Zen Charging Station

While the Zen Charging Station ($25) can't erase that awkward autocorrected text you just got from your boss, or incriminating photos of you living it up at girls night, it can give you a faux sense of serenity while your phone and camera charges... We'll... [More]

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Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus

For those of you who are still honing your culinary skills, we've found a way for you to be a wizard in the kitchen - quite literally. The Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus ($40) is a genius little combo that allows you to prop an... [More]

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Zadro Nano-UV Wand

We didn't intend to come out of the movie Contagion even more germaphobic than we started, but now we're about to start busting out a Zadro Nano-UV Wand ($161) like a lightsaber anytime anyone gets near our stuff. In just 10 seconds you can kill... [More]

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Multicolor Parrot Corkscrew

Polly want a cocktail? Multicolor Parrot Corkscrew ($30 on sale).... [More]

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Bluelounge MiniDock iPhone Wall Dock Adapter

Every time we try to charge our iPhone at home, the story is the (almost) same: Our cat decides the dangly cord is THE best toy ever, we inform her that it is most definitely NOT, and chaos ensues. The phone ends up not getting... [More]

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The Go Plate

If you give a tailgater a beer, he's going to ask for a brat. If you give him a brat, he'll ask for some chips. If he has chips, he'll also want dip. And then he'll want you to hold his beer while he eats... [More]

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Filtrete Water Station

We're digging the whole green thing, especially if it saves a little green for our lean wallets. The Filtrete Water Station ($34) makes refilling plastic water bottles almost instant (yeah, Brita water filter, we're talking to you, slow poke.) and saves you tons of money... [More]

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We've all had one of those awkward moments at a family function when you're watching a movie with grandma and suddenly HELLO boobage or profanity tirade! Instead of coughing up your demure sprite, prevent those moments with a Clearplay DVD Player ($100). You set the... [More]

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R2-D2 USB Hub

You've already got a Star Wars figurine on your desk, why not have one that's useful? This R2-D2 USB Hub ($40) adds a little bit of flair to your cube while giving you four additional USB ports for your computing needs. Best of all, he... [More]

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Petunia Picklebottom Adorn iPhone Case

Petunia Picklebottom stuff has always caught our eye, but since there's no baby in our future (thank you, modern marvel that is The Pill), we just earmark it for later and move on. Happily, we just came across the Adorn iPhone Case ($38) and realized... [More]

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Orca Fullrange LoudSpeaker by Blumenstein Ultra Fi

We would never want to dis the giant black plastic speakers that decorate so many man caves, but come on guys, there are better ways to blow out your eardrums than those ugly black boxes. The Orca Fullrange LoudSpeaker by Blumenstein Ultra Fi ($550) passes... [More]

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3D Bloggie HD Camera

It seems like everything nowadays is 3D. We're just waiting for the produce section at our local market to come with 3D displays. (Apples for 1.29 lb- in your face!) In the meantime, catch random moments of awkwardness in 3D with the 3D Bloggie HD... [More]

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Air Touch Full Size Flexible Waterproof Keyboard

As much as we love our iPad and smart phones, they can't compete with the ease of typing on our laptops. We think the Air Touch Full Size Flexible Waterproof Keyboard ($37) makes capturing that snarky email you plan on sending your lazy co-worker a... [More]

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The Stud 2G USB Drive

Not only does it look like a stylish key fob or snappy purse accessory, The Stud ($45) also has the best name for a flash drive we've ever heard. Oh, let me get that report for you, my stud has it. My stud knows all... [More]

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Water Leak Alarm

You know what's more annoying than waking up to a loud alarm? Waking up to a flooded basement or downstairs. Prevent the hassle and expense of major damage by placing Water Leak Alarms ($20 for three) near possible flood zones. Not that we don't think... [More]

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The Cardstick

Hey, is that a ruler in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Oh... it is a ruler? Well that's handy. The Cardstick ($4) is a clever vinyl sticker that fits any standard size credit card. Stick it on your card of... [More]

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iPad Slim Wall Mount

Cooking dinner is so much more enjoyable if we can watch an episode of The Bachelor Pad (Vienna needs to go, and her muppet boyfriend needs to clear his throat, seriously!) while we're whipping up some Pad Thai. The iPad Slim Wall Mount ($20) makes... [More]

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Hercules' XPS 101 Compact Speakers

Small size, giant Sound. Reminds us of our neighbor's eternally barking Chihuahua. Now if only we could get it to bark out Katy Perry's fireworks. Hercules' XPS 101 Compact Speakers ($196).... [More]

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Koostik Acoustic Speaker

Whose house will still be rocking Pandora loud and clear next time the power goes out? Yours, thanks to the Koostik Acoustic Speaker ($90). No plugs, no cords- just the exceptional use of acoustics and design. And wood. Who doesn't love wood?... [More]

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Cinemin Slice Micro Projector

Help me, Cinemin Slice Micro Projector ($430), you're my only hope. Now you can rely on your mobile devices to project important media on your walls (like the most recent Netflix releases, your latest pix from ladies night, and the video of Kim Kardashian getting... [More]

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