USB Bottle Opener

We're not going to actively encourage you to drink at work. We are simply going to point out that you usually use your USB stick at work. And that you usually want a drink at work. But we're also going to note that you could... [More]

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Rubik's Cube Speaker

This Rubik's Cube Speaker ($38) has two benefits: 1) Tunes wherever you want 'em. 2) People will think you actually have the skills to solve a Rubik's Cube.... [More]

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I Am A Key USB Flash Drive

You know what they say about knowledge is key. Well now the key is knowledge, or music, or random pix from Christmas 1984 that your mom asked you to scan onto your computer and then put onto her computer, which you did even though you... [More]

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Contour+ HD Video Camera

With all the fuzzy or shaky amateur videos popping up all over the internet it's about time we started getting some super clear cameras on board. The Contour+ HD Video camera ($500) features the largest lens of any PoV camera, minimal fish eye distortion, connection... [More]

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Victorian Wallpaper Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse

Because convenient, functional computer peripherals can be pretty too. The Logitech M305 wireless mouse, in Victorian Wallpaper ($30). Eight other patterns are available, tending heavily towards purple and pink.... [More]

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Space Intruder Multi Tool

This Space Intruder Multi Tool ($24) is so much more useful than your boyfriend who's currently sitting on his ass playing actual Space Invaders.... [More]

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Angry Birds Key Caps

We'll spare you the definition of addiction, chances are if you're an Angry Birds fan you know, but don't care! You'll just keep on flinging those dang boomerang birds into pigs for as long as it takes to get a perfect 3 star score on... [More]

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MoMA Peas USB Hub

Old school: peas in a pod New school: iPods in peas Charge and sync your favorite pods, pads and other techno gadgets with the Peas USB Hub ($32) from the MoMa store. Modern indeed.... [More]

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Society 6 The Invincible Summer iPhone Case

Switch up your iPhone style with the The Invincible Summer iPhone Case ($35) from Society 6. Whether we like it or not, the summer's coming to an end--at least, outside. If we take the advice of our new phone case, we'll be seeing the sun... [More]

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Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs

Photoshop's about to get user friendly. Finally! Photojojo brings us Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs ($30) to help you become a Photoshop pro. No more bad lighting, enormous zits that make us feel 16 again (in a bad I-forgot-it-was-school-photo-day way), random pieces of flyaway hair... [More]

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The Juice Box Camera

The Juice Box Camera ($25) would have been soo handy for stealth pictures of Jimmy Vaughn in eighth grade (after all, that yearbook photo was so small)! Or slip the camera in your mini's lunch box for a surprise and a chance to see things... [More]

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Itazura Cat Coin Bank

Sure, spending $28 on a coin bank might mean you no longer have any coins to put into it, but that will change. The magic of the adorable Itazura Cat Coin Bank ($28) is that it will get other people to give you their money,... [More]

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Robot Flash Drive

Be afraid, be very afraid! Robots are coming to take over the world!! Actually, we would be more afraid if it didn't look like it was suffering from brain freeze. The 4GB Robot Flash Drive ($21) looks like some tiny remake of The Day The... [More]

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Fred & Friends Dine Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils

The sword might get the meat to the table, but now your pen can get that Mongolian beef into your mouth. Enter the Dine Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils by Fred & Friends ($9). Replace these nifty caps onto the ends of your previously molested... [More]

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Spoke N Wheel Bike Bell

Have you worn out your bike bell thanks to a whole summer of riding? We know you'll be on two wheels until it snows, so instead of trading in your bike for another type of transportation, why don't you just trade in your busted bell... [More]

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ZooGue BinderPad Pouch

Wow, the TrapperKeeper's come a long way. Ok, we kid. It's not a TrapperKeeper product (rad as that would be). The BinderPad Pouch ($30) makes the iPad more accessible for those who use it primarily for work or school, keeping the device with all of... [More]

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AmpliTube iRig Mic

Now, with the AmpliTube iRig Mic ($60), you're NEVER far away from your karaoke obsession fix (ahem ahem Found of You ahem ahem). This handheld condenser microphone plugs into any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch so you can karaoke it up (there's gotta be a... [More]

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Magno Wooden Radio

Awww. Black plastic is kinda soulless, isn't it? Wouldn't you rather listen to the handmade Magno wooden radio ($250)? It'll bring you your sounds via AM, FM, shortwave, and MP3, as well as provide a warm fuzzy feeling. It's made from new growth wood only.... [More]

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Victorinox Slim Flash

Keep your important docs with you at all times with this sleek, stylish Victorinox Slim Flash ($40). It's available in 5 bright colors and is only as thick as a few coins, making it easy to tote around on a keychain. The only downside is... [More]

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Spi Roll Up Keyboard

Technology is getting smaller, thinner and more compact by the day. What it's not getting is cuter. The Spi Roll Up Keyboard ($13, on sale) fits easily in your bag, is uber portable and also comes in three adorbs colors (plus black). There's no reason... [More]

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