Survival Bracelet (benefitting the Joe Le Foundation)

You've most likely heard of survival bracelets before - they're made of lengths of very strong cord and can be quickly unwoven in case of emergency if you suddenly find yourself needing to rappel, splint, or tie yourself to something less flimsy than you. It... [More]

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Ophelia Laptop Skin

We've decided that our attitudes need a facelift. We need to be ballsier. Brassier. Brazen-er. Ophelia ($30) knows what we're talking about. Her shoulder pads are fleet ships, for bitches sake. Charmaine Olivia, her creator, must have looked directly into our souls to create this... [More]

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Star Wars In Your Pocket Keychain

Celebrate: Star Wars In Your Pocket Keychain

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and... [More]

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Stress Cupcake

Stress Cupcake

Fad diets make us want to SCREAM! Although we do love the end results of washboard tummies. The next time we decide to partake in one, we're making sure we have the Stress Cupcake ($5) by our side. This sweet lil' cupcake lets us indulge... [More]

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Space Bar

Sadly, a Space Bar ($79) has nothing to do with astronauts or cocktails. Nonetheless, we're fans because this clever platform is giving us a few more USB ports and more space on our cluttered desk once we're done typing away. Maybe we're gonna use that... [More]

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The Oona

For having a name that sounds like a caveman's wife, The Oona ($25, preorder) is actually quite the sophisticated product. This four-component device allows you any conceivable configuration to attach your phone to your desk, car, cabinets, airplane seat, tripod, treadmill, and really any surface... [More]

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Ippei Matsumoto 10 Key Calculator

We were captivated enough by the throwback flair of Ippei Matsumoto's 10 Key Calculator ($54), and then we found out it can be plugged into our laptop... which means it can be used for data entry and not just spelling BOOBLESS. Goodbye num lock, helloooo... [More]

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Kahler MyLife USB Ceramic Necklaces

It was only a matter of time before our tech obsessions caught up with our jewelry obsessions; the Kahler MyLife USB Ceramic Necklaces ($72) is the perfect meld of the two. A sexy and modern way to carry your digital life, this ceramic necklace comes... [More]

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It's the simple things in life that make everything better. No, we're not talking about something like a good cup of coffee or a hug from a friend or whatever other hallmark bs "the simple things in life" might conjure up. We're talking about a... [More]

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Incase Flex Wristband

1980s calculator watch, meet the iPod Nano. Everything old is new again, and Apple makes even dorky things cool. If someone would just make a device that works with a scrunchie, we're sure those would make a comeback too. Incase Flex Wristband ($50)... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Yellow Star Mini Tape Measure

Pardon us. This mini tape measure that looks like a happy little yellow star guy is so very, very cute that we need to go find some stuff to measure. (He's got a magnet on the back, so you can put him on a fridge... [More]

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Sprout Bookmark

Practically speaking, it would take about a nanosecond before we lost this eensy Sprout Bookmark ($6), but in our happy fantasy life where we're perfectly organized and have time for the luxury of reading, we're using this cheerful little leaf to mark our place.... [More]

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The Backpack Umbrella

Ha! This ridiculous Backpack Umbrella ($40) is obviously way too dorky for any of us hip and cool ladies to actually use, but we didn't think it needed a Doubtblush because it's just so damn practical! Maybe once the rain comes 'round again we'll just... [More]

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iLive Clock Radio

You're already using your iPhone as your primary clock, why not make it official and class up your bedside table with the iLive Clock Radio ($50)? It'll make you seem so much more pulled together to your one night stands house guests.... [More]

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Diana F+ KIRAMEKI Sparkling

While the quality of photo that a camera takes is of the utmost importance, what it looks like is nothing to overlook, in our humble opinions. The Diana F+ KIRAMEKI Sparkling ($99) covers both of these bases. With its intricate design, ability to create beautiful... [More]

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RAM Cell Phone Mount

We are good parents: attentive, responsive, caring. But we are also addicted to our cell phones. So while Little Blushy is bouncing and marveling at the birds flying over, we are totally checking Outblush from our strollers and bikes to see what you guys write... [More]

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Woofer Speaker System

No no, we get it. The whole "woofer" like a dog and woofer like a speaker thing makes perfect sense to us. As for why you'd want your Britney coming out of a decapitated dog, we're not sure. Why don't you just hand over the... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide: Porsche USB Stick

You may not be able to afford that Porsche that Dad has always wanted, but he'll feel pretty cool saving his spreadsheets on this Porsche USB Stick ($73). Designed to look like the key to the Porsche Panamera, this USB will hold up to 4G... [More]

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Zumreed Square Headphones

With his limitless wisdom, Huey Lewis taught us that it's hip to be square. Even after all these years, he's still right - check out these Zumreed Square Headphones ($54). Listen to your favorite tunes while drowning out the noise around you and, of course,... [More]

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InCase iPad Lounge Case

Turns out, the iPad likes to lounge around just as much as you do. It's not always a jet-setters companion - sometimes this slim shiny device just hangs out on the kitchen table or next to the couch. For times like that, the Lounge Case... [More]

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