Swear Bank

Trying to break yourself of your filthy mouth? Punish yourself for each dirty word you utter with a Swear Bank ($10). At least you'll finally have a place to keep your d$#@ dimes and s*%!&# pennies. If you were George Carlin, you'd be rich by... [More]

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Colorku: The Color Sudoku Puzzle

Ready for a more interactive Sudoku experience? Drop your pencil and paper and try Colorku: The Color Sudoku Puzzle ($35). The only difference between your favorite puzzle and this game is that it substitutes marbles for numbers. At least this time when you mess up,... [More]

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Angry Birds: On Thin Ice Game

You knew your Angry Birds obsession was out of control when your boyfriend hid your phone from you. Ha, joke's on him, though! With the Angry Birds: On Thin Ice Game ($12), you can keep playing Angry Birds without an app device. Best of all,... [More]

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Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball

No matter how technologically advanced toys get, it's good to know that balls will never go out of style. Granted, they may get a significant makeover, but they're still balls nonetheless. You don't even have to touch the smartphone-controlled Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball ($126) to... [More]

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Spitfire Trapeze

We would have absolutely no place in our tiny apartments to hang this Spitfire Trapeze ($460-550)...but, but...we want one! We've never quite given up the fantasy of becoming daredevil circus performers and what better way to practice than by swinging on our very own trapeze?... [More]

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Big Picture Apples to Apples

Unless you're friendless and no one invites you anywhere, by now you've surely played the party game Apples to Apples. Well, Mattel has upped its game - literally - by putting out a new edition: Big Picture Apples to Apples ($25). Instead of matching words... [More]

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Tetris Silicone Ice Cube Tray

The Tetris Silicone Ice Cube Tray ($23) gives new meaning to the terms "blocks of ice." If you were a Game Boy addict as a child like us, you can probably still picture the ways to line up the shapes for maximum points. Now you... [More]

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April Fool's Day: The Ultimate Jokes on You Prank Kit

Know a prank-playing kiddo who would love to get his or her hands on The Ultimate Jokes on You Prank Kit ($15, on sale) before April 1st? Hand one over and then duck for cover lest you become the recipient of a dribble glass gag... [More]

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Has a lull in conversation prompted your dinner party guests to start excusing themselves before dessert has even been served? Keep them entertained and in their seats with a hilarious party game. Telestrations ($23) combines two old favorites - Pictionary and Telephone - into one... [More]

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Cat Butt Magnets 100x100.jpg

Cat Butts Magnets

Looking for something to add some personality to your bare refrigerator? Look no further than Cat Butts Magnets ($11). This set includes five cat breeds and works on all metal surfaces. You know your kids will be so thrilled to have a cat's rear end... [More]

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Montego Bean Bag Game Set

Let's go ahead and immediately establish that the "bean bag game" Montego speaks of as the name of their Bean Bag Game Set ($499) is called "Cornhole." Maaaybe "Corn Toss," which is acceptable, but not preferred. And why do we have such a strong stance... [More]

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Therapy Flashcards

Everyone can use a little therapy, but at hundreds of dollars a pop, professional sessions are only going to exacerbate your stress levels. Instead of giving up on your mental health altogether, try these Therapy Flashcards ($10) on for size. After reading through dozens of... [More]

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Dress-Up Squirrel Magnets

We've never seen a squirrel dressed in a costume before, though come to think of it, we've rarely seen a squirrel not in the form of roadkill. At any rate, we can work at changing that perception with Dress-Up Squirrel Magnets ($10). These fridge decorations... [More]

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Light Show 100x100.jpg

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Don't feel like going on that trip to Vegas? You can have a light show inside your home with the Light Show Fountain Speakers ($45). Just plug in your tunes to the USB adapter and watch the water inside these speakers light up and dance... [More]

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Ping Pong Flask

Here's a toy that brings the phrase "drinking game" to the next level. The Ping Pong Flask ($17) is a discreet way to carry liquor and yes, it really can be used to play table tennis as well. We can't wait to take a few... [More]

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Look and Feel Canadian Breath Spray

Hmm... we suppose that having fresh breath when talking with someone is the polite thing, eh? Still, we're going to go out on a (maple) limb here and guess that the Look and Feel Canadian Breath Spray ($6) promises more than it can deliver. There's... [More]

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Spy Deck Playing Cards

Do you think that one of the tips in the Spy Deck Playing Cards ($19) mentions how to nonchalantly look like you're playing a round of solitaire in a public place while you're actually brushing up on your spy know-how? If not, there probably should... [More]

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Donkey Kong Jenga

Despite never making it past the second round, we used to waste nearly half of our allowance playing Donkey Kong at the mall. Now, that video game has been combined with another one of our childhood favorites to create Donkey Kong Jenga ($30). Just try... [More]

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Ron Swanson Bust

While our favorite part about Parks and Recreation is its celebration of female friendships, we can't help but also admire the manliest of characters: Ron Swanson. Emotionless, principled, and an extreme carnivore...he's the kind of man who deserves to be commemorated, which is why we... [More]

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A contemporary take on the gong, the Gonger ($80) is one part unique conversation piece, one part loud instrument. As such, that makes it a nice gift for a friend whose decor skews ancient Asian, but an awful gift for a friend with rambunctious children.... [More]

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