could also pass it off as an easy way to save some dough and 'green' your space.... [More]

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Complete Swiss Army Knife

Oh, we so want to show you this Complete Swiss Army Knife ($1,400) because, well, it makes us laugh. The fact is, this the largest Swiss Army knife in the world and the holder of the Guinness World Record for "Most Multifunctional Penknife," but have... [More]

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Blue Microphones Snowflake Portable USB Microphone

You know what's freaky about this Blue Microphones Snowflake Portable Microphone ($60)? Let us tell you what's freaky about this Blue Microphones Snowflake Portable Microphone. Its sound quality is amazing. You hit playback and you might hear such mundane things as your shopping list, story... [More]

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Livescribe Pulse Smartpen 4GB

Do you ever worry, whilst in the middle of taking wild notes, that you've missed something? The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen ($160) will put an end to those concerns. Not only does this instrument record everything you hear, but also everything you write, so that you... [More]

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Voltaic Systems Solar Recycled Messenger Bag

Some of us are green, some of us are forgetful. Some of us are a little of both. We really like the idea of the Solar Recycled Messenger Bag ($229) because it will actually charge our cell phones, iPads, PDAs, GPSs, iPods, cameras, and other... [More]

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Cool-It Caddy Classic

Those of us living in Southern California would like to acknowledge the fact that it is currently pretty damn cold in other parts of the country, but we still wanted to show you this very nifty gizmo. It's called the Cool-It Caddy Classic ($40) and... [More]

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Econodriver Fuel Monitor

Look, we love gadgets and gizmos around here. What we don't love is the fact that you have to have a PhD in physics to figure many of them out. Not so with the Econodriver Fuel Monitor ($80). This one is actually useful and easy... [More]

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