iPhone 4 Case and StiPin Cross-Stitch Kit

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! How cute is this?!?!!? This DIY iPhone 4 Case and StiPin Cross-Stitch kit ($18) allows you to customize your closest companion to your crafty taste. And the adorable adornment that sits on top of the phone, the StiPin, fits in any 3.5mm headphone jack,... [More]

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Banana Flask

Is that a banana in your pocket? Or are you just...drunk? Guess that's definitely a banana. Get your recommended five servings with this Banana Flask ($24). One banana, two banana, three banana, floor.... [More]

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Retro Rocket Ship Cast Iron Bottle Opener

The Retro Rocket Ship Cast Iron Bottle Opener ($15) is ideal for exploring just how drunk you can get over a weekend. Given how easy this makes it to pop a lid, we're expecting your answer will be "very." Houston, we don't have a problem.... [More]

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Owl Money Bank

Owl Money Bank

Whoo whoo... We wonder if the Owl Money Bank ($10) would be scary enough to repel burglars? (We suppose that if they're the kinds of burglars who go for loose change instead of electronics and jewelry, it might.)... [More]

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Mini Cannon

When we were told to check out a website called, we thought we were in for an NC-17 experience. Instead, we found a great way to embrace our inner problem child. The Mini Cannon ($29) is a fully functional BB gun - though ammo,... [More]

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Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes

Anybody who wears glasses understands the power of a good lens cleaning. It's like going from a tube television to HD. These Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes ($5) do the same thing for all your electronics, from e-readers and iPhones to computers and TVs. Each pack... [More]

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Ice Cream Ball

We totally want to get one of these Ice Cream Balls ($37) to make tasty treats while we're camping. The ball makes a quart of fresh ice cream with just a half hour of playing catch. Sure, we can go down to town and get... [More]

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Mad People iPad Sleeve

We found the best iPad sleeve ($39.50) imaginable. We're mad about Alice and there's no way we're not ordering this right this very second! It'll protect our iPad and express our love for two of the best books ever written. We love you, Lewis Carroll.... [More]

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Knuckle Case

Owning an iPhone made you a badass back in 2007 when no one else had one. Now, the only way owning an iPhone could possibly make you look like a badass (as opposed to a lemming) is if you put it in a Knuckle Case... [More]

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Light Paint Can

Keep your record clean and your photos cool with this Light Paint Can ($39). According to Photojojo, this photography accessory "sprays" a brilliant LED light that can be used to write graffiti or draw illustrations in your long-exposure pictures. Don't even pretend you don't want... [More]

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Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera

Even though we loved taking snapshots with the old Polaroid cameras, we can't pretend to miss the horror of wondering exactly how each mystery picture was going to turn out. We've had our fill of "Oh sweet merciful, nooo!" moments while thumbing through long-awaited printed... [More]

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Want to uncover the truth about who's been eating all your Girl Scout Cookies? With the Dropcam ($149), you can spy on your Thin Mints day or night and have activity alerts sent straight to your iPhone or Android. You can even shout at the... [More]

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Cloth Extension Cord

There's almost no getting around wires peeping out from behind tables and dressers. We try not to cringe every time we see those ugly white (or, heaven forbid, orange) extension cords trailing along our baseboards, but we can't help hating their ugliness. But Hallelujah, Best... [More]

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Bamboo Desktop Tablet

What, a white board that's not actually white? This Bamboo Desktop Tablet ($20) is a much cooler take on run-of-the-mill dry-erase boards. This just might be our new to-do list vehicle, weekly menu planner, or brainstorming pad.... [More]

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Garmin GTU 10

You could use the Garmin GTU 10 ($177) for keeping track of your kids or finding your boyfriend who is supposedly going to "poker night" with the guys. But we think the Garmin would be priceless for keeping track of the teddy bear that Junior... [More]

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Element Vapor Pro iPhone Case

We drop things. We break things. But we like expensive gadgets as much as the next klutz. So what to do? Encase our phone in a metal and Ultrasuede contraption that gets assembled around said phone and fixed in place with a screwdriver? That might... [More]

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USB Flash Drive Lighter

Smoking and downloading music illegally off the internet - two bad habits that are both facilitated by this USB Flash Drive Lighter ($30). Shame on you.... [More]

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Plattan Grape Headphones

Is it a purple people eater?! No, it's just some Plattan Grape Headphones ($55) pumping out some awesome Belle and Sebastian.... [More]

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Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope

Just imagine the fun you could have with this Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope ($60). It'll happily give you a closer look at anything you can set it on top of, magnifying it up to 150 times. Find out what's living on your toothbrush, or just... [More]

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HoverBar for iPad

Feel like you're navigating the Starship Enterprise with the HoverBar ($80), which enables you to turn your iPad into a super futuristic accessory for your Mac computer. Once the novelty of being able to play with your touchscreen while you type with the other hand... [More]

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