New Super Mario Brothers for Wii

We admit it: we're terrible at most modern video games, particularly those in 3D. That's why we're suckers for the old-school stuff coming back into play, like the New Super Mario Bros for Wii. ($47) It's a 2D game with modern updates on the standard... [More]

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Doubtblush: The Birds Barbie

What the hell? Well, we actually know perfectly well what it is. It's Barbie, dressed up like Tippi Hedren, being pecked to death by birds ($20). There are miniature birds attached to her outfit and her head. And if this doesn't leave you shaking your... [More]

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Head Hoodie

What you lookin' at Marilyn? Oh, it's you! Love your new Head Hoodie ($55). It's so awesome how each one is hand-screened with a different celebrity/icon. I almost didn't recognize you. Just wait till you see the new Audrey Hepburn one, tres' chic dahling.... [More]

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Strawz Connectable Straws

Sure, these Strawz Connectable Drinking Straws ($15) may seem a little juvenile, but chances are you've got a little kid around to buy for during the holiday season, or maybe you're just young at heart. The drinking engineer in your life will love being able... [More]

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Chocolate Thongs

Nom nom nom. Need we say more? Chocolate Thong ($10)... [More]

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Milk Chocolate Willy

The Chocolate Willy ($8) may be an item restricted to bachelorette parties for most respectable ladies, but pranksters might be inclined to "unleash the beast" anytime. No matter when or where we pull it out, it's fun for juvenile shits and giggles. We can see... [More]

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Spike Your Juice

In this D.I.Y. climate, we'd like to introduce you to Spike Your Juice ($10). For the price of a tenner, you will receive 6 packets of a magical mixture that will turn any old juice into alcohol! It's easy, pick your juice, dose it with... [More]

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Lenticular Puppy Cups

The widdle puppy faces, on the Lenticular Puppy Cups ($10), are so darn cute. Their wide 3-D eyes follow your every move, just like those creepy statues at Disney's haunted house ride, except these are faces you want to kiss, not run from. BPA free,... [More]

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Bite ME Notepad

This Bite ME Notepad ($10) encourages and fuels both the left and right side of your brain, as well as your Twilight Fanatic O.C.D (Obsessive Cullen Disorder). Make lists on the left when you're actually focused and not daydreaming about sexy vampires, and doodle away... [More]

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Let's Play Doctor!

Created by San Francisco-based adult novelty company Thrusti Kicki Grabbi, Let's Play Doctor! Dozens of Sexy Games ($14) is a book designed to let your imagination run wild and your inhibitions leave the room. With its' tongue-in-cheek turn of the century design aesthetic, it'll playfully... [More]

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Simone Perele Marlene Lingerie Set

This, ladies, this is the lingerie to make him (or her!) sit up and pay attention. Invest in this luxurious Simone Perele Marlene Lingerie Set ($59-90 for each piece), and you not getting your way will be a thing of the past. Ivory satin bands... [More]

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Hi Bounce Confetti Water Ball

You remember putting quarters into those machines in the front of the grocery store, right? Hi Bounce balls were probably the most fun we ever had with physics. (Is it possible to bounce one so high that it gets lost on the roof? Yes! Is... [More]

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Bloody Weapon Garland

Funny concept and great for a party, this Bloody Weapon Garland ($10) will lend a gruesome air to your Halloween party. String from the rafters for some bloody good fun, or in a last minute attempt for a costume, you could wrap it around you,... [More]

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Spoonflower Custom Print Fabrics

If you're into quilting, sewing, or other arts that involve sticking yourself accidentally with pins and needles (not intentionally - this is not that kind of site) and you haven't heard of Spoonflower, you are going to be incredibly grateful to us. Submit your image... [More]

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Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bathmat Set

The Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bathmat Set ($40) is not for the squeamish. Freak out your guests or just keep your roommate from coming in and stealing your shampoo with this gruesome duo. Made to look like a shower slaughter, this set may even... [More]

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Stiletto Spy School

Wait! Don't book that cruise, and stop before you rent that stereotypical road trip car. We've got your next vacation all picked out. The Stiletto Spy School (sessions from $295 to $3,650) is a little out there, a little edgy, and way girly, so we... [More]

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Moustachios Blind Bags

We know some of you aren't feelin' the moustache thing (comments, people - use 'em, we love to hear from you), but we just could NOT keep this to ourselves...Shawnimals makes freakin' rad plush toys, including, of course, a wee plush 'stache. Starting TODAY, you... [More]

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Black Bar Glasses

We've all been there; you're at some wild n' crazy party, having imbibed tee many martoonis, and someone whips out a camera. Next thing you know, your alcoholic antics are plastered all over Facebook, Myspace, and beyond. Solution? Black Bar Glasses. ($13) You'll be instantly... [More]

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Trisha Krauss Personalized Nesting Dolls

Trisha Krauss' Personalized Nesting Dolls ($800) are such a great way to pay tribute (albeit humorously) to your relatives and the wonderful characters that make up the wacky bunch you call family. Her hand-painted dolls are a sure way to please your pain-in-the-neck family members... [More]

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Miniature Mustache Magnet

The coolest moustache item yet? Possibly... This Miniature Mustache Magnet ($6) is downright ingenious. Use it to hold pictures of your loved ones (or your dastardly villainous friends) to your fridge; place it directly under the nose of the photo's star, adding a dash of... [More]

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