Teeth Mug

Thinking about drinking out of this Teeth Mug ($24) makes us giggle first and then makes us a little sick. Is that coffee drool spilling down the sides? Ugh! Maybe you could just put some pencils in it or use it as a vase. Know... [More]

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Foosball Coffee Table

This Foosball Coffee Table ($600) is gonna be the hit of your Thanksgiving get-together... well, besides your fabu turkey, that is. The coffee table has a built-in Foosball game that can be enjoyed at any time without taking up precious space in the house. We... [More]

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Do It Yourself Jerk Style

The west Coast has a funny new trend that we've noticed has spread to NY and is now hitting the mid-country states. Have you heard of "Jerks" yet? This trend is all about dancing and fun music mixed with old school hip-hop and eighties flash... [More]

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Throwing Star Magnets

Seriously, what looks more badass than having a couple ninja shurikens lodged into your refrigerator or oven vent? Right - nothing. If you had attempted to provide a different answer a totally awesome ninja would have descended upon you in a fury of mind-blowing vengeance.... [More]

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Pirate Self Portrait Mirror

Avast mateys! You know ye be needin' this Pirate Self Portrait Mirror ($35) for yer captain's quarters. Stand before this lookin' glass to see what ye'd look like as a swarthy swashbuckler. It'll be mighty entertaining after a few pints o' grog with yer wenches.... [More]

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Foodie Fight: A Trivial Game for Serious Food Lovers

What is the difference between cake flour and bread flour? Who invented peanut butter? Why should egg whites be whipped in copper mixing bowls? How did Rachael Ray get her start on TV? If you know the answers to any of these questions and want... [More]

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impressionist memo-s.jpg

Impressionist Memo Game

We can remember picturesque scenes how the masters wanted us to with the Impressionist Memo Game ($24). Whether we're trying to improve our memory bank or just sharpen our mental skills, this 72-card matching game will hone our brain power as we uncover the like... [More]

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Beatles Rock Band Bundle

The Beatles Rock Band Bundle ($250) comes out on September 9th and we're marking off the days on our calendar. We can't wait to rock out to some "Twist and Shout" and we've been practicing our head bobbing in the mirror getting ready for the... [More]

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Wind Up Lederhosen

What tha? Why do you need little Wind Up Lederhosen ($8)? We're not actually sure, but they are so adorable that we think everyone should have one. While you browse the NPW website, if the Cock-a-doodle Pad or Animal Hand Tattoos just happen to jump... [More]

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teneo duo-s.jpg

Fun Factory Teneo Duo Smartballs

The aptly named Fun Factory makes sure our lady parts have a great time and get a work out with their Teneo Duo Smartballs ($31). They're made of textured hypoallergenic elastomed silicon for intimate massaging action, so we'll be thoroughly enjoying ourselves while we're toning... [More]

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Introducing... Get Freaky Friday!

Hey there, Outblushers! Summer isn't quiiiite over, since this is Labor Day Weekend, and we couldn't let it all end without one last summer fling. So, we've decreed that today, September 4, 2009, is "Get Freaky Friday," and we're going to celebrate all things sensual.... [More]

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Dirty Minds Deluxe Board Game

Want to see just how dirty your friend's minds are? Next wine night, yank out this Dirty Minds Deluxe Board Game ($24) and get ready for some laughs. This is a game of clues that seem pretty dirty until you guess the correct answer. Keep... [More]

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Beginner's Bondage Fantasy Kit

You can't always control everything, and sometimes it's not worth trying. This Beginner's Bondage Fantasy Kit ($20) is not for those situations! This kit has several features that make it perfect for those who are workin' it up to get tied down: the soft, lined... [More]

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Classic Conversations Gift Pack

Do you prefer top or bottom? How many people have you slept with? Have you been tested? Do you always use protection? Now, we're not trying to get cheeky with you, (although y'all are damned hot) but these are some of questions you should always... [More]

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Hitachi Magic Wand

Don't let this Get Freaky Friday pass you by just because you don't have someone to share the "holiday" with - pick up this innocuous Hitachi Magic Wand ($43) and pamper yourself with a back rub, or whatever else comes to mind... Remind yourself, "nobody... [More]

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Moustache Bandana

Moustache Bandana

Yes, it's true: we're posting another moustache item. We can't help it, we're channeling our inner ironic hipster these days! Besides, they always make us smile, and what looks better with a smile than a moustache? (Too much of a stretch?) Aaaaaanyway, here's a rockin'... [More]

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YOLO Paddle Board

YOLO Paddle Board

Have you heard about Stand Up Paddling? It's majorly on our to-do list before the end of summer. The basic concept is that you stand on a large surfboard and paddle yourself with a variation of a canoe or kayak paddle. Super fun, and a... [More]

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Ultimate Twilight Gift Set

New Moon is not scheduled for release until November 20th, so how are you going to cure your Twilight thirst between now and then? Why, with the Ultimate Twilight Gift Set ($70) of course! You'll get a special edition blu-ray disc, the motion picture soundtrack,... [More]

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Mustache Comb Necklace

Mustache Comb Necklace

Given our recent outpouring of love for all things mustachioed, we felt it only appropriate to give boys with real facial hair some love and accessories of their own. Featured in Nylon magazine, Makool's brazilliant Mustache Comb Necklace ($168) not only adds a dash of... [More]

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Lightning Hero Dress

What a great idea, every kid loves playing dress-up and pretending to be a super hero. This Lightning Hero Dress ($46) comes complete with a glittery, shimmery, removable gold cape for those imaginative afternoon romps. Is there anyone out there with super-sewing skills that can... [More]

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