Anthropologie Letter Jumble Keychain

Sure, you've got Words With Friends on your phone, but what's a girl to do when she's trying to kill time WITHOUT her phone?* If your keys are contained by this Letter Jumble Keychain ($18) you can at least hone your scramble skills by searching... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Nite Ize Drink 'N Clip

The fine folks over at Nite Ize aren't too creative with their product names, but that doesn't matter too much when the stuff they turn out is so wonderfully practical. Take, for example, the straightforward Drink 'N Clip ($4). You guessed it: this simple piece... [More]

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Armour Cladded LED Watch

Fashion designers are always trying to reinvent the watch, but leave it to the nerds to actually succeed! This amazing Armour Cladded LED Watch ($24) tells the time with LED lights hidden within the band. The shiny black isn't bad either... you know, for a... [More]

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Kate Spade USB Ring

You have an important file to transfer, so why not be classy about it? The Kate Spade USB Ring ($50) is the perfect accessory for the chic techie. Plus, the big red cover means this flash drive won't get lost as easily as the others... [More]

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Despite the fact that the name "Lockitron" would seem to suggest that the device belongs on the set of Transformers 4 (Why?), it's actually a genius gadget ($179, preorder). The small box is installed over your door's lock and requires only a quick sync and... [More]

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Zip-it-Up Zipper Headphones

Ever go for a ten-minute walk, and spend nine of those minutes untangling your headphones? The beautiful minds of XSories created a novel solution with their Zip-it-Up Zipper Headphones ($30). Just zip them up when you're done, and they'll be ready to go when you... [More]

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Fitbit Zip

The team over at Fitbit keeps pumping out awesome new gadgets to aid us lazybones in getting serious about our health. The latest on our wishlist? The Fitbit Zip ($60). Smaller and simpler than the Fitbit One, it still delivers valuable info to the wearer,... [More]

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Cardboard iPod Boom Box

Way easier than carrying around a real ghetto blaster (and yes, the sound quality is actually quite good). Cardboard iPod Boom Box ($40)... [More]

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i'm Watch

If your phone rings, you have to pull it out of your purse to use it. And that works for normal people. But what about us lazy people? Well, thanks to the new, futuristic i'm Watch ($390), your days of rummaging for your phone are... [More]

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Wii U 8GB Basic Set Console

By the time you shell out the moola for a gym membership and a Zumba class or two, you've all but broken the bank. But for the same price, you can grab yourself a Wii U 8GB Basic Set Console ($300). The sleek new Nintendo... [More]

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iPhone Photo Printer

Let's face it. Your digital camera was rendered useless the day you brought home an iPhone. Hell, even your Christmas card photos were taken with an iPhone. So it stands to reason that you need an iPhone Photo Printer ($160) sitting around in order to... [More]

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Bone Collection Flash Drives

Sometimes life really can seem like a long, mind-numbingly dull march to the grave. Luckily, it doesn't take much to infuse a touch of excitement into our boring daily existence. Take these Bone Collection Flash Drives ($14 each), for example. How much more fun will... [More]

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Banana Handset

Hey, is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?'s actually a banana. This is awkward. Banana Handset for iPhone ($22)... [More]

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Memoto Lifelogging Camera

You know that loved one of yours who insists on whipping out the phone to snap shots of everything from turkey sandwiches to the line for the men's room? We've found the perfect thing for them. This Memoto Lifelogging Camera ($279, preorder) records everything you... [More]

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Roku and Roku 2

Need some help managing your Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime streaming accounts? Allow the Roku or Roku 2 ($50-100) to help out. This handy-dandy box is the size of your palm, and once it's hooked up to your television, it'll act as... [More]

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Dannijo Hixson iPhone 4 & 4S Case

Bedazzled iPhone cases are awesome, but in our experience, they tend to scratch any surface they rest on and leave little indentations in our hands if we hold them too long. Fortunately, jewelry designer Dannijo is satisfying our need for bling with this kaleidoscope-print Hixson... [More]

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USB Squirming Tentacle

Some days we think our computers are full of pure evil. Files get deleted, websites freeze, and no matter how many times we try, we can't download Taylor Swift's new single. On days like those, this USB Squirming Tentacle ($25) - which does actually squirm... [More]

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InfoScan TS Elite

Chances are, there's some stubborn Luddite in your life who insists on reading books on (scoff!) paper. We're guessing that they also read the sorts of books that are chock-full of eight-syllable words nobody uses outside of a semantics conference. Encourage them to take a... [More]

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The Weather Channel Professional Forecast Station

In case you hadn't already figured it out, we're nerds. That's why our Christmas wish list is topped off by the Weather Channel Professional Forecast Station ($125). As you'd expect from the world's premiere meteorologists, this little baby is packed with everything from wind speed... [More]

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Jimmy Crystal Ear Buds

You know we're always looking for new and different ways to get blinged out, and these Jimmy Crystal Ear Buds ($50) would definitely dress up our gym clothes. Besides, we find it a bit challenging to run on the treadmill while wearing our chandelier earrings.... [More]

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