Dress-Up Squirrel Magnets

We've never seen a squirrel dressed in a costume before, though come to think of it, we've rarely seen a squirrel not in the form of roadkill. At any rate, we can work at changing that perception with Dress-Up Squirrel Magnets ($10). These fridge decorations... [More]

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Light Show 100x100.jpg

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Don't feel like going on that trip to Vegas? You can have a light show inside your home with the Light Show Fountain Speakers ($45). Just plug in your tunes to the USB adapter and watch the water inside these speakers light up and dance... [More]

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Ping Pong Flask

Here's a toy that brings the phrase "drinking game" to the next level. The Ping Pong Flask ($17) is a discreet way to carry liquor and yes, it really can be used to play table tennis as well. We can't wait to take a few... [More]

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Look and Feel Canadian Breath Spray

Hmm... we suppose that having fresh breath when talking with someone is the polite thing, eh? Still, we're going to go out on a (maple) limb here and guess that the Look and Feel Canadian Breath Spray ($6) promises more than it can deliver. There's... [More]

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Spy Deck Playing Cards

Do you think that one of the tips in the Spy Deck Playing Cards ($19) mentions how to nonchalantly look like you're playing a round of solitaire in a public place while you're actually brushing up on your spy know-how? If not, there probably should... [More]

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Donkey Kong Jenga

Despite never making it past the second round, we used to waste nearly half of our allowance playing Donkey Kong at the mall. Now, that video game has been combined with another one of our childhood favorites to create Donkey Kong Jenga ($30). Just try... [More]

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Ron Swanson Bust

While our favorite part about Parks and Recreation is its celebration of female friendships, we can't help but also admire the manliest of characters: Ron Swanson. Emotionless, principled, and an extreme carnivore...he's the kind of man who deserves to be commemorated, which is why we... [More]

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A contemporary take on the gong, the Gonger ($80) is one part unique conversation piece, one part loud instrument. As such, that makes it a nice gift for a friend whose decor skews ancient Asian, but an awful gift for a friend with rambunctious children.... [More]

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Clare Vivier Backgammon Set

It's time to upgrade your portable backgammon set! We know yours has just been ravaged by constant use, so better invest in Clare Vivier's durable leather version ($249), with a zipper purse for game pieces and a game board that can be simply rolled up,... [More]

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Electric Amphibious Vehicle

If only this Electric Amphibious Vehicle ($99) came with a minion. Then you'd have someone waiting by your fridge to restock it with beers before you navigate it back to your pool float. Of course, if you had a minion, you could just make him... [More]

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Whiskey Tasting Set

Q: Do you really need to consult the rule card of the Whiskey Tasting Set ($50) from Teroforma in order to learn how to play? A: Only while drinking drams one through three, and then anything goes!... [More]

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Thumb Sumo

Why settle for an ordinary thumb war when you can bout it out in the style of an ancient Japanese tradition? Thumb Sumo ($9) comes with two rotund digit-topping figures and a mini-book of potential moves. It's all the fun of a round in the... [More]

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Boss Decision Cube

For a moment, we thought it might be nice to have a work-appropriate decision cube with options like, "Give your competition a big hug," or "Forgive your incompetent coworker." But let's face it: that corporate ladder isn't going to climb itself, and we'd get a... [More]

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Supreme See You in Hell Ceramic Ashtray

Look, you're not going to catch us smoking. But some of our friends still do, and we think they'll appreciate this cheeky See You in Hell Ceramic Ashtray ($80) from NYC streetwear brand Supreme. At least we hope so. Otherwise we might be on the... [More]

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Brew It Yourself Root Beer Kit

Not willing to take on the task of brewing your own beer at home? Yeah, us either. That fermented yeast smell is one we can stand to not have stinking up our living spaces. Alternatively, the Brew It Yourself Root Beer kit ($14, on sale)... [More]

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iLL Fortune Cookies

It's been fifteen years, fortune-cookie-I-ate-in-high-school - where's that "true love" you promised? These iLL Fortune Cookies ($15 for 20) don't tell you the lies you want to hear, they tell you the truth that you don't! (Plus they're a good way to shut up those... [More]

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unHoly unBasket

What's tastier than sacrilege!? The unHoly unBasket ($49) is a collection of the best religious parody items, including a bouncy Dashboard Jesus, a finger puppet of the Hindu god Shiva, and a dreidel with Santa on it. Whether you're in the market for a new... [More]

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The Kendama ($20) is one of those newfangled wooden, no-electricity-required toys... that's actually based on a traditional toy introduced in Japan sometime in the eighteenth century. Similar to a paddle ball, the kendama tests your hand-eye coordination as you try to balance the ball in... [More]

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Confetti Bomb

Ain't no party little a glitter party, and this Confetti Bomb ($10) adds an explosion of sparkle to any event. The only thing harder than choosing the perfect moment to set this off will be vacuuming up the debris afterwards.... [More]

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Heads Up! Party Game

Is it kinda twisted that the Heads Up! Party Game ($14) was an app first, then adapted as a guest game by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and then bundled up in a board game form for mass consumerism? Usually the technology comes after the hands-on... [More]

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