Itazura Cat Coin Bank

Sure, spending $28 on a coin bank might mean you no longer have any coins to put into it, but that will change. The magic of the adorable Itazura Cat Coin Bank ($28) is that it will get other people to give you their money,... [More]

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Robot Flash Drive

Be afraid, be very afraid! Robots are coming to take over the world!! Actually, we would be more afraid if it didn't look like it was suffering from brain freeze. The 4GB Robot Flash Drive ($21) looks like some tiny remake of The Day The... [More]

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Fred & Friends Dine Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils

The sword might get the meat to the table, but now your pen can get that Mongolian beef into your mouth. Enter the Dine Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils by Fred & Friends ($9). Replace these nifty caps onto the ends of your previously molested... [More]

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Spoke N Wheel Bike Bell

Have you worn out your bike bell thanks to a whole summer of riding? We know you'll be on two wheels until it snows, so instead of trading in your bike for another type of transportation, why don't you just trade in your busted bell... [More]

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ZooGue BinderPad Pouch

Wow, the TrapperKeeper's come a long way. Ok, we kid. It's not a TrapperKeeper product (rad as that would be). The BinderPad Pouch ($30) makes the iPad more accessible for those who use it primarily for work or school, keeping the device with all of... [More]

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AmpliTube iRig Mic

Now, with the AmpliTube iRig Mic ($60), you're NEVER far away from your karaoke obsession fix (ahem ahem Found of You ahem ahem). This handheld condenser microphone plugs into any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch so you can karaoke it up (there's gotta be a... [More]

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Magno Wooden Radio

Awww. Black plastic is kinda soulless, isn't it? Wouldn't you rather listen to the handmade Magno wooden radio ($250)? It'll bring you your sounds via AM, FM, shortwave, and MP3, as well as provide a warm fuzzy feeling. It's made from new growth wood only.... [More]

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Victorinox Slim Flash

Keep your important docs with you at all times with this sleek, stylish Victorinox Slim Flash ($40). It's available in 5 bright colors and is only as thick as a few coins, making it easy to tote around on a keychain. The only downside is... [More]

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Spi Roll Up Keyboard

Technology is getting smaller, thinner and more compact by the day. What it's not getting is cuter. The Spi Roll Up Keyboard ($13, on sale) fits easily in your bag, is uber portable and also comes in three adorbs colors (plus black). There's no reason... [More]

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Dino Love iPad Case

It's not a t-shirt, but please consider this a companion piece to our dino t-shirt roundup. This stegosaurus-es-es-i in love iPad case ($50) is so absurdly cute that we're considering going through our respective dinosaur phases all over again.... [More]

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2D Glasses

Would you rather not watch movies in 3D, even though everyone else you go to see things with loves to? Save yourself the headaches and the awkwardness of trying to wear two pairs of glasses simultaneously when you wouldn't need any for a normal film... [More]

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Splashtop XDisplay

Got a laptop or desktop computer, and wish you had a second monitor for extra display power & working on large, complex projects? Got an iPad? Then you should get Splashtop XDisplay (free 10-minute sessions anytime, or buy the unlimited app for $5). According to... [More]

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Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone

Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone

Ever feel your blood boiling and wonder just how high your blood pressure really is? Well, now you can know, thanks to the Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone ($129). If you're lucky enough to have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, you can start... [More]

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Radio Control Drink Float

Radio Control Drink Float

Imagine having a fresh & fruity margarita or ice cold Corona sent to you while you lounge on a raft in the pool? Well we can, now that we know about the Radio Control Drink Float ($30). (Here's hoping our drink comes with another bottle... [More]

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Is it at all possible that you haven't already purchased one of the multitude of iPhone stands we've already shown you? We suppose it is, and that's why we wanted to tell you about the Glif ($20). This stand is compact and beyond the expected... [More]

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Opena Case for iPhone 4

We don't actually need to tell you why we want one of these Opena Cases for the iPhone 4 ($40), do we? In fact, we already have ours pre-ordered (the cases start shipping in August). We got one for ourselves and one for our guy.... [More]

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Survival Bracelet (benefitting the Joe Le Foundation)

You've most likely heard of survival bracelets before - they're made of lengths of very strong cord and can be quickly unwoven in case of emergency if you suddenly find yourself needing to rappel, splint, or tie yourself to something less flimsy than you. It... [More]

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Ophelia Laptop Skin

We've decided that our attitudes need a facelift. We need to be ballsier. Brassier. Brazen-er. Ophelia ($30) knows what we're talking about. Her shoulder pads are fleet ships, for bitches sake. Charmaine Olivia, her creator, must have looked directly into our souls to create this... [More]

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Star Wars In Your Pocket Keychain

Celebrate: Star Wars In Your Pocket Keychain

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and... [More]

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Stress Cupcake

Stress Cupcake

Fad diets make us want to SCREAM! Although we do love the end results of washboard tummies. The next time we decide to partake in one, we're making sure we have the Stress Cupcake ($5) by our side. This sweet lil' cupcake lets us indulge... [More]

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